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The Grindhouse: Diablo Snuff 2 by Carver Pike

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The Grindhouse: Diablo Snuff 2 by Carver Pike
Published by Erotic Mayberry Publishing on 5th December 2017
318 pages

Tobias aka TK Tantrum is a horror author. Having a fascination for Melvin Morose, he had always wanted to write a book at the infamous writers retreat at The Grand Georgina. So when his best friend and PA bought him a ticket for the event he was so excited, all he wanted to do was to write his best seller. However, when the history of the house overlaps with real life, it becomes a matter of life and death.
Tobias is a character that you instantly like. As an author all he wanted to do was write his greatest work ever and he was achieving it. When hell broke loose at the hotel, he was torn between running and saving the others, but knew that he had little chance.
Not having read any of this author’s work I did not what to expect, but wow. This book has everything for horror lovers. From the opening scene it grabs you and for me I got my introduction to Diablo Snuff. The horror is full on and whilst it is graphic throughout, I felt it was more intense with the introduction of Tobias’ visions. The character Charlie Red reminded me of the bogeyman, something to scare you children by and if you read this alone in the dark, you could imagine the THUD THUD THUD of his footsteps walking down the hall. The scenes about the slaves were haunting and you could see how hopeless their situation was. The descriptive details that the author put into this work was extensive and you could close your eyes and still imagine you see the pictures on the walls.
This story took you on a rollercoaster of emotions whether you are screaming at Tobias to run, grimacing at machetes as they fly through the air or reading pure erotica, you are in for one hell of a story. The action believe it or not intensified even further from around 80% and I found that I could not put the story down as I needed to know if they survived. I have purchased book 1 so I can carry on with the journey and I cant wait for The Maddening .

Crack by DE McCluskey

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My turn on the blog tour and I was excited and intrigued to read this book.

Crack by DE McCluskey
Published by Dammaged Productions on 1st June 2018
374 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Joe O’Hara was a normal family guy. Working the night shift as a security guard, all he wanted to do was to provide for his family. That was until he was involved on a fatal accident with a biker, then all he wanted to was to feed his addiction.
As you are reading this story, you are following Joe as he struggles to come to terms with the accident. Unable to sleep and the images playing through his mind, most people would go and see a counsellor and talk through his issues , Joe has an usual way of revolving his issues.
This is a dark read, and there is tension throughout. As you are reading this story, you feel that you are there, watching Joe getting his fix and it had a similar feel to when you drive past an accident and instinctively you have to look what happened. “Crack”, that was your warning and you knew what was coming. There are not many books that make me grimace when I am reading it but this is one of them.
The involvement of Detective Paula Ashton and her fiancé Officer Ian Locke makes this story more feel real, as you follow them whilst they are preparing to get married. There were times where I had to stop and compose myself as I could not believe where this story was going. This book has its own addiction as you want to see if Joe is linked to the events.
I have read Twelve by this author and this is nothing like it. This is savage, it will shock you and you will be gripped. A psychological horror that when you hear the noise “Crack”, you will think of this book.

Psycho Circus: A Collection of Horror by TS Woolard

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Psycho Circus: A Collection of Horror by TS Woolard
Published by Azoth Khem Publishing on 9th October 2017
169 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

One thing I enjoy with reading short stories is the wide variety of tales. Whilst I have not read any of this author’s works before, I was looking forward to reading this book as I had heard good things and I was not disappointed. With 13 dark short stories and 6 poems each one was completely different. With various length stories involving clowns, zombies, serial killers angels, demons and many more, you will sure find a story you love.
Whilst I am not a big poetry fan , I did enjoy reading them. They were dark with a melancholy feel to them. They were systematically placed between the stories giving the book a smooth flow to your read.
As for the short stories it was hard to pick some of my favourites to write this review.
Kizzy’s Danse, follows Bret ex prisoner on his mission for forgiveness and revenge. Through this story, I felt sorry for Bret, whilst what he was planning was wrong, you could understand why he felt the need for revenge and the ending was so sad. This was one emotional read.
The First Cut, follows Ken and his fears of a house invasion. All I can say was I never saw the twists coming and Ken had a very unusual fetish.
The Toll, a story about what to expect when you die. Full of action and whilst graphic had some comedy moments in thanks to St Peter
Giving, follows five people throughout their lives. As you read this story their lives are all interlinked ad goes to show how one action has a domino effect in all their lives.

This is a book that you can pick up and read either straight through or if you have a spare 10 minutes just to read one. The stories are a good length and each story had me gripped. A lot of the stories were intense and some of the scenes where so emotionally charged that I had to pause before I carried onto the next story. I admire any author that can write a short story as you have limited words to tell the story and this author has definitely got the knack. This is a good collection and if you like your horror on the dark side than get this book.

