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Barbed Wire and Daisies (The Lost Land Series Book 1) by Teresa Schulz

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Barbed Wire and Daisies (The Lost Land Series Book 1) by Teresa Schulz
Published by Blue Phoenix Publishers NZ on 11th June 2016
236 pages

Its 2030, the last oil tankard has been sunk. Oil is running out and the country is slowly falling apart. Gen and her family live in a small village, fearing danger they and the other villagers have to learn to fight.
Gen and Nate were a typical family brining up their 3 children in the peaceful countryside. Thanks to Gen’s eccentric mom, they were getting themselves prepared for harder times. When times got tougher so did Gen, when her family was in danger she did whatever a mom needed to do to protect her family.
Like any post apocalyptic story you have the degenerates, wanting to take what ever they wanted. Whilst there were scenes that could upset some reader, cannibalism and the attempted rape of a teenage, this could be a “what if”, if this really happened. The story was a quick read and I read it in one sitting, not wanting to put it down. It was full of action and the fight scenes were bloody. There was always something going on and even if they were doing just family stuff, the author’s style made it interesting. There was some humorous scenes to break up the tension, one in particular was when Gen had to put a winter coat on her stubborn horse Storm. Whist this is fiction, there is an element of truth to this story. With natural fuel running out, it makes you think what could occur if this happened.
If you love you post apocalyptic and want to avoid the usual zombie stories, than this is for you. A great start to the series and I am looking forward to reading more.

The Gaia Effect by Claire Buss

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The Gaia Effect by Claire Buss
Published by New Generation Publishing on 21st December 2016
234 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

After The Event, City 42 is run by the Corporation. Relying a lot on technology there are the minority that are not happy with this world. Kira and Jed want to start a family and whilst they use technology to get their wish. Kira a believer of Gaia wants to use nature to bring her child up. Other’s not happy with the state of the city are Anti-Corp, a resistance group who try and sabotage the city, but after there is a sexual assault and medical abnormalities, things get serious and a time for change is needed.
Kira was passionate with everything she did, as an employee of the Archives, she learnt a lot about the “old”ways and stood her ground when people forced technology onto her. Jed her partner was a police officer for the force, honourable and was good at his job. Both were family orientated and spent time with their close friends. Even though their friends all had different views on the way the city was run, Kira and Jed calming influence united them to help the city.
With a handful of main characters, you get to learn about each one and watch how they develop and grow. Two character that had major changes were Dina who at the start was a very quiet girl, but after her medical emergency played a major part in the exposure of the water contamination and Martha living in her father’s shadows but when she became a victim in an assault and was one of the medical abnormalities, she took control of her life.
Whilst this story is set in a post apocalyptic world, on the surface., it seemed a pleasant place to live, but as you read further into the story, you realise what control the corporation had. I enjoyed reading about the technology that the people used and it would be great to have some of that tech in the world today. There was intrigue throughout and the appearance of a blue lady throughout gave it mystery. The story was well plotted and the intrigue made you want to read more. Scattered throughout the story were sweeps (similar to tweets) which were either giving out information or spreading rumors. Whilst at the start I found they helped the story, as the story continued I did skip them as I found I just wanted to read the story.
This is the 1st story I have read by this author and it looks like another author I will be adding to my reading list

Milk by Adam Millard

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Milk by Adam Millard
Published Crowded Quarantine Publications (2nd Edition) on 23rd May 2016
172 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Lou Decker was a enterprising man, he could always get his hands on anything. As the only shop in town, you could say he was in demand. However, when he started lactating milk, whilst he did not know why, he knew he had hit the big time and trade would be better than it ever was. But when the milk guzzelers turned in to mutants, the business crashed before it started.
Set in a post apocalyptic Oilhaven the town definitely has its characters .Whether it was Kellerman the corrupt Mayor of the town, Mick the naked homeless man , or Abigail, the only prostitute in town, every character had their quirkiness. Some of my favourite characters were the bandits, a mismatch of try-hard wannabes.
As like the other books I have read by this author, I had an enjoyable read. There was not a page that had the one liner that did not have me laughing out loud. There was horror and action throughout building up to a great ending. It took me longer to read as I kept reading out scenes to my daughter as she kept wandering what I was reading.
If you have never read any of this author’s books then what are you waiting for. A horror read with a laugh a minute.

