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Sextet by Mark L Fowler

November 21, 2018 - 10:13 pm No Comments

Sextet by Mark L Fowler
Published 21st November 2018
286 pages

A sextet is a formation containing exactly six members. It is commonly associated with vocal or musical instrument groups but can be applied to any situation where six similar or related objects are considered a single unit.
Talented musicians, Penny and Susan were twins and the apple of their parent’s eye. Unbeknown to their parents they used to play a dark and twisted game, that used their love of music. Now 17 Susan was in a psychiatric unit after suffering a horrific attack and Penny was trying to make amends. In Penny’s mind music was a great healer, but to enable her to compose a masterpiece, she had a unique way of doing it.
Penny was highly intelligent and knew how to play to her strengths to get what she wanted. She was good at manipulating situations and this showed with her relationship with her music teacher Marcus Redfearn. Whatever she did she could always justify her actions. Overlapping Penny’s story was Philip Waters and his harebrained scheme to get rich. Wanting to find the next music genius, he put an ad out for original music. Philip and his partner Olivie Roxburgh were two of the most self-centred characters I have read in a while and I couldn’t believe that were a couple
From the 1st graphic murder, I knew that I would enjoy this story. It was fast-paced as I wanted to know where the story was going. Throughout the story more about Penny and Susan’s younger years are revealed, but it is not until near the end do you find out what Susan has grown up to be like. It was hard to decide who out the twins were worse and how their parents were oblivious to the girl’s actions.
This was one psychological thriller that kept me in the dark right up to the dramatic ending, with its unique storyline is a must read for thriller lovers.
This was the first book by this author that I have read and I will definitely look out for more of this author’s work

The Silent Sister by Shalini Boland

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The Silent Sister by Shalini Boland
Published Bookouture on 16th July 2018
286 pages

Lizzy has a great life, lives with her devoted boyfriend in a quaint little cottage. She loves her job and works with her best friend. But when she receives a letter with a shocking confession, her life slowly falls apart.
From the moment I started this read, I knew that I would not put my kindle down until I had finished it. Lizzy was like quite a few girls that you walk past every day, a lovely character, who was happy with her life. She loved her boyfriend and spent every spare moment with him. When she found the 1st letter she shrugged it off and whilst it bothered her she carried on with her life. It was not until the situation worsened that she began to worry and her imagination went into overtime. Joe her boyfriend got my back up from the moment she mentioned the letters to him, whilst he showed concern, he blamed her and as the story continued you realise he was controlling and had his own secret. Not only did Lizzy have to deal with her stalker, she also had to deal with multiple thefts in the shop she was running and a strained relationship with her sister, who she had not spoke to in over 5 years.
As I have already mentioned this was a page turner, and throughout I was trying to guess who was sending Lizzy the letters. What didn’t help was that the author threw in a handful of characters that were close to Lizzy and I was slowly ticking of their motives in my mind. This story was well planned and flowed seamlessly. There were enough twists so not to make the story overcomplicated and even when the author revealed the full story she still managed to surprise me at the end. There were concerns when the cat was mentioned and I was holding my breath whilst I read the scenes about Frank.
Whilst I have quite a few of these authors books on my kindle this was the first one that I have read. This is a must for lovers of psychological thrillers.

Tommy’s Girl by Laura Morgan

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Tommy’s Girl by Laura Morgan
Published 4th May 2018
153 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Piper Grace wants to make it big in Hollywood, having a supporting role in the upcoming film Wayward. She hopes this will be the film that launches her into stardom. Tommy Darke is the lead actor. A method actor who throws himself wholly into a role. Fascinated with Piper, he reveals the side of him that the public don’t see. But can Piper handle his dark side.
Piper is portrayed as a strong woman but as her relationship with Tommy intensifies, her vulnerable side begins to show and she starts to question her choices. Learning about her past relationships, you do wander why she stayed. Tommy was a complexed character, and could switch his mood in a flash. Having to put on a fake persona in the public eye must have been trying for him and as his character became darker I was waiting for him to loose it completely.
Throughout the 1st part of the book I could not understand where the “crime” and “serial killer” tags came into the book, but as the story progressed I was not disappointed. The author keeps you guessing what Tommy will do next, whilst he internet viewing gives us hints about what he likes to do, it is his inner thoughts that are the most worrying. This story is not for readers who are easily shocked as some scenes are explicit. This was a quick read as there was not much room for pause as I was always waiting for Tommy to make his next move, whether it was in the bedroom or in the public eye Tommy was always wanting to get his own way. As this is the 1st book in this series I am sure that it will get darker as the cliff-hanger left Tommy pretty angry. Roll on part 2 out on the 22nd May

Literary Stalker by Roger Keen

April 11, 2018 - 7:28 pm 2 Comments

Today is my turn to review this book

Literary Stalker by Roger Keen
Published by Darkness Visible Publishing on 18th September 2017
229 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

The majority of us live on social media and it is one of the best ways to spread the word about what you are doing. But what happens when an innocent comment is taken the wrong way or someone does not like your work. Nick Chatterton, an Indie author uses his personal experience on social media to pen The Facebook Murders.
Nick is an aspiring author, working the horror scenes whilst connecting with other authors and a major user of social media. Having published a few short stories, he was looking for that next big novel. An idea came to him when he re-watched Theatre of Blood and the novel was born Using Jago as Nick’s main character showed how vindictive and petty Nick was. How he fixated on certain Facebook comments and wanted to seek revenge. However he had a dark side which showed itself when he was conjuring up the murders, whilst they were based on scenes from films, you could feel his blood lust and knew he enjoyed them too much. Whilst were reading Jago’s story, we also get to know about Nick’s life, his doomed relationship with Robin and his obsession with acclaimed write Hugh Canford-Eversleigh, which over the years developed into stalking.
Reading a story in a story may sound confusing but it wasn’t as the usage of 3rd POV helped. I got to grips pretty quick with the swapping over between Nick and Jago story. Whilst reading the story you learn in detail what each victim had done to upset Nick and I kept imagining Nick/Jago to insert a villainous laugh every time he killed someone. I got drawn into this story as I was waiting for Nick’s evil side to be revealed and as the story was coming to an end I was not disappointed. The story was complete and there was no unanswered question. This is a different type of crime story to what I usually read and I enjoyed it a lot. One thing to take note is to be careful what you put on social media as Jago may be just around the corner.

Brutality by Tim Miller

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Brutality By Tim Miller
Published by GutWrench Productions on 3rd February 2018
178 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Therapist Carrie Justice know first hand what it is like to have a mental illness, suffering from Bipolar she tries to help others whilst helping herself. As well as working at a private practice, she also works at the local jail. This work brought her to the attention of the local TV channel, and after appearing on their morning show made her an obsession for the Skinner.
Carrie was not your typical heroine, lacking in confidence she just wanted to get on with her life. However when it mattered she was really surprising whether it was standing up to Detective Montez, or trying to survive.
From the moment you start reading, you are drawn into a game of cat and mouse. From the start you are introduced to The Skinner’s work and you know exactly what type of killer he is. Like all serial killers he is cocky and did have some issues. The subject of mental health runs throughout this story and it was interesting to read some of what a person with bipolar has to cope with on a day to day basis. The relationships between Carrie and Montez was developing throughout the story and I would love to read more of them. This is a quick read as you will find the need to finish it in one sitting. You will be surprised at certain plot revels and I for one did not see them coming. The ending finishes in what I hope to be just the start of new series.