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The Pale Ones by Bartholomew Bennett

April 23, 2019 - 8:24 am 1 Comment

My turn has come on The Pale Ones blog tour, written by a new to me author Bartholomew Bennett. Here are my thoughts…….

The Pale Ones by Bartholomew Bennett

Published by Inkandescent on 17th October 2018

98 pages

One thing my daughter and I love doing together is going around charity shops, “rescuing” abandoned books. To buy a book that you have been looking for ages, opening it up, reading the dedication in the book, wondering why they gave it away. A train ticket falls out, Where had the previous owner travelled to? When did they read the book?   

As I was reading this story, I did feel sorry for the protagonist. I had a sense he led a lonely life and his only enjoyment was finding his next fortune. Written in 1st person POV, you follow the protagonist as he tries and makes a living selling secondhand books.  On one of his bargain hunts, he runs into Harris, a book dealer with a secret, who takes him on one of his buying trips around Yorkshire. Harris was a strange character, was he a supernatural or was he just eccentric. There were unanswered questions, but it made me fill in the gaps and make my own opinion on Harris. The journey round Yorkshire has you wondering what Harris is out to achieve.     

Even after the journey, his life was not a happy one, trying to rebuild his life after another tragic event hits him. The characters they meet on their journey, are the type you would bump into in your regular life and I can guarantee that you could walk into any charity shop in the country and bump into one the ladies serving you.

Whilst there are no graphic scenes, there is that hunch that something is going to happen, it’s the feeling that there is a presence in the shadows just loitering in your peripheral vision.

This is a book that I will re-read as I am sure that If I read it again, I will come up with completely different views on Harris and his reasons behind collecting unforgotten books. I am sure that other readers will come up with their own ideas of what the pale ones are. This will be a good book to read in a book club so everyone could share their own opinions.    

Bartholomew Bennett was born in Leicester to an American father and English mother. Since childhood he has been a dedicated reader of all manner of books, but especially tales of the “horror”. He has a First Class Honours degree in Literature from the University of East Anglia and is a longstanding member of Leather Lane Writers Group. He has had various jobs: primarily software developer, but also tutor, nanny, data-entry clerk, call-centre rep, decorator and handy-man. He has also been known to dabble in online bookselling. Currently he lives in southeast London with his wife and two children. And in fact, some of the paper-packed rooms that feature in The Pale Ones bear a remarkable resemblance to locales in his own abode…   

Inkandescent are committed to voices underrepresented in mainstream publishing. Their first publication Threads – a deftly weft and delightfully warped tapestry of poetry and photography – was funded by Arts Council England and long-listed for the Polari First Book Prize, of which their second publication, AutoFellatio – James Maker’s memoir remastered with new chapters and never-seen photographs – was the inaugural winner.