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Beautiful Ugly: And Other Weirdness by Thomas S Flowers

March 25, 2018 - 1:47 pm No Comments

Beautiful Ugly: And Other Weirdness by Thomas S Flowers
Published by Shadow Work Publishing on 23rd January 2018
237 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

One thing Thomas S Flowers does well is to write a good short story. So when this book was released I knew that I needed to buy it. 11 stories in total, each one completely different, although each one has an element of the real world whether it is someone not happy in their own body, a terminal ill character or just an overpopulation of cats.
Some of my favourites are mentioned below.
Ultrasound: A couple use In vitro fertilization to get pregnant but what has she been impregnated with. This is a good opening story, starting out as a regular story and you feel as if you are going through Deborah’s pregnancy. Hints are throughout and you know something is going to happen but true to this author, it is not what you expect.
Massacre at Foree Farm: Peter had served his country and had come back home after his last tour of Iraq. This had a Hammer feel to it, you know the scenes where the simple village folk chase after the monster with their pitch forks and torches. Whilst not a lot is known how Peter got this condition, I did feel sorry for him. Some great graphic scenes.
Gone: Danny Jarvis loves the stars and whilst he was watching them, this was his escapism from his family life. When Danny went out that fatal night, his reasoning was a typical 8 years old thoughts. This is a sad story and I would love for the story to carry on.
The Abigail: Set in space the UA Odysseus comes upon the UCT Abigail a drift, the only thing alerting them to trouble is the distress beacon. But what has happened to the crew. There was an element of suspense throughout this story and as I was reading this I had a feeling of dread. Whilst there is a horror element, it is written as something you see in your peripheral vision, you know something is there but you cannot make out what it is. I loved the ending.
I cannot leave this review without mentioning the cover, this is probably one of the most weirdest covers I have ever seen and is perfect for this book. When you read one of the stories it is spot on, but I will not tell you which one.
A great horror read and for lovers of short stories this is one book you need.