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Rosamund: A Psychic Surveys Companion Novel (Book 3) by Shani Struthers

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Rosamund: A Psychic Surveys Companion Novel (Book 3) by Shani Struthers

Published by Storyland Press/Authors Reach on 17th January 2019

168 pages

If you have read any books in the Psychic Surveys series, then you will already know Ruby Davis, but who did she inherit her powers from. Documental evidence has come to light, written by Rosamund, an ancestor of Ruby explaining her powers.

Growing up without her mom, Rosamund spent all her time in their stately home Mears House. Having no contact with the outside world, Rosamund now 16 spent all her time reading and drawing. When she did see her dad, all he asked was “What do you see?”.  

Reading this story from Rosamund’s POV, conveyed just how lonely she was, her only contact was the maid Josie and she was torn between wanting to be friends and her place in the house. However, when she went to London with all the new sights and smells she was like another person. Her acquaintance with Constance showed her what she had been missing when it came to female companionship. However, things take a turn for the worse and as her dad shows her his real reason behind his obsession, she finds a friend in the most unlikely place and slowly she understands her abilities.

This was a well-researched book and from chapter one, you are transported into the Edwardian era. Some of my favourite scenes where Rosamund’s trips to London as you saw Rosamund blossom whilst you were reading. Whilst you are aware that this is a ghost story, it was done subtly and as you are reading, there are no clues that Rosumund is talking to a ghost. This gives it a believable feel as Rosamund was unaware of her gifts. This was a quick read and as the story builds into a life or death situation, you get the feeling that all is lost.

Whilst this is part of the psychic surveys series, this is a standalone and is a good introduction to the author’s work.        

Descension: Psychic Surveys Book Five by Shani Struthers

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Descension: Psychic Surveys Book Five by Shani Struthers
Published by Authors Reach/Storyland Press on 13 May 2018
332 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Whilst I have read the accompanying novellas to this series I have not read any of the main books. However that is not an issue as each one can be read as standalone.
The calls for help were increasing from the residents of Brookbridge housing estate. Built on the grounds of a renowned mental asylum, an expansion of the estate is planned and the spirits are getting restless. Ruby and the rest of the Psychic Survey team know they need to act, but with an ongoing case taking up Ness and Theo’s time and Ruby’s private life taking her on an emotional journey. Can they save the past.
As the owner of the Psychic Survey company Ruby was very sure of what she was doing. Never one to be ashamed of her gift, her positive attitude makes her good at what she does. However the spirits at Brookbridge are tough and she needs all of her and the team’s efforts to try and get the job done. The team whilst being work colleagues are more like a family and when Ruby need a shoulder to cry on, they were all their for support.
As this book was set partly in a mental asylum, some of the scenes were quite saddening especially the procedures that were once used. Whilst I knew some of what happened in the 19th and early 20th century asylums, it still shocked me the length of time some of the procedures went on for and the reasons people were hospitalised. The scenes were well researched and tackling a subject like mental health needs to be handled with sensitivity and this author achieved that 100%. The tension built up and I found myself reading quicker and quicker to find out what happened. To break up the tension, there are some comedy moments thanks to Jed the Ghost dog, one instance is when he begs for some bacon.
I hope this series can go on and on and I’m off to read the earlier books.

Thirteen: A Psychic Surveys Companion Novel (book 2) by Shani Struthers

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Thirteen: A Psychic Surveys Companion Novel (book 2) by Shani Struthers
Published by Authors Reach/Storyland Press on 29th November 2017
242 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Whilst this is in the Psychic Survey series, you do not have to read the others. I have not read any of these books and throughout this story I never once felt that I had missed something. In fact it has got me downloading others in the series and as they are on Kindle Unlimited. I can begin the series.
Thirteen, tells Ness’ story. Due to her been psychic, she had an unloved childhood, abused by her mom and was alone the majority of the time. When she was asked to cleanse a derelict lighthouse in the Isle of Skye, she did not imagine that she would have to relive the secrets that she locked away. The lighthouse was a place to hang out for the teenagers of the isle, with not much to do they played a game that was passed on to other generations. Tell Thirteen ghost stories and blow out the candle. Harmless for most.
Even though Ness was good at what she did, there was a vulnerability to her. Used to being by herself, she rarely had to rely on anyone. Living with Angus and his mom Eilidh, help show what she had been missing.
The illustrative way the author wrote this story, you could imagine being there. The wind and rain making you feel cold as it drips down your neck, but then the glorious sunshine, that shows how beautiful the place is. Whilst this is a ghost story, the addition of the occult gives it a dark feel. The scene’s at the lighthouse makes this book a page turner and you can feel the seriousness of Ness’ task. One of my favourite scenes is when Eilidh was explaining the significance of the number 13 and the bible.
If you have not read any of the psychic series than this is a great introduction to the books. This is a quick read and will have you engrossed in the story