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The Takers (Sam Pope Series Book 2) by Robert Enright

February 23, 2019 - 7:17 pm No Comments

The Takers (Sam Pope Series Book 2) by Robert Enright

Published on 19th February 2019

301 pages  

Sam Pope is back and he is not taking any prisoners. Following on after Pope had taken down The High Rise, killing Frank ”The Gent” Jackson and uncovered a Police corruption, Pope is now a wanted man. Mark Harris wanting to be Mayor of London, saw a way of getting more votes, by trying to get Pope of the streets. However, Pope has other thoughts and when a father’s plea for help to find his daughter goes ignored by the Police, Pope knows he needs help.

Pope is still a man on a mission and whilst he was wanted by the police, it still didn’t stop him helping the father whose daughter was missing. As with the previous book, Pope never lets anything get in the way of his objective, with the added danger of the Police Task Force and a tenacious Inspector Amara Singh, he still remained calm and collective. DSI Adrian Pearce is still on the force and yet again is put in a difficult position. Regardless of who Pope comes into contact with, he always changes their lives whether it is a good or bad outcome. More of Pope’s Army life in Afghanistan is revealed as Ethridge, another old Army buddy is introduced to the series.

From the moment you start this book, you are straight into an action fuelled story. The read was fast-paced and I read it in less than a day. Whilst Pope is wanted by the Police, you will be rooting for him, as he is cleaning the streets of crime.  The addition of a European gang opens up this series to more missions further afield and I can’t wait to read what Pope will do next. This is an explosive read and a good addition to the series.