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Absolution (The Twelve Kingdoms Book 2) by Bree Pierce

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Absolution (The Twelve Kingdoms Book 2) by Bree Pierce
Published 11th January 2018
135 Pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

At the end of book 1 Anastacia and Prince Dejen had their happy ever after. Prince Keto was back to business with Bartholomew in tow and King Neso was keeping the peace between the 12 kingdoms and ready to make a big decision that could affect a lot of people.
The second book revolves around Keto and Bartholomew. Being the eldest son Keto as Provincial General of the realm already had a lot of responsibility. Talking Bartholomew under his wing, Keto was tasked with riding Bartholomew of his anger and turning him in to the man that he used to be. Knowing what Bartholomew has done, makes him an easy character to despise but the more you read, the more you will come to like him. The change of his character shows just how patient Keto was.
Having read book 1 it was good to see how other characters had moved on. My favourite character Theta had a major role to play in book 2 and I enjoyed learning more about her. Due to the story mainly set in Cantilla, you get to know more about this land and its ruler King Ambrose. As magic plays a big part to this story it has more of a fantasy feel to this read. The scenes in The Dark Forest in Mimas had a sense of dread, as dark magic was present.
The attention to detail of the characters and the lands help make this story flow steadily and I found it a quick read. A great continuation of this series and yet again no cliff-hanger.

Dueling Kings (The Twelve Kingdoms Book 1) by Bree Pierce

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Dueling Kings (The Twelve Kingdoms Book 1) by Bree Pierce
Published on 1st November 2016
154 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies
Have 12 kings ruling 12 kingdoms could get messy but the annual peace treaty held in Oselma helps keep things peaceful. However, when 2 kings see something that took their fancy. Neso knew that peace could soon end all due to a woman.
Anastacia was a woman of mystery, not many knew her secret. Living in Oselma, she was used to staying in the shadows. What drew the two kings to her was her unusual hair and eye colouring. As you get further into the book, you really get to know Anastacia, whilst she is caring and humble, she has a stubborn streak to her. When she went to Tyberia, she felt free for the first time in ages. The two kings were complete opposites, whilst King Dejen was loving and a great Ruler, King Carlos ruled his kingdom with a rod.
Each of the minor character’s stories were told in detail and one of my favourite characters was Theta, a maid at the castle. I loved her feistiness and could see that she was a true friend to Anastacia
As there are 12 kingdoms, the author took time in describing each one, and it was interesting to see how different each land was whether it was the inhabitants or the weather climate. Anastacia’s back story explaining her secret and the magical element added depth to the story. The pace picked up as more people found out her secret and you had a sense that something bad was going to happen. Whilst there is a touch of romance, this does not detract from the action. The tension builds in the second half of the book and you will want to carry on reading to find out what happens. A complete story so you do not have to worry about a cliff-hanger.
I am interested to see where the author will go with this series as I would like to learn more about the other kingdoms. A good start to this series

Natural Born Predators and House of Wax: 2 short vampire stories by Bree Pierce

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Natural Born Predators by Bree Pierce

Published 20th September 2016

51 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


This short story is a remake of Beauty and the Beast. Frey, (the beast) is a God who has a gift of controlling the weather, but losing the love of his life turned him into a depressing scary beast. Bell (Beauty) is a vampire hunter. She meets Frey when she rescues her father who went to his castle to ask for help with the growing population of vampires. The instance they meet Frey is a changed man and the story of how Beauty tamed the Beast is told.

I enjoyed this reading this story and because it is a short story it is a quick read. Bell was a strong girl and although young was very mature for her age. She did not realise the hold that she had over Frey as she had only used to her beauty to lure vampires out to kill. I enjoyed how she reacted when Frey gave her some new weapons and it reminding me of a child on Christmas Day, she proved herself whilst battling the vampires and stood up to the chauvinistic hunters that protected the village.

Frey is portrayed as a ferocious beast but when he meets Bell, acts more like a lost little boy. Although he knows she is protecting her village he does not want her to put her life in danger and the little gifts he gives are not just to show his love but to also protect her.

The is a great short story and would love to read more about Bell as she would sure to have many more adventures


House of Wax by Bree Pierce

Published 12th April 2016

48 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


When vampires try taking over a small village, they are dispatched in a very creative way. Jump forward 100 years and they have escaped, it is left to Odin Blacksaint the original hero’s great grandson to save the day.

Odin did not believe in myths and folklore and did not even know how to fight, but what I did enjoy is how even with all the doubt he still stepped up to try and save the village learning about his ancestors in the process.

Maelstrom was your typical evil vampire who wanted to seek revenge. Surprisingly my favourite character in the book was Naiad a young nun who was turned by Maelstrom. She showed kindness from the start and stood up to evil. The ending has left it open for another book and I would love to read more about Naiad.