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Ecta: The Divide by Kyle Perkins and Samantha Harrington

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Ecta: The Divide by Kyle Perkins and Samantha Harrington

Published 17th February 2016

150 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

28936857Skywaard is in crisis, a civilisation living in the sky, they rely on technology to survive, but with a growing population and a lack of food, they realise that they need to start negotiating with Ariviil. Ariviil is the complete opposite to Skywaard. Living off the land, with no technology insight. The residents of Ariviil have worked hard to survive.

Leading the negotiations for Skywaard is Sebastian, sent to Ariviil for his charm and good looks, Sebastian likes nothing more than a good time and excels in his life of booze and a different woman on his arm.

Landing on Ariviil, not knowing the customs, Sebastian comes across Loriella who is an outcast to her people due to her magical ability. She has a gift of willing people to see what they desire and it has a stronger effect through sex. When she meets Sebastian, there is an instant attraction and against her better judgement she helps him.

Sebastian is very sure of himself and is a man who likes his sex, but when things don’t go his way, he reminds me of a lost little boy. Loriella is a self-confident, no nonsense woman, happy to live her life, but when she meets Sebastian she starts having doubts and although she tries to hide it her magic gives her away.

A great mash-up of genres, steampunk, erotica, fantasy, this story is a good introduction to what is to come. Although this book is written by 2 different authors, you could not tell, as the story flows evenly. Written from the protagonists POV, it never once got confusing as straightaway you could tell who’s story it was. With the story ending with the threat of war, I am so looking forward to the next book.

Bait, Brutes, and Bullets: Tales from New Biloxi by Kyle Perkins and Lila Vale

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Bait, Brutes, and Bullets: Tales from New Biloxi by Kyle Perkins and Lila Vale

Published 7th May 2016

196 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies



Set in a futuristic America, Biloxi is a domed city separated from the swamps by a tunnel with automatic guns. There is a lot pf prejudice between the residents of Biloxi (bubble people) and the swamp folk (swampies). Due to the tunnel and only way through is by using a chip visiting each other is rare.  

Harvey the owner of the a once popular casino has troubles of his own, new casino owners are moving into his patch and are starting a turf war. One night he comes across a new drug called gator bait and thinks that selling this on his premises will help him win the turf war, so he decides to go to the swamp to find the source.

Turning up to a swamp party in flash gear just enforces the swamp folk’s prejudice and there are some funny moments when he is trying to evade a fight by hiding in the swamp water in a white suit. A young lad rescues him and drops him off at a house for refuge.

In steps Norra a feisty young swamp woman who to make ends meet is making and distributing Gator Bait. She is leading a risky life as a group of enforcers called the Brute are trying to find the supplier so they can profit heavily from the selling of this drug. As soon as Harvey lands on her porch there is a connection and what starts out as a bit of flirting soon becomes more serious. Even when he knows that she is the manufacturer of the drug, and wants to keep their relationship business like, their feelings get the better of both of them. 

Written in their POV this book is a great story. Both characters had troubled backgrounds and their relationship had to break down a lot of barriers to survive, but this made it more believable. The way the other characters were written felt that they were to big happy families each look out for each other.

There was a shock moment when I thought the story was going in a direction I didn’t want it too, but the writing of that scene was great and I understood the reasoning for it. 

Whilst reading this book I personally could not tell that it was written by two authors as the story flowed perfectly. I would love to read more about the townspeople of Biloxi and see if they ever did get to Mars

A great read