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Reign Drops (The Bloodborne Series Book1) by C Patt

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Reign Drops (The Bloodborne Series Book1) by C Patt

Published 27th June 2016

114 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


Dalia is Mayan, and was brought up by catholic missionaries. When the Mayan calendar ended, Dalia knew she had to go home to her tribe. Dalia’s and her sisters were Mantan, thy had inherited a gift that could save her tribe from what history had described as a monster. Whilst Ana her eldest sister is performing a ceremony she goes missing and Dalia is drawn to a magical amulet, not knowing what magic it would give her. Add to this, is a mysterious man, who in a past visions helps the tribe against the pixan or as we would call them vampires.

Dalia was an interested character as to the western world she was archaic, not having many personal belonging and loving the simple life, but to her tribe she was very westernised, wearing trainers and trousers and speaking English. Although she did not really believe in the prophecy she stepped up to the task when she knew that her sister was in trouble. At the start of the story, I found Dalia quite naïve but after she got the amulet, she grew braver and more independent.

The mysterious man known to the tribe as Lohil is Carrick. I am not going to say much about him as it was a surprise to find out who he was. All I will say is there an instant attraction between him and Dalia.

This story has a well-balanced blend of history and fantasy and not knowing much about the Mayan tribe, I found this an interested read. The story flowed well and the action was building as the story progressed. What was nice was it did not finish on a cliff hanger but the ending left enough questions unanswered to make me want to read book 2. I want to know if Carrick makes another appearance. A good read.

Natural Born Predators and House of Wax: 2 short vampire stories by Bree Pierce

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Natural Born Predators by Bree Pierce

Published 20th September 2016

51 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


This short story is a remake of Beauty and the Beast. Frey, (the beast) is a God who has a gift of controlling the weather, but losing the love of his life turned him into a depressing scary beast. Bell (Beauty) is a vampire hunter. She meets Frey when she rescues her father who went to his castle to ask for help with the growing population of vampires. The instance they meet Frey is a changed man and the story of how Beauty tamed the Beast is told.

I enjoyed this reading this story and because it is a short story it is a quick read. Bell was a strong girl and although young was very mature for her age. She did not realise the hold that she had over Frey as she had only used to her beauty to lure vampires out to kill. I enjoyed how she reacted when Frey gave her some new weapons and it reminding me of a child on Christmas Day, she proved herself whilst battling the vampires and stood up to the chauvinistic hunters that protected the village.

Frey is portrayed as a ferocious beast but when he meets Bell, acts more like a lost little boy. Although he knows she is protecting her village he does not want her to put her life in danger and the little gifts he gives are not just to show his love but to also protect her.

The is a great short story and would love to read more about Bell as she would sure to have many more adventures


House of Wax by Bree Pierce

Published 12th April 2016

48 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


When vampires try taking over a small village, they are dispatched in a very creative way. Jump forward 100 years and they have escaped, it is left to Odin Blacksaint the original hero’s great grandson to save the day.

Odin did not believe in myths and folklore and did not even know how to fight, but what I did enjoy is how even with all the doubt he still stepped up to try and save the village learning about his ancestors in the process.

Maelstrom was your typical evil vampire who wanted to seek revenge. Surprisingly my favourite character in the book was Naiad a young nun who was turned by Maelstrom. She showed kindness from the start and stood up to evil. The ending has left it open for another book and I would love to read more about Naiad.