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Blue Moon by Angela Colsin

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Blue Moon by Angela Colsin

Published on 16th February 2013

458 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

25557691Cade has just seen his dad murdered by the Alpha of his pack. Now it’s up to him to keep the pack together and find out who is involved in turned humans into werewolves for illegal fighting.

Ashley wants to have a better life away from her father, what she didn’t plan was to be attacked and turned, managing to escape she comes across Leo, a werewolf who knows she needs help and offers her help from his pack.

Cade is your typical Alpha male, brooding over the death of his father, blaming himself and not having fun. When he took Ashley in, he saw her as a pup that needed taming and not as a mate.

Ashley whilst timid as a human was one feisty wolf, standing no nonsense from Cade, she stood up to him at every chance she could. Whilst living with Cade, she slowly began to love her new life and learnt to have control of her feelings. There were times that she still thought like a human, this gave the author chance to explain more about Lupine lore.

The romance between Ashley and Cade grew throughout the story and although this is a paranormal romance, there was enough action to keep my interest. As the story was about a werewolf pack there were quite a few minor characters mentioned. In fact, Leo and Sara were two of my favourite characters. Leo was a loyal member to the pact and was a gentle father who took a fatherly interest in Ashley. Sara is Cade’s sister and like younger sisters was busy playing matchmaker whilst taking Ashley under her wing and being a sister to her.

This book is a good start to the series and I am interested to see what happens next to Cade and Ashley. If you like werewolves or paranormal romance, then this is a good book for you.

High Moor by Graeme Reynolds

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High Moor by Graeme Reynolds

Published by Horrific Tales Publishing on 15th November 2011

355 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

After a news reported that the beast of High Moor has made a re-appearance, John Simpson knows that he has to go back to his old town to investigate what is going on and to see people that he would rather not meet. Jumping back to 1986 John is your typical 11yr old boy enjoying the freedom, getting into scrapes and not caring about animal attacks. After the first attack on a flock of sheep Steve, a local police officer and a tracker knew that it was not a wild cat that had killed the sheep. Cue Carl, an American werewolf hunter, getting Steve on side they work together to track and kill the werewolf.

From the moment you start this book you know that you are in for an exciting read. I liked that the book went back to the 80s and told the story about John and his friend. This helps you understand the need for John to return to the town and the importance of him finding the werewolf. I was even reminiscing about the items they played with, as a teenager at that same time I had the same items and I had to smile to myself when the computer games using a tape was mentioned. It was these smaller additions to the story that made it a great read. The scenes when the werewolf attacked were detailed and full of action, but then this is a werewolf, a vicious animal and not your family pet dog. These werewolves are not your leather clad bare chested variety they are the real deal.

I have not read a proper werewolf story in a long time and I thoroughly enjoyed High Moor. When the story went back to the current time, I was pleasantly surprised at who the werewolf was and I loved the ending, leading nicely into book 2.

If you are looking for an exciting traditional werewolf book, then buy this. Brilliant read   

Pure Blooded

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Jessica McClain Book 5
Author: Amanda Carlson
Publisher: Orbit
Page Count: 285pp
Release date: 18th June 2015
Reviewer Theresa Derwin

This is the fifth book in a werewolf series about the tough, sassy Jessica McClain, and after four strong instalments, there may be some worry the series will weaken. Fear not! Not a chance – this novel starts off with a bang and a bite!
Back from Hell, Jessica arrives to find her world thrown into chaos (again). Her Alpha father is in a war against the ‘made’ wolves and a phone call from her neighbour ‘human’ Juanita, telling her that her life is in danger, reveals the Latino woman is something much more than mere human. To make matters worse, Jessica has just found out she may be part of the coalition; a unit comprised of female only supernatural races.
For new readers and old, Carlson recaps the events of the previous novel effectively and with economic ease so we can dive straight into the action. As always, she delivers story, emotion, clever punchlines and one helluva cliffhanger. With a fantastic set of characters, a mix of creatures from necromancers, to werewolves, witches and vampires, the series is growing to be tough competition for the likes f Laurell K Hamilton and Charlaine Harris. This is solid, enjoyable urban fantasy that starts at full speed and doesn’t let you get off the track until your head is spinning and the ride is finished.

Orbit Urban Fantasy Trio

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Cursed Moon

Author: Jaye Wells
Release Date: Sept 14
Publisher: Orbit
Page count:
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

Described as The Wire with wizards, Cursed Moon is the second book in the Kate Prosperous series, and only two books in, author Jaye Wells proves she is an Urban Fantasy force to be reckoned with.
Kate Prosperous is a cop and a magic user, but unlike most magic users, Kate is ‘off’ the magic; she is recovering AA (Arcane Anonymous) member who hasn’t used magic for ten years. Or at least that’s what her sponsor and her team believe, because Kate was forced to ‘cook’ a spell in the first book of this series in order to save her little brother, whom she is now sole carer for. With a complex history including a problem ex, spelling abuse and the death of her parents, and now the new moon, or the ‘cursed moon’ is coming to her town of Babylon, causing all sorts of disruption and mayhem; sex potions thrown about by Leprechauns, temples being robbed and murder.
This was my first experience of Wells’ fiction, and wow, what an introduction! Her narrative virtually leaps off the page; Prosperous is an engaging, and real heroine, the humour is rife within the text and the action doesn’t stop. Wells is also very respectful towards her transgender characters and the subject of addiction, which is prevalent throughout this novel. A cracking new Urban Fantasy series. I can’t wait to read more.

