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The Third Twin by Darren Speegle

April 28, 2017 - 5:36 am No Comments

The Third Twin by Darren Speegle

Published by Crystal Lake Publishing on 28th April 2017

213 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

When Barry Ocason received a travel mag with an advert for a trip to Bavarian Alps in the post, he did not expect to be drawn into a dangerous adventure. Recently divorced, travel writer Barry had a reputation of writing about the little unknown festivals held all over the world, but when he decided to take his teenage daughter Kristen, to the Spider Festival in Rio Tago, Brazil, he did not know that it would affect him and his family’s lives for ever. Kristen the sole survivor of twins was your typical teenage but she had a secret which came to light on the trip to Brazil. A disturbing stalker, only known as the Elephant Man, distressing dreams, and a fatal incident all eventually lead him to Bavaria and an old fascination involving experiments on twins were founded.
Whilst Barry was a worldwide traveller, in his heart he was a family man. Spending as much time as he could with his remaining daughter, he tried to take her on as many trips as he could. Like any loving father when his little girl was in danger his instinct kicked in. Due to his background, Barry relied a lot on his instincts and investigational skills. When he finally made the trip to Bavaria and came across others involved on the same journey, he took the lead in getting to the bottom of the mystery. Whilst he got on with the group, he was still much the loner.
This book had the element of suspense from the moment the magazine was dropped on the mat. Throughout the book there were hints of the experiments that were inflicted, and this was explained more with the dream sequences. The dreams also were used to explain the connection of the Third Twin. When the story shifted to Bavaria, Barry’s journey got darker and the pace was a lot a quicker. What helped was that the characters were hit with one occurrence after another and whether it was a natural or supernatural attack, made this a real page turner. You will get drawn into the mystery of the Third twin, this is a book that will getting you thinking and there were times when I wondered how much more tragedy could Barry handle before he cracked. Everything was explained in detail and descriptive writing made you feel as you were going on the journey with Barry. This is the 1st book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it, with an unique storyline, I found this book a real page turner.

12:07 The Sleeping

January 23, 2016 - 5:46 pm No Comments

12:07: The Sleeping
Author: L Sydney Abel
Published 7th July 2015 
Publisher: Speaking Volumes 
Page count: 259 pages
Reviewer: Yvonne Davies

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.
The main characters Lance and Katherine, are a highly successful couple who after loosing their baby, start drifting apart. Added to this is Lance’s sexy secretary, who Lance finds attractive and his soulless next door neighbour Mr Green. This variety of characters and intrigue makes this story an interesting read. 
Lance suffers with nightmares or night terrors, and this is when ‘the sleeping’ visit him.
If you have ever felt like someone is standing over you whilst you are sleeping, and you are powerless to do anything then you have been visited by the sleeping of the title  Throughout the book, Mr Green’s history is explained, and the connection between their lives is easily understood. 
The book is well written and the author has a sympathetic understanding of sleep paralysis, which, after reading his bio, I found out that he suffers with this condition.
This is not your typical good vs evil story and through the book there are plenty of surprises. I personally would describe this book as a psychological thriller rather than a horror novel. 
(Editor’s note: Yvonne’s thoughts on the synopsis seem to mirror the concept behind The Sleep Room by F. R. Tallis)
The sex scenes are not graphic but definetly adult themed. The build up at the end is intense and I nearly missed my station as I didn’t want to put it down!
My one complaint was the ending as it just finished abruptly and left you in limbo. I suppose you can imagine how it finishes, however the pacing wasn’t quite right.