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Blood Kiss

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The Black Dagger Legacy
Author: J R Ward
Publisher: Orbit Books
Release date: 2nd June 2016
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin



I’m not new to JR Ward but I am new to the Brotherhood series; which did not remotely impede my enjoyment of this latest installment. It starts with Paradise, blooded daughter of the King’s First Advisor, living in a patriarchal society where, as a high born lady, she is expected to follow a particular course in life. But Paradise wants to escape the restrictions of her upbringing so her answer is to apply to join the Black Dagger Brotherhood training centre programme. But this is no simple task. She must fight figuratively, and literally, for her new place in life.
The initial application programme is gruelling, but amidst the physical and emotional trials she must face, Paradise finds herself drawn to fellow applicant Craeg; handsome, strong, smart and distant. But he can’t resist the lure of Paradise, despite initially dismissing her as a ‘dumb blonde’.
As the training programme progresses we get to know the other applicants; Paradise’s best friend and joker Peyton, fiercely independent and liberal female Novo, and head trainer Butch aka, The Dhestroyer, who has emotional troubles of his own. His mate Marissa who works at Safe Place (a domestic abuse refuge) is traumatised by the brutal murder of a young woman, and Butch is intent on helping her find out who the woman was and why she was killed.
What I expected, on reading the blurb, was an easygoing straightforward read, a dash of romance, a hint of humour, a lot of sex and a shedload of blood and violence.
Well, I got all of that and so much more. The relationships are real, the characterisations solid, the narrative laced with humour, sensibilities and a lots of social commentary. Though the war and past battles are talked of in retrospect, the impact on the society are obvious, with many combatants and survivors suffering PTSD. All of the issues in the novel (domestic abuse, loss, status and reputation) are dealt with in a compassionate but exploratory manner. It makes for a book full of depth, and integrity. Both an enjoyable read, hot and steamy where needed and immense fun. I’m definitely interested in the series as a whole and want to read more about the other characters, particularly Lassiter.
In short, this was an absolute blast.


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Author: Alliana Daniels
Published by CreateSpace Independent publishing platform 
Release date: 9th August 2015
Page count: 376pp
Reviewer: Yvonne Davies

Gabriel is a Fae who can turn into animals. He is used to living by himself, and nearing 190 years old, he did not think he would meet his soul mate.
Carmen is a strong woman, and talented animal trainer, who does not let anything get in her way. She is not afraid to speak her mind and does not care who she upsets in the process. 
With the help of her best friend Lizzy from foster care, she runs a successful animal training business. Carmen is so gifted with animals because she can talk to them. 
On a business trip to sort out an owner’s dog, Carmen’s infinity birthmark starts to hurt, at exactly the same time that Gabriel’s birthmark hurts as well. Gabriel knows that this is a sign that his soulmate has been found and he now has to find and bond with her.
From the start Gabriel has difficulties securing his mate.  Due to Carmen’s past she shuns him and will not let him get close. A bigger problem is that Carmen does not know she is Fae and that she will gain her powers on her birthday.
Slowly Gabriel gains Carmen’s trust and with the help of his family, shows her what love is and helps her overcome her problems.
Although a slow start, this soon develops into a good read. It has everything; magic intrigue, sex and humour, which kept my interest right to the end.
This is a story about love, patience and perseverance. You will easily fall in love with the characters, and with Gabriel having a large family there is scope to have many spin off stories. I for one would like to read more about Riley
This is the 1st in the series and I cannot wait to read Unbound!

Cyrus Darian

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Cyrus Darian and the Technomicron
Author: Raven Dane
Publisher: Prosochi
Page count/Size: 308pp
Release date: 9th Sep 2011
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

At age twenty three, young orphaned and rather dashing Cyrus Darian flees his homeland of Persia heading for the delights of London where supernatural is second nature. Darian is an exotic blend of Irish from his Mom and Persian from his Dad.

Described as “alchemist, amateur dabbler in the occult, collector of antiquities, necromancer and murderer”, Darian is a fully fledged living breathing reason to read this book. We don’t know much about him to begin with, other than his supernatural skills and handsome looks, but we do know he is seeking out the Sumerian lifestone, an artefact which will help him in his unspecified quest.

Two years later, things go a little awry when a false trail finds him in the claws of a succubus, who gives him a ‘love bite’ to remember, almost killing him and bestowing him with everlasting long life and strange good looks complete with swirling silver, violet eyes into the bargain.

Ten years later and Darian, an inhabitant of London, still looks twenty-five and is still seeking hidden artefacts in the realms of a London drowning in a stinking, poisonous fog. There are riots over the poisoned air, overhead steam trams, dirigibles and demons. Reading somewhat like a Steampunk ‘urban’ fantasy, Cyrus Darian blends high adventure, visual feasts and sensuality to create a fun and fast paced romp.

Cyrus finds himself talked into the inevitable search for the Technomincron, a device of infinite power and danger. With his trusty sidekicks and a kick arse female lead, Darian tackles the denizens of Hell.

His demon friend Belial in particular, is one of the really enjoyable characters in the novel. He is great fun as he taunts and teases his human counterparts, also teasing himself with his flirtations with Darian, which can never be consummated.

This book has no pretensions. It is an adventure and a fun experience, though Dane does make reference to the poisonous air of London which is reminiscent of the historical ‘Great Stink’. You will surely be missing a Steampunk gem if you ignore this book . . . at your peril.