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The Portal: An Afterlife Novella by Isabel Brann

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The Portal: An Afterlife Novella by Isabel Brann

Published on 3rd May 2016

128 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


The Mason Family are portals, mortals that help wandering souls get to heaven or hell. Amelia became a portal when her older brother was killed, not knowing what she had to do , there was only one person she could go. Kyle, her brother’s best friend, has spent his whole life winding her up. As a guardian Kyle was the only one who could show her what it was meant to be a portal.

The characters develop throughout the story as Amelia was the type of girl who kept herself to herself, losing everyone she loved she made it her mission to keep everyone at arm’s length, this made her come across as cold and of cause an easy target for Kyle. Kyle on the other hand was full of life and reminding me of the annoying boy who felt the only way to tell a girl that he fancied them was to annoy them, the type to be the pig tail puller in the playground. The mission they go on is full of surprises and you could feel the sexual tension between Amelia and Kyle from the moment they set foot in Venezuela. Amelia is forced to address her issues with her life to get the job done.

The story is well written and is a good introduction to a new author. The mix between paranormal and action was spot on , which made it a quick read. I hope it will not be long before I can read more of Amelia and Kyle as I don’t think their missions will be boring. A good unique story 


Playing with Fire (Criminal Elements Book 1) by Clare and Cris Meyers

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Playing with Fire (Criminal Elements Book 1) by Clare and Cris Meyers

Published 31st August 2016

276 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


Renee and Stone are both Talents, people with magic but each with their own expertise. Used to working alone, they both do jobs on the wrong side of the law, but a botched job in Russia is the start of a beautiful working and personal relationship. Whilst after Russia they go their separate way, they meet up a few years later when Stone is doing a small security job. From that moment, they start working as a couple. When they are hired to pull off a heist involving a magical gem and get revenge on an old nemesis then the fun starts.

Renee is a strong very confident woman, she’s a loner, and does not give anything away with her emotions, she is a tough nut to crack, and is good at her job. Stoner is ex-military, ex-hitman who is not afraid of violence. Individually they are good but together they are unstoppable. Working with their strengths they know how to get the best from each other.

What I enjoyed about this book was that the main heist required more than just Renee and Stone to pull it off and the authors introduce us to Rook, Carlos and Grace. Adding these three characters changed the dynamics of the group and you see Renee softening to Grace and Carlos. Rook is the character everyone loves to hate as he is so annoying, but the interaction with him does add to some comical moments and I think that it does teach Stone a lesson in tolerance.

This is a good Paranormal mystery with a touch of romance and it is different to read about a couple that are on the wrong side of the law. With the additional characters, I can see spin offs to this series as I for one would like to read more of Grace’s story. The ending left me wanting more as I wanted to know what happened after the heist. I will definately keep an eye out for the next book

Necrobloods by Lauren Stock and Robert Stock

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Necrobloods by Lauren Stock and Robert Stock

Published by Dragon Girl Press on 10th November 2015

235 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


Celeste lives in Salem, but although her ancestors were witches, Celeste and her friends cast Elemental magic and as soon as they reach their 16th birthday they can be picked to go to battle against the Spirituals.  This battle happens every 1000 years and the winners rule for the next 1000.

Celeste with her best friend Gena, go to school with normals and have to keep their magic a secret. Celeste is your typical teenager who, crushes on the popular guys and struggles with her grades. She also loves a game of Basketball. On many occasion she is tempted to use her magic to get what she wants but thanks to Gena she resists temptation. Leading up to her 16th birthday things start to change, she starts getting noticed by boys and is torn between Sean: Gena’s elder brother and Carter a regular boy at school, she is attracted to the smell of blood and she finds out what she can really do. On top of this she finds out about the millennium battle and meet some long lost relations

As soon as you start this book you are met with a descriptive battle and it grabs your interest straight away. There is a nice flow to the book which makes it an easy read. The way the author writes the battle scenes makes you feel you are there.  Celeste starts out being in Gena’s shadow but as you read her story she becomes more confident and learns to stand up for herself. Both girls are easily recognisable and you will all know a teenage girl like them.

Just as you feel you know what was coming next the author throws a twist to the story that keeps you guessing the outcome. This book will appeal to teenagers and us of the older variety. If you like paranormal/fantasy, then this is a good book to read            

A Darkening of Magic (Chosen Saga 0.5) by JL Clayton

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A Darkening of Magic (Chosen Saga 0.5) by JL Clayton

Published 29th August 2016

63 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


If you have read any of the Chosen Saga, then you have heard of the name Crispin. If not, then this is a good introduction to the character and to find out why he became so evil and fixated on Charlie.

After Crispin was born his father banished his mom from ever seeing him again. Jump on 5 years and we find an adorable lonely child using his magic to play with building blocks, but that was not what his evil father wanted. Over the next 20 years he trained him to becoming like him and how by killing everyone near to him.

Crispin is the character that we all love to hate but after reading this I did feel sorry for him, for the life he had and I can now understand why he turned out like he is.

This is a great quick read, which you can pick up and read if you have a spare 30 minutes. It is great to see the author writing with a more mature reader in mind. You will even find a sex scene in there which adds to the intense of Crispin’s behaviour. You will not find this in any of the first 3 books. I can’t wait to see if she writes a short story for each of the characters and am looking forward to book 4. Although I can understand why Crispin does what he does I am still #TeamJace.

A Spark of Magic

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A Spark of Magic by J L Clayton
Published 1st May 2014 by Outskirts Press Inc
302 pages

I was lucky to be given this book by the Author.
Charlie is your typical teenage girl who through no fault of her own move homes a lot. Her parents never explain to her why they move, they just pack up and leave.
She expected this move to be no different, but what she didn’t expect was being involved in a love triangle with two of the hottest boys in school. Jace a family friend’s son and Tru, the son of a Cherokee shopkeeper who she met on her first day in town.
Not only has Charlie got to deal with her feelings for them both, she is also being stalked by an unknown force. Enter Crispin, a powerful sorcerer, also known as a traveller. Why he is infatuated with her we don’t really know.
Throughout this book there is a paranormal undertone building up to something bigger. The way the book is written keeps you enthralled and you will want to carry on reading to find out what happens next. Whilst reading this book you will find yourself taking one of the boys sides. Me I was team Tru.
This book has everything and you will have some unanswered questions. To solve this you will just have to read book 2.

Yvonne Davies:

Let me introduce myself. My name is Yvonne or Vonnie to my friends. I work full-time in the Civil Service and am a mom of 2 teenagers who both read and a retired greyhound.
I am originally from Birmingham but now live in Bridlington, which is on the coast of East Yorkshire. In fact I can walk to the beach in 5 minutes.
I have known Theresa for quite few years as in a former life she was my supervisor. We spent many a day talking books.
I will read most books but my favourite genres are Fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi. I do the majority of my reading on my kindle and am addicted to downloading free books.
This is the 1st time reviewing books and I thank Theresa for giving me the chance.