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Without a Trace by Carissa Ann Lynch

April 13, 2019 - 4:10 pm No Comments

Without a Trace by Carissa Ann Lynch

Published by Killer Reads on 5th April 2019

200 pages

A woman fleeing domestic violence, a missing child but there is no record of her existence. Is Lilly real? Ellie is called in to investigate and the more she does the more questions she has.

Ellie: The police officer called in to investigate the missing child. As the only woman on the force, she had a lot to prove, but finding the missing child was her main priority. She was focused and once she had an idea, she acted on it whatever the consequences.

Nova: Fleeing domestic violence, she takes Lily her daughter and goes into hiding.

Clara: The landlady of Nova’s rented property. After her daughter moved out, she lives there where her memories and secret that she wants to remain hidden.

With dedicated chapters for Ellie, Nova and Clara, it enables you to follow the case from each of their POV and learn more about their backstory. Each chapter was well labelled so there was no confusion which character you were reading about. The topic of domestic violence was written with sensitivity and through Nova, you got to learn what she went through on a day to day basis. As Ellie was investigating Lily and with no evidence to prove there was a child. Her determination to solve the case was strong and even when she had nagging doubts, she still remained focused.

This story was well plotted and due to its fast-pace, I read it in a day in between real life. With the mystery of Lily, I kept changing my mind whether the child was real, which made me read quicker. This story had plenty of twists and everything is explained in detail and it all comes together at the end. Without giving anything away, I did have to google one part of the plot as I was not aware of this happening in the UK so I was interested in reading about it.

This is another good thriller written by this author and it would be interesting if we had more cases involving Ellie.