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Competition – Sarah Pinborough Behind her Eyes

January 12, 2017 - 6:59 pm No Comments

Awesomeness – Harper Collins have offered a copy of Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough to you, Terror Tree readers!


Since her husband walked out, Louise has made her son her world, supporting them both with her part-time job. But all that changes when she meets…


Young, successful and charming – Louise cannot believe a man like him would look at her twice let alone be attracted to her. But that all comes to a grinding halt when she meets his wife…


Beautiful, elegant and sweet – Louise’s new friend seems perfect in every way. As she becomes obsessed by this flawless couple, entangled in the intricate web of their marriage, they each, in turn, reach out to her.

But only when she gets to know them both does she begin to see the cracks… Is David really is the man she thought she knew and is Adele as vulnerable as she appears?
Just what terrible secrets are they both hiding and how far will they go to keep them?

To be in with a chance to win this hugely anticipated mystery/thrill book by the very talented Sarah Pinborough here’s what you do:

1) Like our Facebook Page

2) Share this post with the Amazon Links to the book on Facebook or Twitter then notify us on our Facebook Page under the competition post.

Andromeda One Parking & Programme

September 16, 2013 - 1:23 pm No Comments

Andromeda One logo

Hi All

It’s less than a week until our one day SFF/Horror con running til late at the Custard Factory Birmingham. And if you haven’t booked your ticket, don’t worry, you can book a ticket on the door on the day.

Take a look at the Programme, almost finalised, our wonderful guests and the parking details you may need.

How to Find Us Custard Factory & Parking

Andromeda One Draft Programme

Join us for a day of fun, frolics and er, fiction!

Don’t forget you get a goody bag with a free book on registration

Andromeda One Free Books

August 2, 2013 - 8:11 pm No Comments

Andromeda One logo


New offer for next ten people to book tickets for our Andromeda One Convention. Free PS Hardback book to the buyers of the next 10 tickets sold.

We’ll be announcing some panel items this weekend.

Jay Posey Three Competition

July 31, 2013 - 10:23 am No Comments

Three Blog Tour Banner

I asked Jay Posey, author of post apocalyptic novel Three, the following question: There is a plethora of post-apocalyptic fiction at the moment, but how do you think the world will end and will you do to survive?

JP: I have to admit I don’t think I’m smart enough to accurately predict what the actual End of the World will be like. But I tend to think that whatever The End is, it won’t come as a result of any one particular event, but will instead be the culmination of many different events.
We humans will probably be our own undoing in some form or fashion. Whether through the use of some catastrophically destructive weapons of war, an accidental unleashing of a biological agent, or some other something (“I ate what now?”), I suspect our technology will have a hand in The End. I also expect that the human propensity for over-reaction and panic will probably be a significant contributing factor. But I don’t think that humans alone will be the ultimate cause.
When it comes, if I’m around, I think the best hope I’ll have to survive will start with building a resilient community. For all the stories out there about lone survivors, in reality people need people. So forming a community where everyone has a diverse set of skills and each is willing to help support the other is a big step in the right direction. And I think the biggest key to achieving that community comes down to trust, which is why it’s just plain good policy to be a good neighbor. COMMUNITY SERVICE PLUG: Every time you engage your own local community in some positive way, you’re building trust capital with those people that very well might come in handy once The End is upon us all. Help your neighbors!
Another piece is making sure I’ve got a plan in place. And not just one plan, but multiple plans that account for a number of different scenarios. There’s a saying that the biggest problem with most emergency plans is that they forget the emergency. It’s hard to keep in mind that those roads you’re counting on using, or that fuel you’re expecting to have, or those phone calls you’re planning to make, any one or all of those things might be gone. A retired Green Beret once taught me a handy planning tool; the PACE acronym.
PACE stands for Primary, Alternate, Contingency, Emergency, and it’s a great tool to help you make a resilient plan. Your Primary plan is the one you want to use, and Alternate is what you go to if your expected conditions change. Contingency is for if (when) something goes wrong, and Emergency covers what to do if everything goes wrong. Of course when The End comes, I’ll probably be tempted to skip straight to Emergency, but knowing my options ahead of time is always a good thing.
And finally, and maybe most importantly, it’s probably worthwhile for me to go ahead and live my life now in such a way that if The End comes upon me suddenly, I’m alright with what I leave behind. Living generously, regularly showing your family how much you love them, and generally doing what you can to make your community a better place for everyone are all great ways to be prepared.
But really, people have been predicting the end of the world pretty much since it began, and somehow we’re all still here, maybe despite the odds. For as much strife and drama we humans create, it’s still amazing to me how much we’re able to surprise ourselves in challenging times. In every major catastrophe, there always seems to be a precious few that run towards the calamity instead of away from it, those who willingly face their own destruction in the hopes that they might rescue or preserve another. It doesn’t seem to take that many to inspire the rest of us to greater things; just three or five percent maybe. As long as that heroic remnant of people remains among us, I think we’ve got a better shot at making it than even I usually give us credit for.

Now it’s competition time:
The deadline is the end of Jay Posey’s virtual tour so it is 12th August

Those great peeps at Angry Robot are going to give away 2 copies on Jay’s book Three and don’t forget they’re signed! I’m sure Jay would have no problem dedicating them, if required.

Each stop on this Blog Tour of Three by Jay Posey has a unique question. Be sure to enter your answers into the giveaway by dropping by My Shelf Confessions
and enter your answers in the rafflecopter widget! You can answer as many or as few as you like as each answered question gets you an extra entry!

Here’s the questions for my stop: Question #13 – What kind of boots is the man wearing in the chapter 1 excerpt of Three?”

To read the extract click below
Here is the link for the extract on ISSUU, with embed link:

Good luck and let me know if you win!

Books for Good

March 25, 2013 - 12:32 pm No Comments

I bring you a message from genre publishers Dark Regions Press

Dear customers,
I wanted to tell you about our sale starting this Tuesday. It’s our first “Sale For Good” – every book sold is a book donated to a school, library or military base. We will be donating many of these books to libraries/schools/military bases in the Southern Oregon area, but will have a full list on the website with the initiation of the sale. Customers are invited to choose the destination of their donations.

Every in-stock item will be discounted up to 90% off retail price.

We’ll be offering the new DRP Book sets, including 10x deluxe hardcover sets, 20x trade paperbacks and even every single book we have in stock. These sets will be available when the sale begins on Tuesday. Take a look at our new book sets on the product page located here:

We’re also going to be selling our laminated dust jackets that have some fantastic horror, fantasy and science fiction artwork for just $5 a dust jacket and will also be selling damaged books for the first time as well.

Our goal is to donate 1,000 books or more. This will also enable DRP to pursue some exciting new projects planned for later this year.

We hope you join us on Tuesday, March 26th for the Sale For Good. I’m excited to say we’re also going to be hosting a local event here in Ashland, Oregon on April 5th with the same concept (each book sold is a book donated). If you happen to live in Oregon or near the California border stop by and get a cookie, some coffee and a book or two.

DRP is open to requests for other forms of payment and shipping, so don’t feel constrained by what’s offered on the website if you would prefer to pay via check or money order, for example. Just contact us under the “Help” menu and let us know your request.

Of course, any help in promoting the sale, such as tweeting, Facebooking or blogging is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, and hope to see you at this Tuesday!