The Wolves of Winter BlogTour

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I have been asked to get involved in the The Wolves of Winter blog tour. A post-apocalyptic book set in the cruellest season. Below is my review:

The Wolves of Winter by Tyrell Johnson
Published by HQ on 11th January 2018
384 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

First came the fires, then the nuclear bombs and finally when the world could not take anymore the Flu, not just the sniffles but full-blown flu which in some cases resulted in death. Gwendolynn (Lynn) her brother and parents fled from their home, after it got too dangerous to live there. Losing her dad to the flu, they eventually ended up in Yukon, they had a simple life, keeping themselves to themselves until a stranger entered their lives bringing trouble directly to their door.
The story is told from Lynn POV and with the detailed description, you understand how basic her life was. She was a strong and determined young woman and this really showed when she crossed paths with Immunity. Her memories that run through the story help explain how she became the woman she was and just how close she was with her father and the part that he played in the world’s destruction. When she came across Jax, you realise just how much she needed company from outside her little community.
Jax was a mysterious character, a loner who’s only companion was a husky. When we first meet him, he is portrayed as a regular joe who is trying to get away from the conflict, but as the story continued, you soon realise just how special he was. The longer he stays with Lynn and her family, the more you discover how much he needed human contact.
The authors style of writing was descriptive, and you could imagine just what sort of life Lynn and co had. Set over the winter months, with no electricity and little fresh food, just showed how hard it was for the family to survive. The story flowed easily, the scenes involving Immunity were intense, highlighting the dangers the family were in. There was always something going on in this story. I found this book compelling and I was reading it into the middle of the night, waking up with a book hangover. Saying that I did not want the story to finish and hope there will be a second one to come. One of my favourite quotes in the book was “Grief isn’t the footprints in the snow. It’s the empty space between”. As a lover of post-apocalyptic stories, I knew that I would enjoy, however I did not expect it to love it so much. Will look out for other books written by this author.

The Veil (Testaments I and II) by Joseph D’Lacey

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The Veil (Testaments I and II) by Joseph D’Lacey

Published by Horrific Tales Publishing on 26th November 2016

144 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

I bought a hardback copy of this book at the launch party, but for convenience I also downloaded it on kindle unlimited.

Set in a world where everything mechanical stops. Cars don’t run, mobiles are silent The Veil is split into 2 parts or testaments, each one telling the story of a survivors set in 2 countries trying to escape the Stricken/Commuters

Testament I: A group of survivors are trying to stay alive. In a block in America these survivors are up against The Commuters. What was different about this disaster was it only changed white collar workers, the working class were left alone.  We follow Sherri, a hairdresser in her former life but now an integral part of the Kill Crew, she spent her days looking after Trixie a young orphan and her evenings killing The Commuters. This story was full of suspense which only built when Sherrie and her 2 fellow member left their sanctuary.

Testament II: Set in the Cotswolds UK, Rob and his family try escape the unrest, they find themselves in an isolated farmhouse. The longer they stay together, cracks start to appear in their relationship. On one of his many travels to get food, Rob makes a fatal escape, which will change all their lives for ever.  I read Rob’s captivity with unease thanks to the descriptive way the author wrote these scenes.

Both stories had one thing in common, the main characters had the need to survive and to protect their family.

This book is completely different to anything I have read before. I enjoyed reading both experiences of the same horror and although I had no idea what attacked the planet and what the creatures were, this did not spoil my enjoyment and my imaginative went into overdrive trying to work out what they were.

A great post-apocalyptic story that has it all.