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The Grindhouse: Diablo Snuff 2 by Carver Pike

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The Grindhouse: Diablo Snuff 2 by Carver Pike
Published by Erotic Mayberry Publishing on 5th December 2017
318 pages

Tobias aka TK Tantrum is a horror author. Having a fascination for Melvin Morose, he had always wanted to write a book at the infamous writers retreat at The Grand Georgina. So when his best friend and PA bought him a ticket for the event he was so excited, all he wanted to do was to write his best seller. However, when the history of the house overlaps with real life, it becomes a matter of life and death.
Tobias is a character that you instantly like. As an author all he wanted to do was write his greatest work ever and he was achieving it. When hell broke loose at the hotel, he was torn between running and saving the others, but knew that he had little chance.
Not having read any of this author’s work I did not what to expect, but wow. This book has everything for horror lovers. From the opening scene it grabs you and for me I got my introduction to Diablo Snuff. The horror is full on and whilst it is graphic throughout, I felt it was more intense with the introduction of Tobias’ visions. The character Charlie Red reminded me of the bogeyman, something to scare you children by and if you read this alone in the dark, you could imagine the THUD THUD THUD of his footsteps walking down the hall. The scenes about the slaves were haunting and you could see how hopeless their situation was. The descriptive details that the author put into this work was extensive and you could close your eyes and still imagine you see the pictures on the walls.
This story took you on a rollercoaster of emotions whether you are screaming at Tobias to run, grimacing at machetes as they fly through the air or reading pure erotica, you are in for one hell of a story. The action believe it or not intensified even further from around 80% and I found that I could not put the story down as I needed to know if they survived. I have purchased book 1 so I can carry on with the journey and I cant wait for The Maddening .

Tommy’s Girl Part 2 by Laura Morgan

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Tommy’s Girl Part 2 by Laura Morgan
Published 16th May 2018
152 pages
Reviewed Yvonne Davies

Tommy is back and twice as mad. Jump forward 3 months and Piper is happy, a new boyfriend and leading actress in her latest film, but has she escaped Tommy or is he waiting for revenge. The break from Piper had not helped Tommy’s dark moods and with his old PA Miles a man after his own heart they found new ways to get their thrills.
Having read part 1 I easily slipped back into Piper’s and Tommy’s story. This story was darker as Tommy had really fell to pieces over his loss of Piper and through his story, you find out how he acted out his plan. Whilst the story still alternated between the Piper and Tommy, the addition of new characters Eddie and Sergeant Fuller, showed how serious Piper’s plight was. You get to know both sides of the story and the impact that Tommy’s action had. The serial killer element to the story was forgotten as soon as Piper and Tommy’s story got serious. Piper was still a strong female character and even when there was not much hope, she still had a small spark of defiance. Reading her side of the story just showed what a impact Tommy had on her. As mentioned, this is a dark story and sensitive readers need to avoid it, but if you like you stories dark then pick this book up, but you do need to read part 1 first.

Tommy’s Girl by Laura Morgan

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Tommy’s Girl by Laura Morgan
Published 4th May 2018
153 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Piper Grace wants to make it big in Hollywood, having a supporting role in the upcoming film Wayward. She hopes this will be the film that launches her into stardom. Tommy Darke is the lead actor. A method actor who throws himself wholly into a role. Fascinated with Piper, he reveals the side of him that the public don’t see. But can Piper handle his dark side.
Piper is portrayed as a strong woman but as her relationship with Tommy intensifies, her vulnerable side begins to show and she starts to question her choices. Learning about her past relationships, you do wander why she stayed. Tommy was a complexed character, and could switch his mood in a flash. Having to put on a fake persona in the public eye must have been trying for him and as his character became darker I was waiting for him to loose it completely.
Throughout the 1st part of the book I could not understand where the “crime” and “serial killer” tags came into the book, but as the story progressed I was not disappointed. The author keeps you guessing what Tommy will do next, whilst he internet viewing gives us hints about what he likes to do, it is his inner thoughts that are the most worrying. This story is not for readers who are easily shocked as some scenes are explicit. This was a quick read as there was not much room for pause as I was always waiting for Tommy to make his next move, whether it was in the bedroom or in the public eye Tommy was always wanting to get his own way. As this is the 1st book in this series I am sure that it will get darker as the cliff-hanger left Tommy pretty angry. Roll on part 2 out on the 22nd May