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A Heart in the Right Place by Heide Goody and Iain Grant

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A Heart in the Right Place by Heide Goody and Iain Grant

Published by Pigeon Park Press on 30th November 2018

228 pages

As soon as the blog tour was announced for this book, I knew that I had to be part of it. One thing I love about these authors is that I will always get a laugh reading their work.

Nick always thinks he is the failure out of the 2 sons. Planning a special trip for his terminally ill father, he orders a special gift for his dad’s birthday. Finn is a killer for hire, paid to do the dirty work for corporate bodies, she has been paid to get a heart. When their paths cross, what follows is a comedy of errors.

Nick and his dad Tony were 2 great characters. Nick a Generation Y, was not practical, thought outside the box and things tended to go wrong, Tony was the complete opposite, a typical dad, hardworking and practical. At the start of the book, their relationship was disjointed as Nick was trying too hard, but as disaster, after disaster followed, they started to get closer. Some of my favourite scenes happened when their lives were in danger and they were discussing films and survival techniques.

The description of Finn as the terminator was spot on, a no-nonsense woman who got the job done regardless of how bloody it got and who had a fascination of cataloguing the people she met.

Throughout the book, everyday items were put to unusual uses and I never knew how versatile Duct tape was. The imagination of the authors is incredible and I always wonder where they get their ideas from. Who else would come up with Finn abseiling down using intestines attached to the man she just killed. 

This book had it all, action, horror and comedy all rolled into one fast-paced thriller. Whilst the story is bloody and gory, you don’t notice, as you are giggling about the situation that caused the mess. This was a quick loveable read and if it was not for real life I would have read it in one sitting. Whilst this is a standalone story, I would love to see Nick and Tony tackle other chaotic adventures.

Starblood (The Starblood Series Book 1) by Carmilla Voiez

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Early this month for LGBTQ+ Month in Horror Ginger Nuts of Horror ran an interview with Carmilla Voiez.

Here is my review of Starblood

Starblood (The Starblood Series Book 1) by Carmilla Voiez

Published by Vamptasy Publishing 11th December 2018

273 pages

Steve or Satori to his friends loved magic. Having split up with his girlfriend Sarah (Star) all he could think off was getting her back. Using his research, he calls upon a demon to give him extra power to get Sarah back. However, in steps Lilith succubus, serpent, temptress of Eve, first wife of Adam, dark mother.

Satori was infatuated with Star to the point that it was an obsession. He was overconfident with his powers which made him come across as arrogant and cocky. Star was the complete opposite, everyone wanted to mother.

With a handful of characters, you get to know about each in depth. Raven likes to be in charge, the leader of the little group. Freya after a tragic loss gravitates to the group and Donna best friend of Star wanted more than friendship. Their friendship was strong which helped them cope with the prejudice of some people due to their Goth lifestyle. 

As soon as Satori casts the spell, you are drawn into a tale of love and betrayal. Whilst the love between Satori and Star used to be there and you sense how desperate Satori is. However, when Star was with Lilith you sensed that their love was real. It was sensuous with a hint of danger. However, I got the impression that Lilith was playing with Star’s emotions as a cat plays with its prey.

Scenes were described in detail and I enjoyed reading about the night outs which were very similar to my clubbing days. The kill scenes were graphic and showed just how brutal a woman’s scorn can be, whether it was out of protection or a jealous outburst. The sex scenes added intensity to the story as, as a reader, you had the facts at hand and knew that both Satori and Star would be angry when they found out what the other had been up to   

Whilst this story did not finish on a cliffhanger, I am curious to know what happens next. With its mixture of horror and romance, this will please dark readers.    

Into the Mist by Lee Murray

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Into the Mist by Lee Murray

Published by Severed Press on 25th March 2018

244 pages

I think the majority of people have heard of Godzilla and King Kong. Larger than life creatures that had remained undiscovered until an expedition group came across them.  

Into the Mist is set in Te Urewera National Park, New Zealand. Gold has been found on ancient ground and the army has been tasked with the protection of the contractors. As the investigations continue, the group are in danger not just from Militant Tuhoe separatists, but something larger than life. Putting the group in danger was an ancient monster from Māori legend known as a Taniwha. Whilst everyone in the Māori community had heard of this creature, no-one had seen one.

Sergeant McKenna and his group were good at what they do, but this did not mean that they would survive this mission. They were a close knitted team who played on their strengths. Trying to protect the scientists was not an easy task and whilst Dr Jules Asher had her own personal problems of being out in the field, Dr Christian de Haas and Richard Foster would have made any man turn a gun on them, they were the most pompous pair of characters that I have read about in a while.

Just outside the National Park, Temera was having visions of the danger, an elderly gentleman known as a matakite. Although he was seen as eccentric, he was comfortable with his gift and over time understood what the visions were telling him.

The bond between McKenna and Temera was strong and showed that even though the Sergeant was up to date with modern technology, he still held on to his Māori heritage. The mixture of the modern and ancient story blended smoothly and it has got me curious about other cultures.

