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I was Jack the Ripper by Michael Bray

April 9, 2018 - 7:55 pm No Comments

I was Jack the Ripper by Michael Bray
Published 30th October 2017
371 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

One of the biggest unsolved crimes were the brutal murders of 5 prostitutes in Whitechapel London. Even today there is still speculation to that one unanswered question Who was Jack the Ripper?
When the author Charles Hapgood was planning his next bestseller, he didn’t expect a mystery visitor. In steps Edward Miller, with a horrific story to tell.
The story is written from the 3rd POV, when Miller and Hapgood were in the study discussing the crimes, when it came to Miller telling his story, it changed to 1st POV. This made the story flow and drew you into the tale. Each murder was told in detail, with Miller always having his reasons behind them. What I enjoyed most was the story after the killings had stopped, and it could be a valid reason why Jack the Ripper was not caught. Whilst I had my suspicions of Miller I still did not see the ending, but I thought it ended the story perfectly.
Writing about a prominent figure is a brave thing to do as people have their own ideas what this person was like, but this author pulled it off. Whilst I was reading this book, I had to keep reminding myself that it was a work of fiction as it seemed so real. The scenes were so vivid that you felt that you were walking in Jack’s steps.
If you have a fascination with Jack the Ripper or just want to read a good tale than pick this book up. This had rekindled my fascination interest in Jack

Tip of the Iceberg by Ash Hartwell

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Tip of the Iceberg by Ash Hartwell
Published by Stitched Smile Publication LLC on 6th September 2017
231 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Whether it be via the film or a history class, we all know what happened on to the Titanic on its virgin voyage to America, but could there be an alternative theory why the Titanic was hit by an iceberg.
The story mainly follows Esme, a newly hired chambermaid. Patrick and “Sir Bernard Astor” both wanting to make a fresh start in America, Pandora the monkey brought on board by Patrick, Mrs Bridget Grafton, newly wed to Captain Grafton a manipulating bully and the crew of the RMS Titanic.
The first part of the book really sets the scene. You get to know about all the major characters and as I knew the history of the Titanic, I was making a mental note who I wanted to meet their end and when you read this book I am sure you come up with one character in particular.
The story was well planned the start of the virus was not your usual zombie bite. If you have seem the film Outbreak then you know what I mean. Having the horror on a ship afloat, made it more intense as you know that there was nowhere to go. From the initial attack the action was non stop but whilst panic was aboard, people still went on with daily business eating, drinking and socialising. The story was well descriptive and you could picture yourself being on board, as you followed the lives of the first and second class passengers. The horror element was full on showing how serious the situation was and as the story was coming to an end you could understand the Captain’s desperation to sink the ship.
This is the first story I have read from this author and I will definitely read more. Whilst we all know what happened to the Titanic, we do not know what happened to the survivors but I hope that will be another story. A must for horror lover who love an alternative history.