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The Spider (The Under the Northern Sky series Book 2) by Leo Carew

July 1, 2019 - 5:15 am No Comments

The Spider (The Under the Northern Sky series Book 2) by Leo Carew

Published by Wildfire on 27th June 2019

512 pages

Having already read The Wolf the 1st in the series, I was already invested in the lives of Roper and Bellamus. Following on from the major battle between the Anakim and the Sutherners, Bellamus was licking his wounds and Roper the Black Lord wanted to take all of the land to protect the future of his kingdom,

As soon as I started to read The Spider, I was immediately transported back to the Black Kingdom, following Roper step by step as he was planning his attack. Throughout this story he is a man under pressure, not only he is responsible for thousands of men, but he also has a traitor in his troop who is going out of their way to ruin the Black Lord.

Bellamus is not faring much better himself and now an outcast to the Sutherners, him and his band of men are trying to do the best they can to stop the Anakim before they attack.

Whilst this is a hefty book, I was so embroiled in the story that before I knew it, I had finished it. The planning and the execution of the battles were intense and I feel as physically drained as the soldiers fighting. Whilst Roper and Bellamus are the MCs and important to the book, the secondary characters played a big role in the telling of the story and I was pleased to see that Keturah had a big part to play. She had stepped up her game and there were times that she was crucial to the scheme. The relationship between her and Roper was a lot stronger and showed how supportive she was to him.

The side story of the troubles at the haskoli was as interesting as the battles and I found the trials and teachings at the school intriguing and giving me an understanding why the Anakim were such a fearsome race. As for the traitor, whilst he is revealed in the story, I found myself wanting to tell Roper who was behind it all and as I neared the end of the book I felt like a nervous wreck as things got a lot more serious. This was how much I got into the story.

As in the Wolf, the descriptive style of the author has you easily imagine the world and the devastation that the battles have caused.  If you are looking for an epic fantasy than pick up this series.