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Zombie Survival Manual

October 21, 2013 - 7:37 pm No Comments

Haynes Zombie Survival Manual
Author: Sean Page
Publisher: Haynes
Page count: 128pp
Release Date: 10th Oct 2013
Reviewer: Adrian Middleton

Haynes Manuals seem to be carving out quite a niche for themselves in terms of the novelty guidebook. Their latest offering, from Sean T Page and the Ministry of Zombies is the Zombie Survival Manual, which enters an already crowded marketplace dominated by Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide.

However, the Haynes format, with its uniquely colourful and instructive style is perhaps ideally suited for this kind of product, and the care and attention taken (including a brief stay by the author in an underground bunker) shows on every page. Whether your zombie of choice is from Shaun of the Dead, The Walking Dead, World War Z or Zombieland this book seems to capture the spirit of them all.

The illustrations (which seem mostly to be of the author and his girlfriend “in costume”) are both credibly placed and amusing as, like the best of these books should always be, the manual brings a smile to the reader’s face and can be read in bite-sized chunks for comedy value or in depth as a serious genre resource, providing the kind of easy reference guide that is perfect for writers, reader and players of zombie-based games. It certainly feels like the sort of thing that, if zombies existed, would take pride of place in every survivalist’s library.

As a companion to Sean Page’s other Ministry of Zombies books it is crying out to be accompanied by the ultimate Ministry of Zombies role-playing game, and until then this book is perhaps the ultimate companion volume for the would be survivalist/hunter.

Downsides? Well, the book covers so much detail that it makes certain real-world elements feel like they are missing. I’m used to Haynes Manuals having a few photographs (which would have been a nice touch), and The Zomb-Chair, the Jordanian anti-zombie truck and Chinese anti-zombie policy all had me heading for Google where I found things I really wish had been mentioned in the book (such as Japan’s anti-zombie fortress and the 2012 Zombie Apocalypse training exercises in San Diego). Also, the friendly green cover perhaps gives away that the book isn’t as real as it pretends, favouring a grasping zombie over something more technical and nondescript. That slight detail might boost sales to the detriment of its overall suspension of disbelief.

The Omega Man

May 17, 2013 - 11:47 am No Comments

The Omega Man Returns

Ashford-born Sean T Page, author of Amazon best-sellers, The Official Zombie Handbook (UK) and War against The Walking Dead will be isolating himself from the outside world in voluntary solitary confinement in an ex-cold war bunker in the UK to recreate an Armageddon type scenario for five days from 12 May 2013 – 17 May 2013. He will be the first author of a zombie survival book in the UK to give a first-hand understanding and day-by-day account of being a gear hungry lone survivor, sealed in the bunker and totally isolated from the world.

Educated in Kent’s Norton Knatchbull School, Mr Page’s first best seller, The Official Zombie Handbook (UK) prepares survivors for a zombie apocalyptic onslaught and gives detailed survival techniques to last out the first 90-days. Mr Page will be utilising advice from his handbook in a realistic post-apocalyptic setting likened to the ‘I am Legend’ movie where a lone survivor of a viral outbreak lives out his life in a heavily fortified home. The bunker is spread across three floors of underground concrete levels and packed with Cold War equipment and even a small hospital.

His daily blog and video can be viewed on the Ministry of Zombie website, Ministry of Zombies Facebook Page and on twitter @ZombiesMinistry.

Review – Dead Good Survival Guide

July 7, 2011 - 9:35 pm No Comments

Ministry of Zombies

Author:  Sean T Page

Publisher: Severed Press

Price:  £ Various (Paperback)

Page count:  188 (large) pp

Reviewer:  Theresa Derwin

I nearly woke up dead this morning. Dreadful inconvenience, I can tell you. Which is why it was such a good job I had Sean T Page’s Ministry of Zombies to hand. I may otherwise have been really most sincerely dead. Ahem.

So, as I fought off the hordes of Zombies trying to break into my lovely corner, semi-detached, I grabbed this guide to see what advice I could glean. Took me a few enjoyable hours to read, but by Jove I did it! I’m alive. And here’s how.

This Official Zombie Handbook (UK), a far wittier read than Max Brook’s World War Z, was just the ticket a stalwart Brit like myself needed. So, after grabbing a cup of tea and a slice of cake I devoured the contents of Page’s book, earnestly hoping that I myself would remain un-devoured.