Twist Me: A Dark Romance Anthology -12 short stories

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Twist Me: A Dark Romance Anthology by Elizabeth Cash, P Mattern, Destiny Hawkins, Reagan Hollow, Erin Lee, Carissa Ann Lynch, Virginia Johnson, Ermery LeeAnn, Alana Melos, Erin Trejo, Ellie Midwood and Yolanda Olson

Published on 15th August 2017

247 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

So, a lot of people know I am not keen on a regular romance story. However; when 12 female authors known for dark storytelling get together and write an anthology all in the aid of ASPCA (For us UK readers it’s a US charity American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) I knew it was a must have.

For this review, I going to pick my favourites

Taking You Home by Elizabeth Cash: Marlow has an addiction, and it involves his toys and the female bodies. Marlow has deprived himself of his addiction and this story shows just what he does to get his fix. Meeting Aubrey he gets his fix and finds a whole new high. Whilst I knew Marlow was going to get what he wanted, I could never imagine what Marlow was going to do and the ending was apt to the book cover.

The Man in the Dark by Destiny Hawkins: Arissa and Lyla were on and off lovers, Arissa was unable to make a commitment due to the man in the dark. Whilst I was reading this story I actually felt sorry for Arissa and did doubt myself of the reality of the man in the dark. A psychological story that has an ending you don’t see coming.

Blind Capture by Virginia Johnson: What starts off to be a bad day for Naomi soon gets a lot worse, but she does not know this when she meets her mystery man off the internet. What’s begins as an innocent story about a love and lust turns into something darker. A grown woman playing with “dolls” and what she does to acquire them. I loved the way Naomi went from a timid person to a fighter. One thing I could not decide whilst reading this story was who was the monster. I would love to read more about Naomi and her search.

Loves me Not by Carissa Ann Lynch: After a nasty cycling accident Sam was helped by Jack, a seller of potions. As Sam and her boyfriend Zander were having problems she wanted a love potion but did it have the right effect. The double twist at the end made this story and was it wrong that I laughed at Jack’s confession.

Wildfire by Yolanda Olson: Jess and Judge are on a road trip escaping the law, but where do they end up. This couple reminded me of Bonny and Clyde, and whilst there were both couples on the run, that is where the comparison end. This is a dark story that keeps you guessing where they are going and as you progress through the story, you get to understand how dangerous this couple is.

If you like dark horror or romance than this is the anthology for you. The intensity of the stories made this a quick read and a book that kept me gripped from the start.

Whispered Echoes by Paul F Olson

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Whispered Echoes by Paul F Olson

Published by Crystal Lake Publishing on 23rd June 2017

275 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Having only read Indie authors for just over a year I had not had the pleasure of reading any of the author’s work. However, when I was offered the chance to read a collection of his dark horror stories in one book and being a lover of short stories, how could I say no.

Before I even got to the stories I found the introduction by Paul F Olson fascinating, how he explained the history behind the creation of some of the stories and the lengths he had go to, to get these stories to the format we all know. It shows my age as I remember floppy discs.

For this review, I am going to pick a couple of my favourites, but with 11 short stories and a novella I was spoilt for a choice.

Homecoming:  Beckett was having a relaxing drink in a rundown bar, when he noticed a teenager having a drink, having a son the same age, he thought he may be in trouble. Having offered to take him home, he did not expect what he found. This story lulls you into a false sense of security however the further you read the creepier is gets. Whilst you know something is not right, you don’t expect the ending, then it hits you.

The More Things Change: Elvin lives in a town that nothing stays the same, it gets more surreal over time. The animals talk, the sky is green at the moment but can change every day structures change shape and texture and my favourite; bears riding Harleys, this is only a few things that are affecting this town and whilst at the start the residents find it quite fun, over time, the cracks start to appear and they are looking for someone to blame. Written from Elvin’s POV, this story is showing an apocalyptic at its funniest and whilst it is humorous, there was a serious side showing the mob culture, when they want changes.

Faith and Henry Gustafson:  Henry Gustafson gets a call in the dead of night about a murder at a disused summer camp, but when he gets there he is in for a surprise. This story reminded me a lot of those slasher movies set in the woods. This story was full of suspense and not knowing what to expect made it a really quick read.

Bloodybones: Amy loves life, an action junkie, who lives in a lighthouse. This story follows her on a regular journey home and the aftermath of that fatal Saturday afternoon. This story is intense from the start, starting with the race against the storm, you can feel Amy’s concerns and fears. The story then changes to her boyfriend’s POV we follow each step of his investigation. Reading from his POV makes the story more harrowing as you can feel his loss and when Amy’s sister comes to visit, you get the feeling that he thinks he is losing his mind. The more they investigate Amy, the more sinister the story gets, as they come across a creature called Bloodybones, who reminds me of Slenderman, created by adults to scare their children. A great story with a dramatic ending

This a great selection of short stories that will have looking over your shoulder whilst you read it. Now I have read Paul F Olson’s work I will look out for more