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The Immortal Muse by Mandy Jackson-Beverly

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The Immortal Muse by Mandy Jackson-Beverly

Published by Cricket Publishing on 31st March 2019

307 pages

Following on from The Devil and the Muse, the Allegiance are preparing for one final battle with Kenan. Not knowing when he will attack, they try and plan ahead. Gabriel and Coco are having issues due to Coco’s vision. To add to their problems, one of Dr Sabine Fiore’s colleagues witnessed a young girl commit suicide, watched over by a sinister stranger.

After you have read the earlier books in the series and have quite a few unanswered questions, The Immortal Muse tied up this series perfectly. As the majority of the characters are supernatural beings, they have lived a long life, so there is a lot more historical contents in the story and I loved being transported to another era. However, this does explain the reason why Kenan became so evil. The mystery of the young girl, enabled the team to investigate and even though they were busy trying to find ways to kill Kenan, it enforced the view that the Allegiance were for fighting for the good and whether the victims were immortal or mortal, they still were there for them.   

This read at a lot faster pace than the other two and I know I am strange but I enjoyed that not everything ran smoothly as it made it feel more intense. It also gives you a chance to know more about Gabriel. Whether the scenes were set in the past or in the modern world, it was well researched and descriptive, it felt that you were there. The love of art comes across as you can tell the author’s passion for this subject.

This was the final book in the series and whilst I am sorry to see it end, I thought that the ending was a perfect finish to the Creative series

The Devil and the Muse by Mandy Jackson-Beverly (book 2 in the Creative Series)

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The Devil and the Muse by Mandy Jackson-Beverly (Book2 in the Creative Series)

Published by Cricket Publishing on 12th June 2017

284 pages

The immediate threat is over and happy to live in Italy with Gabriel and her family, Coco is getting more comfortable with her gifts. But when a concerned friend and her paintings highlighted the plight of teenage girls, Coco knows that the Allegiance has got to step in. However, with the team have to split up to cover two missions, things go from bad to worse.

Due to the majority of the characters already known to us, the book seemed to flow a lot quicker and the story was fast paced. Whilst Coco still had a major role to play, the story concentrated on some of the other characters and we learn a lot more about Pelayo, an El Salvadoran vampire and Sabine, a doctor who fights for the vulnerable. Also helping the Allegiance was a vampire with a surprising background. Whilst the main mission concentrates on the missing girls, Prudence has her own mission and it gives us the chance to meet some of her ancestors and learn more about her life. Whilst we know that Kenan is behind the trouble, the story goes further to explain why he is the way his.   

Due to the nature of the subject matter, this story came across a lot darker than book 1, but this just helps enforce just what Coco and company are up against. As I mentioned it was a faster pace due to the fact there was always something going on. The art still played a big part in the story and the picturesque descriptions of the paintings enable you to imagine them as you are reading.

A good addition to this fantasy series and I am looking forward to reading The Immortal Muse which came out on 31st March 2019

A Secret Muse (The Creative Series Book 1) by Mandy Jackson-Beverly

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A Secret Muse (The Creative Series Book 1) by Mandy Jackson-Beverly

Published by Cricket Publishing on 1st February 2016

300 pages

Coco Rhodes was happy with her life, an artist and teacher, she enjoyed her freedom. Her brother Chris was a member of a secret society The Allegiance, and whilst her family and friends were members, she wanted nothing to do with them. However, when her life was put in danger, she had no choice but to accept their protection. But could that be enough to save her from Kenan, one of the evilest vampires they have come across  

I liked Coco, she was happy to be herself, she was a free spirit, lost in her art and content with her own company. Even though her best friend and her brother were part of The Allegiance, she wanted nothing to do it, which showed how headstrong she was. Even after her accident, she was still stubborn and was literally forced into having additional protection. 

I enjoyed how the supernatural overlapped with the real world, regular humans were not aware that supernatural beings lived and worked with them. Only a few people knew about the Allegiance and this kept everyone safe. Due to the society being large, they’re quite a few characters in the story, but each one is relevant to the story and when we are introduced to them, parts of their backstory is revealed. As the story continues you soon come to realise how their lives interweave with each other and how they are connected in the future. There are various supernatural beings in this story, witches, vampires, to name but a few. All have an important role in the story.

This story was well researched and as some of the characters are vampires, the story spans over a long time period. Whilst I do not know anything about art, I enjoyed reading about the supernatural involvement used to create some of the most famous paintings. The scenic views of Italy and the places visited were described in fine detail and whether it is the 15th century or the modern day you feel like you are transported there. The pace would quicken with the action, making it more intense. The fight scenes were full on, but the characters would change from fighters to lovers in a few scenes, slowing the pace making it an enjoyable read.  

This is a book for adults and whether you are looking for those tall dark and brooding men or just a good fantasy read to start a new series than this is the story for you.