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Hater by David Moody

October 3, 2018 - 7:50 pm No Comments

I have quite a few books that I have  bought at book events. So my task not only to read new releases its to start to clear the pile of books.

Today I have started with

Hater by David Moody
Published by Gollancz 19th February 2009
288 pages

As people get angrier and road rage happens daily, this book tells the story of people living in fear. Its live or die, the Haters v the others.
Working for local government, he had a mundane job, working 9-5 to support his wife and 3 kids. Danny hated confrontation and as the trouble started he tried to keep himself and his family safe. Written in 3rd person POV, it was easy to follow Danny’s story. There were times when you realised just how despondent Danny was, a family that didn’t appreciate him, a boring job with a boss who was on a constant power trip and cracks begin to show in his life.
The book starts off with an unexplained attack, violent and unprovoked. As the story continues you get introduced to the Haters. A group of people that just snap, attacking anyone they feel a threat. No explanation why, their attitude “Kill them before they get killed”. As more people turn the violence escalates and some of the deaths are quite ingenious. This was a quick read as I wanted to find out what caused the change. As the army began to move in the story became more urgent and it was a story of survival. The story keeps building to the end and slowly things are started to be explained. Ending on a cliff hanger, I will have to buy book 2 to find out what happened.
As I was reading this I did start to think of what I would do if this happened. Possibly this will be a form of discussion with the children instead of what if there was a zombie outbreak.

The Gates: An Apocalyptic Horror Novel (Hell on Earth Book 1) by Iain Rob Wright

March 29, 2017 - 9:21 pm No Comments

The Gates: An Apocalyptic Horror Novel (Hell on Earth Book 1) by Iain Rob Wright

Published by SalGad Publishing Group on 27th August 2015

346 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

The world was in danger, but no one knew it. When large black stones started popping up all round the world, people were drawn to them, not realising how dangerous they were. If anyone touched them they died, but it only got worse when they began to open. Coming to kill all of humankind is the demons from Hell.

The book follows the lives of 5 main Characters, Guy Granger, a father of 2 who spend all his life on the sea as a Coast Guard, Mina Mager and David Davids, photographer and journalist for the Slough Gazette, who were covering the stone in London, Tony Cross, a soldier for the British Army serving in Syria and Rick Bastion, a one hit wonder who spends all his time on his piano with a glass in his hand. One thing they all had in common was when the world was in danger, they all were fighting for survival.

Each chapter told a different character’s story and how their lives were affected. Whilst reading this I felt as if I was watching a number of news channels all talking about the same event, which added to the feeling of dread that something evil was going to happen. As you are reading about each character, you get that instant feeling that nobody is safe. This book is full of action and horrific acts from page 1 and as you get further into the book you wonder how they can go on and fight. When a major event happens not everyone survives so do not be surprised when a character you like meets an early demise. It also goes to show that the unlikely characters are the heroes and I was reminded of the Purge when The Vamps appeared on the scene. There were times when I was reading Rick’s story that I just wanted to bang his and Keith’s heads together as like typical siblings there was constant bickering as Keith was a bossy big brother. One of my favourite characters was Daniel and without giving his story away, I wonder how much of a hero, he is going to be in book 2

An exciting horror story with enough twists to leave you in shock a number of times whilst reading this. I’m all ready for book 2