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The Kielder Strain: A Science Fiction Horror Novel by Rebecca Fernfield

March 31, 2019 - 3:54 pm No Comments

The Kielder Strain: A Science Fiction Horror Novel by Rebecca Fernfield

Published by Redbegga on 30th January 2019

496 pages

A variant of Rabies is found in Whitby and the Kielder Institute is under pressure to find a cure. Animal rights are protesting at the facility. After an accident caused the experiment to develop into something else, no-one in the surrounding area is safe. But with the results planning to net the institute millions, can Police Officer Javeen Latimer save the village.

From the moment Javeen Latimer moved to the village, she was fighting a losing battle to gain respect with the other Police officer attached to the village. The reason behind her forced movement was common knowledge. However, when 2 people go missing and strange sightings are happening all over the village, she knows that she has to become the Police officer she was trained to be.

This story took you on an adventure from the moment the researchers started experimenting on animals, you knew that disaster would strike. As the village is small you get to learn about all the residents and whilst I was aware that not everyone will survive, it was still a shock when one got killed or taken. There are some graphic killing scenes but that is to be expected as they are human hybrids attacking the village. To break up the intensity there are some funny scenes. Two, in particular, were Emily’s describing Max to the Police as he vaulted over the wall and Caleb’s reaction to one of the monsters attacking the convoy. Javeen even had time for romance.

The action is non-stop and you feel that there is no hope as Officer Javeen was by herself. The tension is throughout, which kept me reading and I was shocked that I read it in less than a day, even with real life. Whilst it did not finish on a cliffhanger it has left me wanting to know what will happen next and I hope that there will be a 2nd in the series soon. I have already recommended this to friends who like books about disasters. After finishing this story, I can see this being made into a film as we have not had a monster horror in a while.