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Express Diaries

August 11, 2013 - 10:15 pm No Comments

The Express Diaries
Author: Nick Marsh
Publisher: Innsmouth House Press
Page count: 365pp
Release Date: 25th Sept 2012
Reviewer: Andy Angel
This story started out as a role playing game based round the Call of Cthulhu system

The year is 1925 and in London and ageing professor is convinced he has found clues to the location of The Simulacrum – a mysterious ancient statue.

The ‘gang’ he assembles to help him track down the Simulacrum are a varied bunch who all have their part to play in the search.

As you would expect the professor and friends are not the only ones searching for the artifacts. As they set off across Europe on the wonderful Orient Express they are pursued by a dark cult. Getting to it first will certainly be a challenge and the horrors they face along the way are exceptionally nasty.

The story is told in a collection of diary entries, journal entries, newspaper clippings and the likes. This gives the story a good feel and I also felt that the entries by the different characters all seemed to have individual voices. The writing certainly felt ‘of it’s time.

My final comments are reserved for the physical book itself – the hardback edition (which I was provided with in exchange for a fair and honest review) really is a joy to own, a must lovely book with beautiful illustrations. Any bookcase would be proud to own this volume

4.5 out of 5 stars

Express Book to Hell

June 15, 2013 - 10:53 pm 2 Comments

Express Diaries

Just back from a day con and saw a package. I opened it . . . I had no bloody idea how beautiful this book was until I opened the front cover. Holy God! I hope to the Lord above the text matches the layout, cover and images, because my first impression was . . . amazing. Amazing. Based on what I’ve opened only one other book gets read before this and the rest join the back queue. I was transported to a different age as I opened the cover. Have you encountered Hell Train by Christopher Fowler? The aura of that book pervades yours. I do hope that’s a compliment. I opened this package and tingled. I’m so glad you insisted on a hardcopy not an ebook. It’s effing beautiful.

Look forward to my review!