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A Darkening of Magic (Chosen Saga 0.5) by JL Clayton

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A Darkening of Magic (Chosen Saga 0.5) by JL Clayton

Published 29th August 2016

63 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


If you have read any of the Chosen Saga, then you have heard of the name Crispin. If not, then this is a good introduction to the character and to find out why he became so evil and fixated on Charlie.

After Crispin was born his father banished his mom from ever seeing him again. Jump on 5 years and we find an adorable lonely child using his magic to play with building blocks, but that was not what his evil father wanted. Over the next 20 years he trained him to becoming like him and how by killing everyone near to him.

Crispin is the character that we all love to hate but after reading this I did feel sorry for him, for the life he had and I can now understand why he turned out like he is.

This is a great quick read, which you can pick up and read if you have a spare 30 minutes. It is great to see the author writing with a more mature reader in mind. You will even find a sex scene in there which adds to the intense of Crispin’s behaviour. You will not find this in any of the first 3 books. I can’t wait to see if she writes a short story for each of the characters and am looking forward to book 4. Although I can understand why Crispin does what he does I am still #TeamJace.

A Path of Ashes (The Path of Ashes Book 1) by Brian Parker

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A Path of Ashes (The Path of Ashes Book 1) by Brian Parker

Published by Muddy Boots Press (29th May 2015)

326 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies



The majority of the Dystopian books I have read start after the event, but this story was about the event its self.

The book starts off 150 years after the event with a grandad telling his grandchildren the story about their ancestor Aeric and how he survived the nuclear war.

Aeric an 18 yr old, was at college miles from his over-bearing parents when the riots began. his roommate Tyler had moved to Austin, hoping there would be more understanding over his sexuality. After the riots started they both knew that they needed to get out of Austin and check on Aeric’s parents. So they both embark on a long tiring journey all the way realising that they need to survive whatever the cost.

At the start of this story Aeric was a timid guy, who had never had to look after himself, Tyler was laid back. By the end they had become hardened and more mature. The way the author wrote this book you felt that you were going on the journey with Aeric and Tyler and you were willing them to survive. Throughout their journey, they both had to do things that they were not comfortable with, but if your life was in danger then you do what you need to do. Like all dystopian stories there are good and evil people in the world, but Justin the leader of the Vultures was one on his own. To do to the world what he had done just to get revenge on someone who ruined his career was unbelievable. Even though Aeric and Tyler were hardening up on their travels they still showed compassion to people, and them rescuing a young child showed this.

Yes, there are some graphic scenes in this book, but this is life, this made the story. Full of action, it kept me awake as I wouldn’t put it down, I wanted to finish this book. A great read and now I want to read book 2      

Tales from the Lake Volume 3 edited by Monique Snyman

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Tales from the Lake Volume 3: Edited by Monique Snyman

Published by Crystal Lake Publishing on 26th August 2016

244 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Tales from The Lake Vol.3

I am going to start off with a confession, I have not read any of the other Tales from the Lake. So what is this book about. It’s a book that holds 19 of the most weird and amazing stories that you will ever read. It caters for all types, ranging from ancient monsters, ghost and even stories that have a sci-fi element. After reading this book you will definitely find a story or stories that you loved. Each story had its own individuality and I loved them all.

So not to spoil your enjoyment of the book, I am just going to write a one-line sentence on each story:

The Owl Builder by D Morgan Ballmer: What a twist at the end

Tragedy Park by Chris Pearce: That is one water park that I would not want to go to, creepy does not give this story credit

Enclosures by Sumiko Saulson: Reginald Henry Moore III a very conscientious body squatter

Woe, Violent and Water by Lily Childs: A short story that ranged from ancient to modern times, Enid was one evil woman.

The Cruel by Harper Hall by Harper Hall: This story gave me goose bumps; I could just imagine being in the school with that noise.

Red Scream with Little Smile by Paul Edmonds: When you start this story it seems pretty normal then the author hits you, is it a happy town at the end.

Maybelle by Mere Joyce: Ancient portals and an origami bird, a great short story that had so much contents.

Rodent in the Red Room by Matt Hayward: This story about an ancient monster, this story wants me to read more about Ben and would love a series.

