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Osgood As Gone: A Spectral Inspector Mystery (Book 1) by Cooper S Beckett

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Osgood As Gone: A Spectral Inspector Mystery (Book 1) by Cooper S Beckett

Published by Horror & Carnage Press on 22nd April 2019

356 pages

When a mysterious email turns up in Prudence Osgood’s inbox, is it a prank or will it be the start of something sinister? With the help of Zack, her partner in crime can she get back into the investigating.

Straight away I liked Prudence Osgood, she wasn’t little miss perfect and had to work for everything she accomplished. Having been injured in a car crash over 10 years ago, she was getting through the day with a mixture of alcohol and painkillers. She had a way of rubbing people up the wrong way, but underneath her cold exterior, she had a heart of gold and hated having to rely on others for help. As you read her story, you learn more about her big break up with the love of her life Audrey Frost and how it ruined both their careers. But when the case reveals information that would affect Audrey, Osgood puts the animosity behind her to involve Audrey and the longer they spend together, you can see their defences start to crumble.  Zach was the computer geek, having all the high tech gadgets, he was a whizz with search engines and knew people in the know, who could help them, although I did think he was a bit excited when he got to play with a record player.

The mystery was well plotted and even though there was a lot going on, secret messages, an aged rock band, vinyl records, missing people and mysterious messages, you can follow the plot with ease. The story is a steady pace until the last quarter of the book when you sense that Osgood is nearer to find out what is going on. The scenes are more intense and I found myself putting real life on hold to finish the story. As well as solving the mystery Osgood has quite graphic nightmares and through these, you learn just how horrific the car crash was and the closer Osgood comes to cracking the mystery, the more graphic the nightmare become.   

This book has it all, horror, a mystery, love and some laugh out loud moments usually down to Osgood’s quick wit. Finishing on a cliff-hanger, I hope I don’t have to wait long for some more of Osgood and I will be following this author closely to see when it is going to be published.

Crow’s Cottage: A Supernatural Thriller (Where the Dead Walk book 2) by John Bowen

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My turn has come on the Crow’s Cottage blog tour. The 2nd in the Where the Dead Walk series by John Bowen.

Crow’s Cottage: A Supernatural Thriller (Where the Dead Walk book 2) by John Bowen

Published 29th March 2019

343 pages

With Kate and Henry taking a step back in the production of Where the Dead Walk TV series, a new face is found to front the show.  When Ray is asked to investigate Crow’s Cottage, the whole team are on board. A mysterious figure is spotted, a missing model, a dead record producer and links to the Occult, all good ingredients to a great TV show.

Chloe was a good addition to the team, fresh-faced and not afraid to confront supernatural beings. She quickly became an integral part of the group and even with her own problems, she did not let this get in the way of the story. With Kate and Henry not in the story, it enables you to learn more about Ray and Charles and they did have a bigger part to play in this story. Charles came across more confident in this story and uses his connections with the supernatural community to help learn more about the history of the Mephisto Arcane and the group who created it. With Crow’s Cottage having so much history, a lot of the story is based around the team doing the research for the show. As you follow the team on their research you learn about the residents of the cottage. As the team find out more information, uncovering more secrets the further they look, you soon realise it is not just a simple haunting but blackmail and murder.

I enjoyed the 1st in the series, but this book was even better. The team’s research helps tell the story and you get involved in at least 2 different mysteries. There were enough twists that kept you hooked in the story and some of the events were unexpected. The blend of supernatural and mystery was evenly balanced and readers of both genres will enjoy this book.

Whilst this states it is 2 of 2, I hope there is more to come of this series in the future, either another story or spin-off stories enabling me to learn more about the crew.

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Abirami Forbes and the Magic Sapphire by Priya Hunt

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Abirami Forbes and the Magic Sapphire by Priya Hunt

Published by Matador on 3rd February 2019

273 pages

After her mom died when she was a baby, Abirami, Abi to her friends lived with her twin sister and her dad. They had a great life in England until one day it went tragically wrong. Losing the remainder of her family, her dad’s last wishes was for her to live in India and get taught at Gurukull, an ancient dance school. Not knowing anything about her Indian heritage, Abi has a lot to learn, not only does she have to learn to dance, she has to come face to face with Indian mythology.

I liked Abi straight away. Going to a different country and not knowing anything about the culture was hard for her and I could understand her hesitant to fit in. However, throughout the story, Abi’s heart of gold and friendly nature was evident. Her befriending a homeless boy at the station was one such scene. Her determination was strong, whether it was to be the best dancer or wanting to visit her mom, she always strived to do the best.

This story is magical read as you follow Abi on her journey of discovery. I loved reading about the ancient gods and creatures that Abi came into contact with and whilst I knew a small amount about Indian mythology, it has given me a thirst to learn more.

This book is perfect for any age. It is an ideal book to read to your young ones as a bedtime story with enough excitement to give them a thrill or for older children and adults to read. My only regret is that my children are too old for me to read it to them as I would have loved to see their faces when Abi came face to face with the Nagas.

I am going to keep a look out for more from this author as I want to read more of their work.

