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The Silent Sister by Shalini Boland

September 9, 2018 - 5:05 pm No Comments

The Silent Sister by Shalini Boland
Published Bookouture on 16th July 2018
286 pages

Lizzy has a great life, lives with her devoted boyfriend in a quaint little cottage. She loves her job and works with her best friend. But when she receives a letter with a shocking confession, her life slowly falls apart.
From the moment I started this read, I knew that I would not put my kindle down until I had finished it. Lizzy was like quite a few girls that you walk past every day, a lovely character, who was happy with her life. She loved her boyfriend and spent every spare moment with him. When she found the 1st letter she shrugged it off and whilst it bothered her she carried on with her life. It was not until the situation worsened that she began to worry and her imagination went into overtime. Joe her boyfriend got my back up from the moment she mentioned the letters to him, whilst he showed concern, he blamed her and as the story continued you realise he was controlling and had his own secret. Not only did Lizzy have to deal with her stalker, she also had to deal with multiple thefts in the shop she was running and a strained relationship with her sister, who she had not spoke to in over 5 years.
As I have already mentioned this was a page turner, and throughout I was trying to guess who was sending Lizzy the letters. What didn’t help was that the author threw in a handful of characters that were close to Lizzy and I was slowly ticking of their motives in my mind. This story was well planned and flowed seamlessly. There were enough twists so not to make the story overcomplicated and even when the author revealed the full story she still managed to surprise me at the end. There were concerns when the cat was mentioned and I was holding my breath whilst I read the scenes about Frank.
Whilst I have quite a few of these authors books on my kindle this was the first one that I have read. This is a must for lovers of psychological thrillers.