The Deeper I Go the Deeper I Fear Natalie Carrol: A story about a brave boy and a Kelpie, put you off swimming in the lake.

The Pigmallion Pig: by Mark Allan Gunnells:  Joe is fixated on a children’s book but does not expect what where his fixation takes him.

Chemical Oasis by Tommy B Smith: An intense story about a highly addictive drug and the team sent to bring it down

Hush by Sergio Pereira:  Set in the surroundings of a derelict hospital, this story is not what you expect, and your introduction to the Dutch witches.

The Reaper’s Fire by Kenneth W Cain: This author draws you in to feeling sorry for Dana, but humans can be monsters or is she a very naïve girl

Effigy by Kate Jonez: Not what I expected from a job offer, don’t accept packages from strangers.

Scents of Fear by Steve Jenner: Kept me on the edge of my seat turning the pages quicker and quicker to find out if he got his target.

A Hand from the Depths by Dave De Burgh: Manolo gets abducted, but what was the reason for the abduction.

The Bet by Amy Grech: When a hazing goes wrong, great story.

The Monster of Biscayne Bay by Roxanne Dent: An ancient Indian monster Ishtikini, Lilly and what happened in 1955.

The Song at the Edge of the Unfinished Road by Jack Bates: As you read this story you presume this is about 2 senile men, but the further you get into it, you know something is not right.

I had not read any other stories written by these authors but the way they all wrote, has left me want to read more from each of them.  As these are all short stories, you have the choice either to read the book cover to cover or if you have a spare 10 minutes then pick up this book and read a story. Another great publication from Crystal Lake.      

Hellspawn Odyssey by Ricky Fleet

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Hellspawn Odyssey by Ricky Fleet

Published by Optimus Maximus Publishing on 19th April 2016

263 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Hellspawn Odyssey by [Fleet, Ricky] 

Following on from Hellspawn, Kurt and his family are still trying to get to the army base for protection. At the start of the book we get introduced to two new characters, and Ricky addresses a topic not openly discussed here in the UK-domestic violence on a male. Pete is a lovely guy that has one messed up girlfriend Debbie and I personally would have fed her to the zombies straight away. Throughout this book we get introduced to new characters and you can see cracks appear in the group.  There is more action in this book and with the added twists involving humans and zombies, Kurt and co really have their work cut out trying to survive. There is a moment in the book that left me with tears in my eyes as the scene was such a shock and so well written, but I understand why it needed to be done

All the characters have developed since Hellspawn as for them to survive they needed to harden up and although Kurt is stronger, he is doing it for the family he loves. There are scenes in this book that will make you laugh, cry and even shout out to warn the characters.  A great book that kept the suspense going right to the very end. The action started from page 1 and was so well written I finished reading it really quickly and I cannot wait for the 3rd book in the series. If you love zombies get the Hellspawn series

Thou Shalt Not edited by Alex Davis

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Thou Shalt Not edited by Alex Davis

Published by Scarier 51 (Tickety Boo Press) on 1st April 2016

151 pages

Reviewed By Yvonne Davies



We have all grown up with the Ten Commandments, but this book puts a spin on each of the commandments. Each story is about one of the ten commandments, and the ten authors who wrote the stories all have their own style and take on the commandments. This book was a quick read and it was great to read so many different authors, and I will be looking out for any more of their work. If you like horror, or stories with a twist than this is a book for you. You will find a story you will like and if like me you will have your favourites. I have decided to review my favourite 2

Dionysus by Jeff Gardiner. He took the commandment; Thou shalt not have no God before me and put his own twist on the story. If you have teenagers than you know how fixated they can get with a Rock or Pop star. The author uses this as the basis of his story. It follows 2 characters Ben and Emma whose idol is Dionysus a Rock star who everyone falls in love with. As you read this story, you get drawn in to how their lives revolve round the star and the ending was a totally surprise

My other favourite was:  The Dummies’ Guide to Serial Killing by Danuta Reah, who wrote about Thou Shalt not Kill. The story was about a young man who wanted to become a serial killer. He stumbles across a chat room where he could discuss his passion. I loved the way that the story was based around the chat room and concentrated on one main conversation between the young man and another chat room user and you are following him whilst he is planning his first murder, but there is an unexpected ending.