Where the Dead Walk by John Bowen

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Where the Dead Walk by John Bowen

Published 12th April 2014

386 pages

In preparation for my turn on the Crow’s Cottage blog tour. I read the 1st book in the Where the Dead walk series.

With Paranormal series being popular on cable Tv, Kate Bennett is the presenter of the popular show “Where the Dead Walk”. Kate and her crew travel all around the country showcasing “supposedly” haunted properties. With ratings sliding, they are looking for the next sensation. So, when Sebastian Dahl invites her on a tour of one of his properties she jumps at the chance. However, with ties to her unknown past, Kate doesn’t know who to trust.

Kate was the happy go lucky star in front of the camera, but her private life was full of grief. As you read this story, you learn how many family members she has lost in horrific circumstances. It was understandable why she jumped at the chance to learn more about her biological mother. Her obsessive nature did cause a split in the team.

Sebastian Dahl as we read had a hidden agenda. He was a manipulator and always got what he wanted. I could understand why Kate fell for his charms.    

Adding aspects of the supernatural enables the author to explain the unexplainable and as the house is the centre of the investigation the black magic element to the story plays a big part. Details of Kate’s past is revealed throughout the story and helps explains the link between Kate and Sebastian. To get the history of the magic, anthropologist Margaret Hawley’s story is told. With 3 different stories running at once sounds confusing but it wasn’t. They all linked together and helped explain what was going on with the house. Whilst Kate was the star of the show, I felt that Henry White and Ray Darling were the real detectives.

This book had many layers running through the story. Even though it is a paranormal thriller, it is also a story about grief and unrequited love. I enjoy reading a book that makes you want to carry on reading to find out what happened and this is one such book.

Checking the Traps (The Isabel Long Mystery Series Book 3) by Joan Livingston

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So my turn has come on the blog tour for Checking the Traps, the 3rd in the Isabel Long mystery series by Joan Livingstone

Blurb:  Isabel Long is a bit banged up from her last case with a broken collarbone and her arm in a sling. But that doesn’t stop her from pouring beer at the Rooster Bar or taking her third case with Gary Beaumont, a local drug dealer who once terrorized her. Gary is convinced his brother didn’t jump off a bridge known for suicides. Somebody pushed him.

Gary’s brother was a boozer who drove for a highway crew. But what interests Isabel and her ‘Watson’ — her 93-year-old mother who lives with her — is that the man wrote poetry.

The chief suspects are one of Gary’s business associates and a famous poet who plagiarized his brother’s poetry for an award-winning book. Yes, he was that good.

Here is my review:

Checking the Traps (The Isabel Long Mystery Series Book 3) by Joan Livingston

Published by Crooked Cat Books on 22nd March 2019

238 pages

Isabel Long ex-journalist, part-time barmaid and PI has been hired by Gary Beaumont to prove that his brother didn’t kill himself. Hampered by her arm in a sling, Isabel has to use all her reporting skills to get to the truth. As more is found out about Cary’s life the suspect list soon grows.

I liked Isabel as a character, she was happy to take on a difficult case and even with an injury she didn’t let this stand in her way to get to the truth. Whilst Isabel was the star of the show, I enjoyed reading about the other characters, with some being larger than life. Cary, a heavy drinker but a poet by heart, Gary and Larry Beaumont, drug dealers and brothers of the deceased,  Annette and Marsha, cousins who worked at a junkyard, the Old Farts, a group of men who were gossips and one source of Isabel’s investigations and the best character by far her good old mom Maria, for 93 she was up for anything and loved the thrill of the chase.

This mystery flowed smoothly with enough suspects to keep you guessing. With the deceased loving poetry, short poems are scattered throughout the story as whoever Cary came into contact with, he left a poem. There are some funny moments in the book, mainly the nicknames that Isabel and her mom call some of the residents and some of the scenes involving Marsha and Annette. Along with the mystery, you learn more about Isabel and her social life, her budding romance with Jack the owner of the bar she works, which is going ok until his ex-wife turns up.

Not having read any of this series before, I was a bit apprehensive reading the 3rd in the series, in case I could not follow the story, but I did not have to worry. Important facts from previous books were explained throughout this story and I was soon drawn into a good-natured mystery. Although I would advise anyone to read the other two books in the series first, which I am in the process of doing after picking them up.

If you are looking for a mystery to help you rewind than this is the book for you.

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Meet the author: 

Author Bio

Joan Livingston is the author of novels for adult and young readers. Checking the Traps, published by Crooked Cat Books, is the third in the mystery series featuring Isabel Long, a longtime journalist who becomes an amateur P.I. The first two are Chasing the Case and Redneck’s Revenge.

An award-winning journalist, she started as a reporter covering the hilltowns of Western Massachusetts. She was an editor, columnist, and the managing editor of The Taos News, which won numerous state and national awards during her tenure.

After eleven years in Northern New Mexico, she returned to rural Western Massachusetts, which is the setting of much of her adult fiction, including the Isabel Long mystery series.

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Twitter: http://@joanlivingston


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