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The Lost Souls of Brunswick(VooDoo Lily Series) byEmery LeeAnn

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The Lost Souls of Brunswick (VooDoo Lily Series) by Emery LeeAnn
Published 5th August 2017
55 pages

Once a year lead psychologist Alexis Dhavern has to audit the books. No great task unless you are in charge of Brunswick State Mental Hospital. To make sure the staff have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. She reads through 6 patients records. How bad can it be.
Patient One: Sabin Theobold: Found not guilty of murder by reason of mental defect or disease.
Patient Two: Paully Finster: All of Paully’s care was paid by the Univeristy.
Patient Three: Myrtle Brown: Found guilty of murdering her entire platoon.
Patient Four: Toby Theon: Institutionalised due to his fascination of his meat grinder.
Patient Five: Mirabella Brack: Charged with cutting out the tongues of young women.
Patient Six: Lyssa Simpson: Admitted twice, both times resulting in a murder.
Whilst each case file had graphic scenes , all the cases show the dark side of humans, whether it was the behaviour of the patients or the actions caused by others. Yes the stories revolve around mental health, however it is written with a level of sensitivity and in most cases you feel sorry for the patient, the physical and mental abuse suffered, have you wandering how they have survived
Because each case file is short this is a quick read. The story carries on after the case files have been read and whilst I have not read Lyssa’s Destruction, this has given me a good introduction to this authors work. If you have a spare hour and want to read a quick graphic read than pick up this read.

A Life to Waste by Andrew Lennon

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A Life to Waste by Andrew Lennon
Published by Grand Mal Press on 26th November 2013
147 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Having read some of this author’s short stories, I knew what to expect when I picked this to read.
After an accident killed his dreams Dave spent his days drinking and smoking weed whilst watching horror films. A waste of space who expected his mom to do everything. After people in his neighbourhood and family start going missing, and the only clue is blood, Dave surprises everyone.
A slow start whilst you learn all about Dave and the reasons behind his lifestyle, but as soon after the 1st incident the pace picked up making you want to carry on reading and with 147 pages you can read it in one sitting. The scenes in the warehouse were subtle and whilst horrific, left the reader to use their imagination to the destructive ways the killer worked. I will just say that his artwork was not for the faint hearted.
My only complaint was there was not much known about the killer, and if there is not already I would enjoy reading a book just on the killer as I would be interested to see how he ticked. A quick read that for a couple of hours will have you cringing with some of the scenes.