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The Painting of Martel by L Bachman and Put on a Happy Face by Terry M West. 2 short stories that will give you a fright

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The Painting of Martel: A Short Story by L Bachman

Published on 1st May 2017

14 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

People have always had a fascination of serial killers; some go one step further and try and own memorabilia. Damon was one of these people, after coming across a book about clown serial killer James Martel, his interest soon becomes an obsession when he finds out that Martel’s final painting is up for sale and Damon wants to own it regardless of the consequences.

With a lot of people scared of clowns, this story will play on their fears. From start to finish this book will put you on edge. The style of writing has you feel that something is about to happen but you don’t know when. Although this is a short story there is so much going on and you get to know about Martel and his victims whilst Damon is doing his research. At the start, I did feel sorry for Kenneth as Damon’s fascination was looking to be getting out of control, but the twist at the end soon gets rid of those feelings.

A short scary read which will keep thinking about the painting even after you have finished it. A must read for horror lovers


Put on a Happy Face: A Short Horror Story by Terry M West

Published by Pleasant Storm Entertainment on 9th March 2014

82 Pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Living in an old large house Susie Monroe only had her older brother Billy for company. Used to her own company, she only had the abandon toys to play with. One of her favourite items was an old record player which she played her favourite song “Put on a Happy Face”. She only saw her brother whilst he was wearing a mask, he had a different mask for every emotion. Although what secrets was Billy keeping, why didn’t their visitors eat breakfast with them and why were they in hiding.

A sweet and innocent girl Susie never asks questions of her brother. With the help of the masks worn by her brother, Susie always understood his moods and always tried to please him.

From the start of the story, you have the sense something is not right, but as the story progress, you get to know more of their story. There is something creepy about people wearing masks and Terry M West captures this with his writing.  The apprehensiveness I felt whilst reading this made it a quick read as I wanted to know more about this unusual family. If you have a spare ½ hour for a scare than get this book and put on a happy face.

2 short stories to read: Human Ouija by L Bachman and Shock of Night by P Mattern

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Human Ouija by L Bachman

Published 14th February 2016

28 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


I was lucky to win this book from the author.
We meet Oscar grieving at his wife’s grave. Although it had been 6 months the grief is still raw. On one particular visit he meets a woman and out of curiosity starts up a conversation. It turns out that she is part of a small gypsy family. After getting invited to visit her family, he finds out that all the women are psychic, which piques his interest in the supernatural.
The way this book is written, you really feel for Oscar and can understand why he seeks ways of contacting his deceased wife. From the moment he meets the gypsies, you know something is going happen, but don’t know when. This style of writing makes this book hard to put down and because this is a short story you can read this in one sitting.
One thing I do know is that I have never used a Ouija board and after reading this book I still won’t be using one.


Shock of Night by P Mattern

Published 17th August 2015 by Booktrope Editions

37 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


Meet Hallie, her permanent residence is a mental asylum, where she has been since she admitted that she saw things. She has one friend in there called Josh who sees the same things and she makes a connection with him. One of the treatments she received was electroshock, which she had every week. After one treatment she woke up in a forest, where she met Zander and finds out that she is a jumper. I’m not going to say any more as I do not want spoil this read for you. This book is well written and you are drawn into Hallie’s life as soon as you start reading. It flows really well and before you know it, it’s finished. Even though this is a short book there are still twist to the story and OMG the ending, I never saw that coming. If you have a spare ½ hour and am looking for a good story then read this book