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Chrysalis by Maria Macdonald

June 10, 2017 - 7:42 am No Comments

Chrysalis: The Emergence of Emery by Maria Macdonald

Published by Feather Dreams Press on 3rd June 2017

Pages 346

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Bought up in foster care, Emery always felt that the world was against her, bullied at school, ignored it life, Emery just wanted to be invisible and survive day to day. Little did she know what she was getting into when she fought back after a late-night attack. Whilst zapping her attackers she ends up meeting mystery man and trusting her instincts goes with him for safety. Taking her to a safe house, she knew that she had finally found her family an odd ball of people all after one thing to fight and survive the dark. As she learns her new powers, she realises that she has a huge part to plan in the ongoing battles. Slowly learning to trust, she meets a Kade, a friend of Elijah who rocks her world but is this a blessing or are they both in danger.

Emery was a lonely girl and even after she met Elijah and the others, it took her awhile to adjust to people liking her for who she was. As she learnt her powers and with the help of Kade, she became more confident and learnt to stand up for herself. Elijah was sweet and protective and the more you find out about his relationship with Emery, the more you understand why he is how he is. Kade is very stubborn, even when he was fighting his feeling and others you knew he was strong.

With everything that is going on in Emery’s life, everyone having different levels and powers you would think it would be hard book to follow, but with the detail explanations throughout, it made it an easy story to read. There is action from start to finish and with magic involved made it a page turner. Just like a caterpillar that uses a Chrysalis to turn into a beautiful butterfly, Emery does the same. Reading other reviews, I am surprised that this is the author’s first book in the Paranormal genre. The story flowed fluently and will captivate you from page one.  Ending on a slight cliff hanger, this is a well written book and I hope it is not long till I can read more about Emery, Kade and Elijah.