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Blackwater: Vol. Three: (Book 3 in the Blackwater Trilogy) by TWM Ashford

September 26, 2018 - 7:11 pm No Comments

Blackwater: Vol. Three: (Book 3 in the Blackwater Trilogy) by TWM Ashford
Published by White Inc on 21st September 2018
251 pages

Book 2 finished with the Old God released to cause havoc on Blackwater and Hunter falling down a pit. With the fate of Blackwater in his hands can Hunter survive the fall.
Starting 7 days after the ending of book 2, I was yet again transported in the dystopian city of Blackwater. With Blackwater being destroyed, and Army unable to help, Hunter had an impossible task. Fighting all those battles really took its toll, and throughout this book Hunter had moments of self-doubt and was physically exhausted. He felt more human and vulnerable and realised he survived on pure look. The only thing that got him through was his best friends Liandra and Abdul, still helping fight the world. But even they needed help from an unlikely source.
This trilogy got better and better with each book. Reading this story had me on the edge of me seat, as I was waiting for something to happen and was always expecting an attack. The detailed writing helped picture just how desolate Blackwater was. Some of my favourite scenes were where Hunter was walking round some of the older building like the gothic orphanage. These scenes were intensified with the creepiness of the encroaching shadows and strange flora that was attached to the buildings and the confrontation with the members of the Old Gods inner circle. The Old God’s army was pure Lovecraftian, with the constant chanting and the creatures from another dimension, making the whole mission a feel of failure. There are some shock moments that you will not see coming and I did have to stop myself gasping out loud.
The ending tied up this trilogy nicely and I know when I got to the end, that there will be no more Blackwater to read. However, having enjoyed all this author’s other work, I am looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next.