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Sarah Killian

July 29, 2016 - 10:09 pm No Comments

Sarah Killian-Serial Killer for Hire by Mark Sheldon
Published by Crystal Lake Publishing on 29th July 2016

reviewer: Yvonne Davies

The story is about a professional serial killer or PSK called Sarah Killian, she works for an organisation called THEM an organisation that uses serial killers to wipe out problems. Sarah is a very independent woman who grew up in a dysfunctional family and became a serial killer before she was recruited by THEM. The mission that she gets sent on makes her uncomfortable from the start, as for the first time she is paired up with Bethany, a newbie who is an annoying chatterbox. You can tell straight away that she is going to drive Sarah mad. Zeke her boss knows this and I personally think he enjoys winding Sarah up but will not change his decision. For the mission they have to go undercover as teachers, as the target is in a school. Sarah had to learn to adjust to be sweet and innocent curbing her swearing whilst keeping her cool with the Bethany
I really enjoyed this story as although I have read other stories about serial killers, they tend to concentrate on their target, but this book was different, yes they have a mission but the main story is about why Sarah and Bethany had to be paired for the mission. There was quite a bit of comedy in the book and some of the abbreviations brought a smile to my face. Sarah grew on me the more I read as at the start she was your typical bolshie female but later on in the book you find out some of her reasons for doing this type of work and that she did have a heart. Her coping mechanism to stop her killing anyone who wasn’t a target was funny; I didn’t think a cuddly toy could be used for that.
The story ended in a slight cliff hanger and I hope I do not have to wait too long for book 2.