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Into the Ashes by Lee Murray

February 23, 2019 - 9:37 am No Comments

Into the Ashes by Lee Murray

Published by Severed Press on 19th February 2019

263 pages

3rd in the series featuring Sergeant Taine Mckenna and things are getting worse on the central plateau in New Zealand. With his task force, he is responsible for evacuating any residents that have not made it out in time. Unbeknown to him, his ex-girlfriend Jules is on the hunt for a reptile, that is near extinction and a group of prisoners have been left to escape. With their lives in danger from Mother Nature, can they all survive?

Whilst this follows on from Into the Sound, it can be read as a standalone, although to get the full McKenna effect, I would read the others first.

As with the other stories, Temera, explains the Maori folklore and he is never far away with his purerehua. The bond between Temera and McKenna is still strong and whilst Temera has self-doubt, he still tries to help. 

This was my favourite so far, and whilst there were no ancient creatures to battle, it was full on as they were up against earthquakes and a volcano. Their lives were in danger from the moment they stepped onto the plateau.  At the start, the story is split into three, Mckenna is on patrol, Jules is reptile hunting and the prisoners are trying to flee from danger. The fight or flight response of the prisoners adds intensity to the story as their actions were always unexpected. It was good to see some of the other characters from previous books make an appearance and if I was Karl Pringle, I think I would find another job far away.

The ending was a surprise and I am wondering what will happen next to McKenna and Co. I hope that there will be more to this series as I am sure that there are some other creatures that McKenna has not come up against.    

Into the Mist by Lee Murray

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Into the Mist by Lee Murray

Published by Severed Press on 25th March 2018

244 pages

I think the majority of people have heard of Godzilla and King Kong. Larger than life creatures that had remained undiscovered until an expedition group came across them.  

Into the Mist is set in Te Urewera National Park, New Zealand. Gold has been found on ancient ground and the army has been tasked with the protection of the contractors. As the investigations continue, the group are in danger not just from Militant Tuhoe separatists, but something larger than life. Putting the group in danger was an ancient monster from Māori legend known as a Taniwha. Whilst everyone in the Māori community had heard of this creature, no-one had seen one.

Sergeant McKenna and his group were good at what they do, but this did not mean that they would survive this mission. They were a close knitted team who played on their strengths. Trying to protect the scientists was not an easy task and whilst Dr Jules Asher had her own personal problems of being out in the field, Dr Christian de Haas and Richard Foster would have made any man turn a gun on them, they were the most pompous pair of characters that I have read about in a while.

Just outside the National Park, Temera was having visions of the danger, an elderly gentleman known as a matakite. Although he was seen as eccentric, he was comfortable with his gift and over time understood what the visions were telling him.

The bond between McKenna and Temera was strong and showed that even though the Sergeant was up to date with modern technology, he still held on to his Māori heritage. The mixture of the modern and ancient story blended smoothly and it has got me curious about other cultures.

 This book was fast-paced, the only time it slowed was when the story concentrated on the separatists, whilst they met the creature, I felt that they did not add anything to the story. The attacks were bloody and detailed which added to the monster ferocity and you could sense just how dangerous the mission was. If you are looking for an adventure into the unknown then this is a good story to get you started and with no cliffhanger an added bonus.

Into the Sounds by Lee Murray

Into the Sounds by Lee Murray

Published by Severed Press on 9th August 2018

263 pages

After McKenna and Jules had survived the Taniwha, things had gone quiet. Now on R&R McKenna was soon bored so jumped at the chance to join Jules on a Deer culling exercise in Fjordland. But when they get together, nothing is simple with them. Not only did they battle another large creature but they had poachers and a hidden tribe to contend with.

Whilst there is a large sea creature to go up against this took a backseat as McKenna and co had bigger issues. The discovery of a hidden tribe puts everyone in danger and McKenna had put all his army training into practice to save the tribe from extinction.  It also showed Jules’ caring side as she took to protecting the tribe and the trust that was built up between them. Following the tribe, you can understand how they survived for so long without being discovered and Mckenna even with his love guns embraced their methods of killing.    

Whilst at the start of the story you were introduced to all the new characters, the story was intensified with the addition of the poachers, a group of mercenaries who were trigger happy and the final part of the book was full of action.  Like Into The Mist, the descriptive details of the scenery enabled you to imagine that you were there. I was reading the scenes with the giant sea creature pretty quick as I wanted to see whether they would survive. Adding the ancient blend to the story Temera plays apart working out his visions and trying to help McKenna in quite an unusual way.

Reading this story gets you thinking about the vastness of the world and what hidden secrets are out there.

Even though I read Into the Mist first, this story can be read as a standalone as any relevant scenes involving book 1 was mentioned. I really enjoyed this story and hope to read more about McKenna and Jules.