The Ripper Affair
Bannon and Clare Book 3
Author: Lilith Saintcrow
Publisher: Orbit
Page count:
Release date: 19th Aug 14
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

Debuting in The Iron Wyrm Affair two years ago, Emma Bannon and Archibald Clare are
the ‘Sapphire and Steel’ of Steampunk; intrepid adventurers, explorers and investigators who rely on each other in extreme circumstances to fight for Queen, country and the ‘good’. In their third adventure, things literally start with a bang, as mentath Clare is the only survivor of a court explosion, where he loses assassin and companion Ludovico, shattering his confidence and logic. Equally moved by the event, sorceress Emma Bannon takes Clare under her wing in an attempt to return his stability. But they aren’t given time to sit on their laurels and rest, for Londinium (an alternate historical London) is in danger. There is a violent serial killer lurking in Whitechapel and their Queen, Victrix, needs them to put aside all fear, doubt and anger and help her hunt down the killer. But Clare has been through much; following the events of The Red Plague Affair, the second novel, he is a changed man now immortal, and Bannon has moved heaven and earth to ensure his safety. But how can he deal with the changes she has wrought on him?
Delivering a delightfully original Steampunk universe, Saintcrow has created a duo to equal that of Holmes and Watson, Challenger and Roxborough, or a nineteenth century Mulder and Scully. Bannon is supported in her endeavours by her ‘Shield’ Mikal, who has an unswerving loyalty and love for her. As well as Mikal, Bannon has a number of diverse ‘souls’ in her employ, and she feels honour bound to protect them all.
To the best of my knowledge, Saintcrow isn’t English, yet her recreation of a Victorian alternative England feels very authentic, with dingy, fogged streets, an overwhelming stench and poppy dens.

Night Broken
Author: Patricia Briggs
Release Date: Sept 14
Page Count: 341pp
Publisher: Orbit
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

Number eight in the ever popular Mercy Thompson/Hauptman Urban Fantasy series, Night Broken takes mechanic, coyote shifter and wife of local werewolf Alpha Adam, to much darker territory. Adam’s ex wife Christy and mother to their daughter Jesse, has been in veritable pan in the ass for Mercy for quite some time, but she becomes even more if a pain when she phones her ex husband in the middle of the night begging for help. Christy has a stalker, handsome one night stand Juan Flores, who just won’t take no for an answer and sets fire to her apartment complex.
Christy has a way of manipulating people, making them desperate to protect her, so it isn’t long before she’s ensconced in the Hauptmann household, the werewolf pack at her beck and call, as she hides away from her dangerous stalker. If that wasn’t bad enough, Mercy is called upon by cop Tony to help investigate a number of brutal ritualistic murders of blonde women; women who bear more than a passing resemblance to Christy.
Sassy and strong, Mercy has retained her status as a powerful pack member and independent woman throughout this series. Briggs’ dialogue is sharp and witty, Mercy is a fully realised character and the other characters within the novel are equally well drawn. Christy is crafty in her attempts to win back her ex husband, Mercy’s half brother Gary Laughingdog is enigmatic and funny, the father/deity Coyote is mysterious and threatening, and the whole cast is more enjoyable through its sheer diversity. After all, Mercy herself is mixed race as well as being mixed species, Gary is similarily blessed, Tad is part fae, and Warren is a gay werewolf. And Briggs doesn’t shy away from exploring the hatred such diversity can engender. On top of that, her books are wonderfully entertaining, fast pased, emotional and fun.
Whilst I love the whole series however, Night Broken does flag in the middle a little but this does not detract from another satisfying addition to the series, with a cracking battle or two. Overall, I got a lot from this book, as I always do with Mercy, who is both a woman and a character I can relate to. I thoroughly look forward to Shirting Shadows, the new collection of Mercy stories coming this month from Orbit.

Cold Blooded

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Author: Amanda Carlson
Publisher: Orbit
Release Date:8th Oct 2013
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

After finishing the second book in the Jessica McClain series and waiting with baited breath (oh about three seconds) I hastily dived into book three, Cold Blooded, and for newbies to the series there’s quite a bit to catch up on but Carlson helpfully drops in reminders of the action throughout the first few chapters. But for those who took time between reads or are new to the series and starting with this one, here’s a recap.
SPOLIERS AHEAD: Jessica McClain is the only female werewolf in an all male werewolf pack. She was never supposed to change, it wasn’t supposed to be possible but when she hit 26 years old, change she did, causing uproar in the supernatural community. A pack of wolves led by evil witch/goddess Selene tried to kidnap Jessica, but she is dragged off to hide in a cabin with werecat assassin Rourke, and to her shock, Rourke is her true mate. By the time the second book starts, Rourke has been captured by the temporarily defeated Selene and Jessica must set out to rescue him, along with her brother Tyler, friend Danny, human cop Ray who poked his nose into her business to often, and too vamps loaned to her by the Vampire Queen in exchange for a ‘favour’ at a later date. By the time the third book arrives, werewolf James has gone AWOL, Jess is reunited with her mate, but a new problem presents itself as secretary and witch Marcy has disappeared. Caught up so far? Great! Then I’ll begin.
Jessica and her entourage are being hunted by the demons so she can appear in the ‘Underworld Court’. With very few options, they head for New Orleans to the Vampire Queen, with newly converted Ray in tow. Jessica has a debt to repay to the Queen for her help with the two vamps in the previous book. As with the two previous novels, Carlson’s voice as Jessica is strong and distinctive, sarcastic and witty. She gathers followers and loyal soldiers everywhere she goes because of this strength of character. Unfortunately for her enemies, they are constantly underestimating her.
As for the vampires, they’re not sparkly and they’re certainly not very humane, even if Naomi and Ray show more personality than others. It’s a refreshing change to read of nasty vampires again, after they’ve been domesticated in so many ways in the past.
As is typical of this series, it is action packed and great fun with surprises along the way, and this novel also ends with a humdinger of a cliff hanger, leaving the reader waiting with baited breath for the fourth instalment.