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Crow’s Cottage: A Supernatural Thriller (Where the Dead Walk book 2) by John Bowen

April 7, 2019 - 9:48 am 1 Comment

My turn has come on the Crow’s Cottage blog tour. The 2nd in the Where the Dead Walk series by John Bowen.

Crow’s Cottage: A Supernatural Thriller (Where the Dead Walk book 2) by John Bowen

Published 29th March 2019

343 pages

With Kate and Henry taking a step back in the production of Where the Dead Walk TV series, a new face is found to front the show.  When Ray is asked to investigate Crow’s Cottage, the whole team are on board. A mysterious figure is spotted, a missing model, a dead record producer and links to the Occult, all good ingredients to a great TV show.

Chloe was a good addition to the team, fresh-faced and not afraid to confront supernatural beings. She quickly became an integral part of the group and even with her own problems, she did not let this get in the way of the story. With Kate and Henry not in the story, it enables you to learn more about Ray and Charles and they did have a bigger part to play in this story. Charles came across more confident in this story and uses his connections with the supernatural community to help learn more about the history of the Mephisto Arcane and the group who created it. With Crow’s Cottage having so much history, a lot of the story is based around the team doing the research for the show. As you follow the team on their research you learn about the residents of the cottage. As the team find out more information, uncovering more secrets the further they look, you soon realise it is not just a simple haunting but blackmail and murder.

I enjoyed the 1st in the series, but this book was even better. The team’s research helps tell the story and you get involved in at least 2 different mysteries. There were enough twists that kept you hooked in the story and some of the events were unexpected. The blend of supernatural and mystery was evenly balanced and readers of both genres will enjoy this book.

Whilst this states it is 2 of 2, I hope there is more to come of this series in the future, either another story or spin-off stories enabling me to learn more about the crew.

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Where the Dead Walk by John Bowen

April 6, 2019 - 1:57 pm No Comments

Where the Dead Walk by John Bowen

Published 12th April 2014

386 pages

In preparation for my turn on the Crow’s Cottage blog tour. I read the 1st book in the Where the Dead walk series.

With Paranormal series being popular on cable Tv, Kate Bennett is the presenter of the popular show “Where the Dead Walk”. Kate and her crew travel all around the country showcasing “supposedly” haunted properties. With ratings sliding, they are looking for the next sensation. So, when Sebastian Dahl invites her on a tour of one of his properties she jumps at the chance. However, with ties to her unknown past, Kate doesn’t know who to trust.

Kate was the happy go lucky star in front of the camera, but her private life was full of grief. As you read this story, you learn how many family members she has lost in horrific circumstances. It was understandable why she jumped at the chance to learn more about her biological mother. Her obsessive nature did cause a split in the team.

Sebastian Dahl as we read had a hidden agenda. He was a manipulator and always got what he wanted. I could understand why Kate fell for his charms.    

Adding aspects of the supernatural enables the author to explain the unexplainable and as the house is the centre of the investigation the black magic element to the story plays a big part. Details of Kate’s past is revealed throughout the story and helps explains the link between Kate and Sebastian. To get the history of the magic, anthropologist Margaret Hawley’s story is told. With 3 different stories running at once sounds confusing but it wasn’t. They all linked together and helped explain what was going on with the house. Whilst Kate was the star of the show, I felt that Henry White and Ray Darling were the real detectives.

This book had many layers running through the story. Even though it is a paranormal thriller, it is also a story about grief and unrequited love. I enjoy reading a book that makes you want to carry on reading to find out what happened and this is one such book.

Sitting Murder: A Baffling Victorian Whodunit (A Lancashire Detective Mystery) by AJ Wright

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Sitting Murder: A Baffling Victorian Whodunit (A Lancashire Detective Mystery) by AJ Wright

Published by Endeavour Quill on 1st March 2018

282 pages

Whilst I have not read any of the other books in the series, I did not have to worry as it worked as a standalone.

Detective Sergeant Brennan had been asked to investigate who was behind a death threat sent to a young widow. What made her special was since her husband died, she had been communicating with the dead.

This was an enjoyable read which I read fairly quickly. Brennan being a Catholic was very sceptical about the paranormal link. However, after there was a murder, he put his own beliefs aside. Whilst there were quite a few characters, it was easy to keep track of what was going on. As more information was found out, not only did Brennan’s suspect list begin to grow, so did mine.  

The atmospheric description has you feeling that you are there, walking down the foggy street, looking for a murderer. As this is historical fiction, the case has to be solved by good old fashion police work and as lately I have read mainly modern stories. It was a refreshing change to read. There were plenty of twists and red herrings to keep me guessing and the unmasking of the murderer was unexpected. A good relaxing read.

Rosamund: A Psychic Surveys Companion Novel (Book 3) by Shani Struthers

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Rosamund: A Psychic Surveys Companion Novel (Book 3) by Shani Struthers

Published by Storyland Press/Authors Reach on 17th January 2019

168 pages

If you have read any books in the Psychic Surveys series, then you will already know Ruby Davis, but who did she inherit her powers from. Documental evidence has come to light, written by Rosamund, an ancestor of Ruby explaining her powers.

Growing up without her mom, Rosamund spent all her time in their stately home Mears House. Having no contact with the outside world, Rosamund now 16 spent all her time reading and drawing. When she did see her dad, all he asked was “What do you see?”.  

Reading this story from Rosamund’s POV, conveyed just how lonely she was, her only contact was the maid Josie and she was torn between wanting to be friends and her place in the house. However, when she went to London with all the new sights and smells she was like another person. Her acquaintance with Constance showed her what she had been missing when it came to female companionship. However, things take a turn for the worse and as her dad shows her his real reason behind his obsession, she finds a friend in the most unlikely place and slowly she understands her abilities.

This was a well-researched book and from chapter one, you are transported into the Edwardian era. Some of my favourite scenes where Rosamund’s trips to London as you saw Rosamund blossom whilst you were reading. Whilst you are aware that this is a ghost story, it was done subtly and as you are reading, there are no clues that Rosumund is talking to a ghost. This gives it a believable feel as Rosamund was unaware of her gifts. This was a quick read and as the story builds into a life or death situation, you get the feeling that all is lost.

Whilst this is part of the psychic surveys series, this is a standalone and is a good introduction to the author’s work.        

Mothlight by Adam Scovell

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Mothlight by Adam Scovell

Published by Influx Press 7th February 2019

115 pages

Thomas’ visits to Phyllis and her sister with his grandparents, made such an impression that it shaped his career path. Phyllis Ewans was a well-known researcher in Lepidoptera, in layman’s terms moths. Years on and befriending Phyllis again until she died, he starts to piece together clues to her life.

From when Thomas was a little boy, he had an obsession with Phyllis, from the 1st meeting he was fascinated with the moths displayed on the wall. As the story continues and Thomas rekindles his friendship with Phyllis, his obsession with her life takes over his.

As you follow him on his journey, you are taken on a mystery that spans decades. Reading this from Thomas POV, you soon realise just how close their friendship was and whilst Thomas learnt everything he needed to know about moths, he didn’t know Phyllis.  The descriptive writing, makes even the minutest detail come alive, whether it is the moths on the wall or the walks that Phyllis and Thomas go on to capture them. The addition of the photos makes the story feel more haunting

As you read this story, the visions and the appearance of moths at unusual times, have you wondering whether he is being haunted by Phyllis or if his obsession has just got out of control. This is not just a story about obsession but a story about a young man overcoming his grief. This is the 1st story that I have read by this author and I will look out for other works.