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Made for the Dark: Tales of the Supernatural and Paranormal by Greg James

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Made for the Dark: Tales of the Supernatural and Paranormal by Greg James

Published by GJA Publications on 21st May 2017

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Made for the Dark is a collection of 20 short stories that will take you on journeys that you could not imagine.

There was not a story that I did not enjoy, however for this review I am going to mention the ones I enjoyed the most.

The Curse of Amen-Ra: A story about a recluse who is about end his life and his involvement and fascination with Amen-Ra. In most stories about Egyptian mummies, the curse is usually awoken by opening the tomb, however this story uses an intriguing method of waking up the mummy. With the story concentrating on the aftermaths of the awaken, and using nautical history makes this a fascinating read.

Zombies by Moonlight: Vera is on the way to her parent’s home and soon regrets taking a shortcut. Although a short story this is full of action. Reading it you get the thrill of the chase and whilst Vera soon realises that she is being pursued by zombies, they are not what she should be scared of. The twist at the end made this story more than your regular zombie story.

The Writhing: The majority of historical castles have a chequered past, but Angrisla Castle past was more experimental than invasions. Elly and Barry grew up watching old monster movies so when Elly heard about the castle’s history she knew she had to visit. As the story progressed you knew something was going to happen, but whilst I expected some creature to jump out I did not envisage the method that was used and the relationship between Barry and Elly was explained in detail.

The Bus Shelter: A story about a passenger as he has to deliver a package. From the start of this story you can feel the despair. The pollution and the disrepair of the surroundings makes this an unbearable place. Whilst I was reading this I felt that the man on the bus wanted to escape this world but the journey was making it impossible. An interesting read.

Whilst I have read a number of books written by Greg James, I have never read any of short stories. The details he put into them where as much as he would a novel. His descriptive writing brought out a number of emotions whilst reading them. Each story left me wanting more and I know I will revisit this book again. Whatever horror you love, whether it is zombies, ancient Egyptians or things that only your peripheral vision can see than you will sure to find a story you will love. A great collection of short stories

The Eyes of the Dead: (The Vetala Cycle Book 1) by Greg James

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The Eyes of the Dead:  (The Vetala Cycle Book 1) by Greg James

Published by Manderghast Press on 17th December 2013

174 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies



Set in WW1, it follows the journey of Private Wilson who is serving in Belgium. Earlier in the war Wilson was involved in a fire but having no memory of the incident, carries on doing his duty and fighting the Germans. Joining up with a new garrison, their orders were to take Black wood.   Brookes a very young soldier gets injured so its left up to Sargent Smithy and Private Wilson to try and save him and take Black Wood. Over time Private Wilson memories slowly come back and what a shock when he finally remembered what had happened.

This book combined the horror of vampires, rats and the factual horror of war, I don’t know what would be more scarier, meeting the large rats or crawling through the trenches whilst you are dodging bullets. The description of the war was quite a graphic and although I have never been one for reading about WWI, I really enjoyed this book. Everywhere Wilson went trouble followed and I kept wondering when he was going to break. Whilst reading it you could imagine yourself being there with him, the sight that he saw especially when the rats began to eat. I especially enjoyed reading the scenes set in the field hospital, because I think that is when you started to understand exactly what he had gone through and more of his supressed memories were starting to resurface.

My first book from this author and I have already downloaded book 2 in this series