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Zombie Apocalypse: Horror Hospital

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Mark Morris
Created by Stephen Jones
June 2014

Created by prolific genre editor Stephen Jones, the Zombie Apocalypse series of books have been very popular and contain fake news reports, diaries and stories detailing the apocalypse from a number of writers. The series now continues with a number of spin off novels; this one by Mark Morris and Washington Deceased by Lisa Morton.
For Staff Nurse Cat Harris, busy preoccupied with planning her wedding, the night shift at her hospital in London starts off like any other . . .
Morris hints at a Britain rife with problems; NHS Cuts, a bad economy, armed police, night time curfews following the Trafalgar Square massacre.
Cat’s thoughts are interrupted by what appears to be a drunk woman stumbling in front of her car as she’s driving to work. But as Cat tries to speak to her, she realises the woman isn’t drunk, and she hasn’t been attacked either. There is something seriously wrong with her. She is bestial, feral almost as she lunges to attack Cat in her car.
Still shook up, Cat drives to the hospital for her shift.
The hospital is soon descended on by a variety of people; a young gang after a shoot out and a hen night organised by Lisa that’s invaded by a scary ‘holy’ man with a story of doom who bites a night clubber on the cheek.
The cover art by Joe Roberts is gloriously pulpy and oozes horror vibes, a perfect accompaniment to the content. There are also a couple of nice photographic designs in black and white to illustrate the text.
Morris doesn’t shy away from political opinions here and criticism of the lack of funding and staff for the NHS, but whether it’s just from a character POV or Morris’ own thoughts, it’s hard to tell.
Amidst the mayhem we also have Melinda, just going into labour and her husband Steve, who are heading to the hospital, where all he’ll has broken loose and Cat and the other staff are forced to restrain patients showing rabies-like symptoms.
The action is tightly paced as each chapter spans less than a thirty minute period and each chapter is headed with the time to increase the sense of tension. The virus itself is well played out with authentic medical descriptions of necrosis and the violence is visceral and bloody

Vampire Circus

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Vampire Circus Author: Mark Morris Publisher: Hammer Page count/size: 344pp Release Date: 4th Oct 2012 Reviewer: Theresa Derwin Working with Arrow Books, Hammer films have expanded on their recent ventures into films by treading water in the horror literature genre. They have started by releasing new novelisations of classic Hammer Horror films introducing some original fiction too. Vampire Circus by Mark Morris is a new, fresh and modern take on the classic film. This edition includes an introduction by film Director Robert Young. The novel starts as two young girls, Jenny and Lynn, enter Mitre House, at a time when local children are mysteriously disappearing. On the road home from school, the two girls meet creepy teacher Mrs Miller who offers one of the girls a ride home. Chris Blaine has been hired to follow Anna Miller, as her husband believed she was having an affair. Blaine is shocked to see Anna taking young Jenny to Mitre House, the local haunted and apparently abandoned building. Ten years later, his memories of searching Mitre House having evaporated, Dr Jon Kersh, friend to Nick (Anna’s widower) notices a strange illness attacking the residents of Shettle, leaving him confused, exhausted and feeling helpless. Nick begins to think that he is losing his mind, after all, he sometimes forgets his wife Anna dies, or even that he had a wife. A miasma of illness swirls around Shettle, as a barrier that stops the locals from leaving town, and outsiders entering town. At the same time, a strange circus has arrived, with calliope music in the air and a dwarf littering the local school with flyers; no-one is able to resist its lure. But what dangers lurk behind the fun veneer? Reminiscent of Funhouse by Richard Laymon, with all the circus tropes present, Vampire Circus lovingly recreates the atmosphere and scenery of the classic Hammer tales, whilst putting a new spin on it. The characters are well drawn, the tension mounts and there are some nicely gruesome bits to please traditional horror fans. Morris has written a truly enjoyable yarn that entertains on every level. This is the future of Hammer.

Halloween Comp

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