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The Handmaid’s Tale- Yes it is Science Fiction

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The Running Game

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The Running Game by LE Fitzpatrick

Published by Creativia; 2 edition (1 Jun. 2016)
200 pages
Reviewer: Yvonne Davies


Charlie and John are brothers who are men for hire. At one time they were top of their game, but since Charlie’s accident which resulted in his wife getting murdered and his daughter kidnapped, they have not had much work. So when they are offered a simple job of gaining information on a woman called Rachel, they jump at the chance, not realising what trouble they are getting themselves into.
Rachel is a doctor living a regular life in S’aven, just outside London. What she has kept a secret even from her cop boyfriend is that she is a Reacher. Due to their mind control powers Reachers are wanted by everyone government and criminals alike. One important advice she got off her dad was check the exits and always be ready to run.
Once the brothers realise she is one of them, they soon go out of their way to protect her whilst getting the money owed to them.
Added to this a low life called James Roxton or Roxy to his friends, who whilst looking for the man who injured his mom, joins up again with his old friends, but has he got his own agenda?
This is a solid start to the reacher series, and as each character has their own individual traits, you will easily find one to suit you. John the strong, silent brooding type, Charlie the broken man and Rachel a strong-willed woman, all determined to survive. But who will you choose?
From the moment you start this book you know that you are in for an adventure. There is a 2nd book coming out soon in this series and I for one cannot wait.
This book is for dystopian, thriller and paranormal lovers.


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Drone by Jackson Dean Chase
Published on 10th April 2015
Publisher: Jackson Dean Chase Inc
Page count: 202 page.

I was given this book in exchange for a honest review.
As soon as you start reading this book you are transported into a dystopian world. Vikka, a teenage girl is a Drone ( lower class). The drones are bred to work for the elite in their factories, wearing drab clothing, struggling to find enough food and always worrying about the oxygen wither by being able to pay for it in their apartments or by wearing a tank whilst out and about.
To get extra money Drones are able to sell limbs or organs to the elite. Vikka’s mom had to do this her dad lost his legs due to a bomb planted by the revolution.
At the start of the story Vikka is on her way to sell her organs to get some money to pay their oxygen bill, but travelling in the worse area of the city gets her in to trouble. Enter elite boy Zan who father is the leader of the government who just happened to be cruising round this area for fun. He sees Vikka in trouble and comes to the rescue.
After rescuing her he takes her to a clinic in the posher end of town to donate her organs, but unbeknown to both of them she ends up involved in a secret genetic experiment to turn her into a super human.
The decision she makes results in her joining up with the most unlikely characters to get to the bottom of the trouble.
The city reminds me of the colony in Total Recall, and although both stories have the revolution that is were the comparison stops. This is a story about love, betrayal and survival. The character’s have their own identity and Vikka is your typical teenage and at times you are wondering why she did not think through her actions,but you can feel that she has a heart of gold and wants to protect her family and friends. Whilst you are reading this book you will have your favourite one of the group.
The book will keep you interested and I was surprised when I finished this book so quickly. It does finish on a cliffhanger but there is a book 2.
A nice finish is that there is also a short story entitled Hard times in Dronetown, which tells the story of Rylee who has a small part in Drone