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Cage the Dead by Gary F Vanucci

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Cage the Dead by Gary F Vanucci
Published 3rd July 2014
208 pages

Happy with her life, Gaia loved her boyfriend and had a great job working with the primates at the local zoo. Going to work like any other day, but on this day, folk began to act weird and before she knew it she was running for her life.
As soon as you start this story you are hit with the walking dead, set in a zoo, you can imagine how many people were wandering around. Gaia threw herself straight into the action, and whilst at the start she found it hard to kill the zombies, she eventually desensitized herself. However, her love for the animals was strong. The arrival of Justin, a young lad on a school trip brought out her maternal skills, but when Justin met Solomon, the giant silverback, the bond between them two was unbelievable.
This was a quick read as I wanted to see if Gaia survived. It was fast paced as there was always something going on. There were some shock moments, as the more you read the more you start to care, but this is a zombie apocalypse and not everyone survives.
The ending completed this story and I did let out a little cheer, I would love to know who survived and where they went next.

Hellspawn Sentinel by Ricky Fleet

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Hellspawn Sentinel by Ricky Fleet

Published by Optimus Maximus Publishing on 29th September 2016

258 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

After a dramatic ending in Book 2 Debbie and Mike split from Kurt and co and go their separate ways. With the hordes of zombies growing in numbers can both groups reach their final destination.

There were more new characters added to this story each with their own story to tell. What made it more interesting was that we were not just following Kurt’s adventure, but also Debbie and Mike’s journey and Baxter’s mission, Baxter was an Army officer with a God complex and one of the most irritating characters I have ever read about. With all these back stories, you would think it would be confusing, but how wrong you would be, each of their stories were clearly identifiable, coming together to make an exciting read.

As in the other books, each new character had their own back story which added more depth to the story. I for one have a new favourite character and hope to know more about Winston in further books.

This book has your emotions in tatters, as the descriptive way the author writes you feel as if there is no hope for the brave team. With crashes, explosions and near death experiences this is full of action and you will not be able to put this book down, I had to force myself to do it as I had to go to work.

With each book getting better and better and the fighting getting more intense, I cannot wait to read book 4

Where the Dead Go to Die by Aaron Dries and Mark Allan Gunnells

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Where the Dead Go to Die by Aaron Dries and Mark Allan Gunnells

Published by Crystal Lake Publishing on 28th November 2016

197 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


A government run hospice for zombies, where the undead go to live out their remaining days.  Emily is an agency nurse who has a past, having to provide for her daughter leads her to getting a job in one of the hospices. It’s a job that no-ones wants, caring for the undead whilst running the gauntlet with the anti-hospice supporters.

The hospice setting gave a human element to the zombies and it was a pleasant change to have the zombies having conversations and being treated with compassion. The horror element to this book builds up slowly lulling you into a false sense of security and when it started I must admit I let out a shocked cry. Throughout the story, Emily’s past is revealed and you understand why she is so protective over her daughter and why she has such a caring nature for the patients.

When I finished this book my emotions were in tatters, as a mom there were parts of this story that I could not imaging me doing and my heart went out to Robby who was in the hospice. My favourite character was Mama Metcalf a lonely elderly lady who had a heart of gold. Some of her one liners broke up the tension in the book.  A nice touch was the instruction on how to make an origami crane which were at the beginning of some of the chapters.

The story flowed smoothly and with the added suspense made it a quick read. the twist at the end was unexpected. Another great publication by Crystal Lake and a well written book by Aaron Dries and Mark Allan Gunnells

Two prequels to two zombie series: Changes: A Girl Z prequel by CA Verstraete and Dead and Alive: Outbreak by I J Smith

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Changes: A Girl Z prequel, A Zombie Story by CA Verstraete

Published 18th May 2015

45 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


This short story is about Spence, who after is given the perfect job working in a lab. Not long into the job he starts to have second thoughts when his work-colleagues start turning into moaning fleshing munching creatures. Like most boys in times of trouble, all he wants to do is get home to his mom.

Spence was a typical teenager without a care in the world until that fatal morning. Escaping the trouble really made him man up. Although a short story this book was full of action and throughout Spencer’s journey I was really willing him to make it home.

I have not read Girl Z, but this has just made me want to read it






Dead and Alive: Outbreak by I J Smith

Published 18th May 2016

23 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

51lv9w3drnl-_sy346_A prequel to the Dead and Alive series, this book tells the story of how it all began. From the moment, the population of Gosport turn you can feel the tension and know that is not going to go away. Introducing us the pompous military characters, you know that they are going to protect themselves no matter what. One character I did like was Raven, a nurse that was there at the start, a strong character who survived the initial outbreak. I have read the first two books and have not come across her again, however it looks like the author has written a short story about her.  This book is a great introduction to the Dead and Alive series. It explains quite a lot

Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter by CA Verstraete

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Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter by CA Verstraete

Published by Imajin Books on 13th September 2016

232 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


We have all heard of Lizzie Borden, the young girl who whacked her parents with an axe and the subsequent trial, but did we know why she did it. Well we do now.

Trying to keep the reason for their deaths a secret, she gets involved with a secret society and with the help of her lawyer John Fremont and his colleagues, she learns how to battle the walking dead and becomes a one woman fighting machine.

The author had definitely done her research on the Lizzie Borden as each chapter opened up with an excerpt of either the trial or a quote of a newspaper article. This made the story more believable. Whilst the trial is mentioned, the majority of the story takes place after the event and we see Lizzie and her sister Emma try to get the bottom of their father’s involvement in the whole thing.

Lizzie was a strong willed girl and I was surprised that she was the younger sister, as she was always making sure that Emma was ok.  Whilst she was a suspect in her parent’s murder, I liked how she took charge of her life, learning how to fight and even starting a love interest with John. Even when she was shunned from people she still held her head up high.

Battling zombies is dirty work and this book does not shy away from this fact. Full of action, blood and gore, made this a well written exciting story. The twist at the end was unexpected but not a complete surprise and the way the book ended gives scope for further books.

If you like history meets fantasy than this is a great book to read. Move over Elizabeth Bennett, there is a new zombie hunter in town.