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Daddy’s Angel (Weeping Willow Book 1) by Steven Evans

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Daddy’s Angel (Weeping Willow Book 1) by Steven Evans

Published by Zombie Cupcake Press on 7th May 2017

164 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

I purchased this book when it was released last October and then I purchased it on its re-release. It has been re-edited and has a new publisher.

When a car crash wipes out his wife and daughter, the protagonist feels that he cannot go on. Turning to drink all he wants to do is end his life and join his family. However, something has other plans, and we follow him as he tackles his addiction, whilst protecting his soul and learning how to live again.

From the first chapter, you can feel his grief, his emotions are raw and I could understand why he turned to drink. It did not matter what state he was in, you could feel the love he had for his family and that one simple phrase” You must live! Live for momma, live for me and most importantly you must live for yourself” was his mantra to fight and heal himself. When the hauntings began, he became stronger, whilst he still wanted to die, he became more assertive, to the point of him coming more argumentative with the entity.

The author had a way of building up the mystery of the entity, even with the history of the haunting, you do not understand it full until the end of the book. The descriptive way this book is written takes you on an emotional ride and you feel like you are living his grief with him. The attacks are graphic which shows how evil this being is, with each attack, you know that it cannot carry on but the final twist in the book brings this story to a dramatic end. A good read that will have you gripped from the beginning

Once Upon a Cursed Time: Dark Fairytale Anthology by RL Weeks, JL Clayton, Terri Nixon, Steve Evans, RB Wood, Aimee Shaye, Genevieve Moultrie, Lauretta L Kehoe, Mike Kehoe, MaryAnn Alexander J Y Delgrado

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51cpv-m1e-lOnce Upon a Cursed Time: Dark Fairytale Anthology by RL Weeks, JL Clayton, Terri Nixon, Steve Evans, RB Wood, Aimee Shaye, Genevieve Moultrie, Lauretta L Kehoe, Mike Kehoe, MaryAnn Alexander J Y Delgrado

Published 24th September 2016

299 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Like the majority of children, I grew up with fairytales and I still have my collection on my bookshelf. This anthology is fairytales for adults, a remake of some of the favourite tales but with a dark twist.

Whenever I read an anthology I always have my favourites, and this was no exception. For the purpose of this review I will just mention the ones I loved the most.

Ugly Scars by RL Weeks, a retelling of The Ugly Duckling. Milly Swann and Tom and very much in love, but Tom has a dark secret. This story involves the skinning of people and the creation of a creature which reminded me of Frankenstein’s Monster.

Path of Thorns by Terri Nixon, Hansel and Gretel, my favourite tale retold. Ellie and Jack are brother and sister and live in a workhouse, they are sent out to work but after they escape they come across the fairy folk of the forest, where Ellie has a major decision to make.

 Beauty and the Beast within by Mike Kehoe. The story follows closely to the main story of Beauty and the Beast, but the major twist the author puts in this story was really unexpected and was a great alternative ending to this favourite tale.    

Pin by JL Clayton.  A female puppet and black magic what is the worst that could happen. I enjoyed how the author threw in other favourites to the story, Jim Cricket, a rotting helper of the dark fairy and the song that is played in the movie “When you wish upon a star”. JL has said that she will write a novel about Pin and I really hope she does.

Prince’s Recreant by Steve Evans, what an unusual retelling of the Princess and the Pea. Involving gruesome games which resulted in deaths. This story held my interest from start to finish and I loved the twist at the end.  

Skinderella by Lauretta L Kehoe. I loved the way that the ugly sisters tried to make themselves beautiful so they could marry the prince, and their mother was one sick individual.

There were a couple of fairytales that I had not heard off but this did not stop me enjoying the book. Each author had their own style of writing and I could not fault any of the stories. RL Weeks did a great job getting these authors together and whilst the majority I knew and have read. I am glad that I have found a few new authors for me to follow.

If you like your fairytales dark and twisted, then get this book. I hope that there will be another Once upon a time in the near future. Brilliant stories.