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Review: All that glitters?

May 25, 2011 - 9:08 pm No Comments

This review was previously published in the BSFG Newsletter.

The Golden City

Author:  John Twelve Hawks

Publisher:  Corgi

Price:  £7.99 

Page count:  488pp

Reviewer:  Theresa Derwin

Have you ever wondered what has happened to Dan Brown lately?  Fear not. I am about to reveal all . . .

The bumph that came with my review copy declares “John Twelve Hawks lives off the grid, and only his agent knows who he really is.  He speaks through a digital voice changer so as not to reveal his true identity!” Well, sorry to disappoint Corgi, but I think I know the mysterious identity of the writer. I’d be tempted to put my life savings on it that Mr Twelve Hawks is in fact Dan Brown of The Da Vinci Code fame. 

Apparently, The Golden City is the long awaited conclusion to the Fourth Realm Trilogy.  In John Hawk’s creation, there are six realms, or worlds.  A Traveller can cross over these worlds unaided by the technology required by us mere mortals.  Tagged as a “riveting blend of high tech thriller and fast paced adventure”, the novel finds Traveller Gabriel attempting to find his beloved Maya, a Harlequin, or assassin, who has become trapped in a deadly alternative reality.  At the same time, his brother and fellow Traveller Michael, aligned with the shadowy Brethren, follows his own path to power.  It smacks a little of Charles Stross’ Merchant Princess series meets The Da Vinci Code with a dash of Kane and Abel. Which brings me to my earlier point. We have;