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Eve of Man by Tom Fletcher and Giovanna Fletcher

May 30, 2018 - 9:44 pm No Comments

Eve of Man by Tom Fletcher and Giovanna Fletcher
Published by Penguin on 31st May 2018
408 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

50 years where only boys were born. The earth is in trouble, then an unlikely couple have a miracle. Eve the first girl born. Living in a dome to protect her, is she the answer to save the world.
Bram, pilot and son of one of the powerful men in the EPO. He has know Eve for a long time thanks to high tech technology.
But what if they both want something different?
Eve lived a lonely life, whilst she lived in beautiful surrounds and had the “Mothers” with her throughout her growing up, she had no one of her own age. What she learned was from archives and watched 24/7. Her only companion was Holly an AI. Even though she had a sheltered life, she was wise to the EPO tricks. As she grew up she started to question her existents and the reason behind her imprisonment.
Bram was one of the pilots of Holly. Being the son of one of the big bosses, did not go down well with some of his team. But he was good at what he did. However when he began to get to close to Eve and question authority, he had to make a stand.
With an unique storyline, this story captured my attention from page 1. As the story progresses you find out the character’s history and even though Eve and Bram had not officially met, they had a similar background. Bram was a strong character and this was probably due to his abusive father. His true leaderships skills comes to force further in the book. The relationship between Eve and Bram was innocent and sweet and you want to carry on reading to see how their friendship developed. Whilst some of the mothers’ history was revealed in the story, I would like to know about the them as they remind me of a group of nuns.
Like any dystopian story, you have the downtrodden and this book is no different. The Freevers are a group of people that are not happy with the situation with the EPO. Wanting to free Eve, they work in the shadows for their cause. Whilst technology plays a big part in the story, the authors managed to blend some lower tech into the mix, so look out for a Rubiks cube the bane of many 80s child’s life. The book has a steady flow to it, and the action builds up to a dramatic climax which leaves you wanting more.
Although this book is written by two authors the style of the writing makes it impossible to tell who had written what. This book is ideal for young and old alike and if you are looking for your first dystopian novel this will be a perfect read. Be warned this does finish on a cliff hanger and I hope that I do not have to wait to long for book 2. A great start to this series.