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Embittered Communication by Paul B Morris

February 1, 2019 - 8:57 pm No Comments

Embittered Communication by Paul B Morris

Published by Pretty Tattered Soul on 20th October 2018

44 pages.

This is a first for me, I will come clean I have not read a lot of poetry. However, when I was asked to review Embittered Communication, wanting to expand my reading I readily agreed.

Whilst this book only has 44 pages it is jammed packed with plenty of poems. As you are reading these poems, you are taken on a dark emotional journey, featuring topics that affect the majority of people.

Some of my favourites from this collection are: Disconnected, a poem about a cry for help. This poem made me think about how many people put on a brave face to get through the day. Passenger, without giving any of this poem away, this is the perspective from the passenger in a vehicle.

H.Y.P.E.R-A.C.T.I.V.E, An acrostic poem, using each letter in the word hyperactive, this poem explains what it is like to have this condition.

Hey Maggie, This was my favourite poem. A very dark and twisted poem about the fascination with a girl called Maggie.

 As I was reading these poems my admiration for this poet grew. Writing a story, an author has pages to draw you in and tell the story. A poet has to do this over a handful of paragraphs. The book has converted me to dark poetry and I will look out for more from this poet.