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Untreatable by Jennifer Laslie

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Untreatable by Jennifer Laslie
Published on 15th May 2015
321 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

100 years ago the USA created a formula that made obesity extinct. Selling it to other governments, America was top of their game. Whilst it was a miracle at the start, people began to waste away, and eventually there was not enough food to satisfy them. However some groups did not trust the government and went into hiding. Now society is dying out and scientist are trying to find a cure.
One group that went into hiding was the Lakota Sioux. Living off the land, their generations thrived in a healthy environment. Tahlia was one of their offspring. She loved her life but wanted to do more, so was excited to go on a supply run to the nearest town. Knowing it would be dangerous, still did not stop her excitement. Tahlia was quite naïve as she was sheltered in her tribe, but when her and her tribes lives were in danger, she became a completely different person. She was strong, determined and brave. A lot of that was down to Quentin, the son of the scientist who were trying to find the cure. One of the rich kids who had everything but what he wanted love. He was not afraid to put himself in danger. Together they were a great team.
Having read a lot of dystopian books, I found that this had an unique storyline and it makes you wonder if there are scientist working on this condition at the moment. Written from the main characters POV, it enable you to get the whole story. This story is for young adults and older ones like me. The story flows effortlessly and there is enough intrigue to keep the pages turning until late in to the night. This is the 1st book I have read from this author and I will be on the look for more dystopian from this author. A good read