 This book was fast-paced, the only time it slowed was when the story concentrated on the separatists, whilst they met the creature, I felt that they did not add anything to the story. The attacks were bloody and detailed which added to the monster ferocity and you could sense just how dangerous the mission was. If you are looking for an adventure into the unknown then this is a good story to get you started and with no cliffhanger an added bonus.

Into the Sounds by Lee Murray

Into the Sounds by Lee Murray

Published by Severed Press on 9th August 2018

263 pages

After McKenna and Jules had survived the Taniwha, things had gone quiet. Now on R&R McKenna was soon bored so jumped at the chance to join Jules on a Deer culling exercise in Fjordland. But when they get together, nothing is simple with them. Not only did they battle another large creature but they had poachers and a hidden tribe to contend with.

Whilst there is a large sea creature to go up against this took a backseat as McKenna and co had bigger issues. The discovery of a hidden tribe puts everyone in danger and McKenna had put all his army training into practice to save the tribe from extinction.  It also showed Jules’ caring side as she took to protecting the tribe and the trust that was built up between them. Following the tribe, you can understand how they survived for so long without being discovered and Mckenna even with his love guns embraced their methods of killing.    

Whilst at the start of the story you were introduced to all the new characters, the story was intensified with the addition of the poachers, a group of mercenaries who were trigger happy and the final part of the book was full of action.  Like Into The Mist, the descriptive details of the scenery enabled you to imagine that you were there. I was reading the scenes with the giant sea creature pretty quick as I wanted to see whether they would survive. Adding the ancient blend to the story Temera plays apart working out his visions and trying to help McKenna in quite an unusual way.

Reading this story gets you thinking about the vastness of the world and what hidden secrets are out there.

Even though I read Into the Mist first, this story can be read as a standalone as any relevant scenes involving book 1 was mentioned. I really enjoyed this story and hope to read more about McKenna and Jules.

Watcher (The Watcher Series Book1) by Sian B Claven

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Watcher (The Watcher Series Book1) by Sian B Claven

Published 15th September 2018

256 pages

A Watcher is a recorder of supernatural events, not able to intervene their diary was a word of caution to others.  A diary featuring 6 incidents has been found, as a reader will I heed the warning and not read it. Of cause not, here is my review of the book.

Family Motel was my favourite story, a downtrodden motel and a family who just wanted a bed for the night. The other stories were Forest Fury, Mother’s Den, Warning Sign, Circus Clown and Mermaid’s Song. Between each story, was the watcher’s own reasons behind the story and at times explained what had happened to the survivors.   

Each story had a different level of horror which will please readers that don’t like it too graphic. With each story, the author had a way of drawing you in, the descriptive details of even the minor scenes had you wanting to know what happened next. This enabled me to read this book pretty quick. As this was a new author to me, it was a good introduction to her work. I hope there is more from the Watcher in the near future.

Sinister Horror Company Annual

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Sinister Horror Company Annual

Published by Sinister Horror Company on 31st October 2018

104 pages

As a little girl, I would always look forward to Christmas Day, not just for the presents but for the annual I would get every year. It was a book that had hours of enjoyment and I would re-read it throughout the year. The older I got I soon outgrew the annuals and I can’t remember the last time I read one. However, this year I was like a kid at Christmas when Sinister Horror announced that they were going to publish an annual for horror lovers.

When I bought it, I eagerly opened it to see what fun was insideand I wasn’t disappointed. There was the usual dot to dot, crossword, word search and even a picture to colour, allwith the horror theme and what annual would not have a comic strip running throughout the book. One unique touch was the Lego, each picture depicted different Lego characters acting out the covers of books published by Sinister Horror.  

There were also contributions from Daniel Marc Chant, Tracey Fahey, Kit Power, Tim Clayton,  Andrew Freudenberg, Mark Cassell, Kayleigh Marie Edwards, Duncan P Bradshaw, Chris Kelso and JR Park. All these authors either wrote a short story or an article and each piece was great reading.

For this review, I am going to pick out a few.

Cernunnos by Daniel Marc Chant: A pile of ash in a shoe, an ancient stag skull on the desk and DI Lydia Brooks was on the case. This story is a mystery and as you read this story you find out more about the skull’s history. I would like to read this as a longer story as I did not want it to end.

The Girl who kissed the dead by Tracey Fahey: The main protagonist main job was a mortician beautician, but she was also a tattooist and beautician. As you read this story,you get to find out the reason behind her choice of jobs and I just wanted to give her a big hug. As you finish the story you find out how she tries to help others who suffered by the hand of others. Sucha beautiful story.

The Incredible Case of Marie Dunsten by JR Park: 4 days after her boyfriend was murdered, Marie is found without a memory of the event, Detective Lamb is on the case. As you read this story, you soon realise that the Detective is out of his depth. He suspected that Marie had something to do with it but could not prove it. With more and more bodies brutally killed,the story intensifies in the final quarter as Lamb chases down his suspect.However, it is not till the end of the book do you find out who/what is behind it.

 One thing I noticed with this annual, was the quality of the finished product, with its glossy cover and thick paper, it was a pleasure to hold it and I had not even started to read it.This annual will give you hours of fun and I know I will revisit these stories again. I hope that this will be a yearly event as I want to look forward to anew one every year. A must have for all horror lovers.