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Andromeda One Free Books

August 2, 2013 - 8:11 pm No Comments

Andromeda One logo


New offer for next ten people to book tickets for our Andromeda One Convention. Free PS Hardback book to the buyers of the next 10 tickets sold.

We’ll be announcing some panel items this weekend.

PS at Eastercon

February 1, 2013 - 2:02 pm No Comments


They say: With our customary upbeat giddy one, the good news is we’re working on a totally far-out fivesome of science fictional gems which we’re aiming to launch at EasterCon on Friday 29 March. The titles are:

UNIVERSES by Stephen Baxter (£25 h/c; £60 sig and s/c)


STARSHIP QUARTET by Eric Brown (£10 p/b)
(Please note that there will be a hardcover edition of STARSHIP QUARTET signed by the author and containing a specially commissioned Starship short story . . . which Eric is writing even as we speak—AREN’T YOU, ERIC?!)


A VERY BRITISH HISTORY by Paul J. McAuley (£25 h/c; £60 sig and s/c and containing three additional stories in a second book housed in the s/c)


MARTIAN SANDS by Lavie Tidhar (£20 h/c; £40 sig h/c)


GROWING PAINS by Ian Whates (£20 h/c; £40 sig h/c)

The PS launch will be the very first Convention event after the opening address, and Nicky, Mike and I would very much like you to be there if you’re able.

The launch will kick off at 5 pm (as soon as the chairperson or whomever has stopped talking, in other words) and the format will follow the tried-and-tested Fantasy and HorrorCon approach of handing the punter a cloakroom ticket with each book purchased . . . each cloakroom ticket may then be exchanged for a glass of wine. We’ll also be offering a generous discount to anyone buying all five books—ie. £85 instead of £100 . . . plus, let us not forget, the best part of an entire bottle of wine (not a bad way to start a convention, I’ve always found).

We’d love to see you there. And you might also mention the event on your blogs and/or websites, not forgetting to twitter and tweet and even moan when an opportunity arises to do so.

Please note that we not be able to put aside convention-signed trade copies to be sold through the website although we will be offering the unsigned quintet at the same price (though without the five glasses of wine, of course!) and the deluxe fivesome at £180 (a saving of almost 20%). Postage will be charged as usual, of course for all purchases made through the website.