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Some Will Not Sleep by Adam Nevill

October 31, 2016 - 7:19 pm 1 Comment

Some Will Not Sleep by Adam Nevill

Published by Ritual Limited on 31st October 2016

250 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


Some Will Not Sleep contains 11 short stories, 11 stories that takes you different times and places. 11 stories that will give you your fix of the macabre.

I have wanted to read this book since I attended Adam’s book launch at FantasyCon and I was not disappointed.  This book is well written and each story leaves you wanting more, making it a quick and exciting read. I enjoyed this book so much but for reviewing purposes I will write about the few that stood out for me

Where Angels Come In: A story about a young lad’s adventure to a derelict building and the consequences when he got there. Like most derelict buildings there is always a story accompanies them adding to the suspense and this building was no different. Written in the POV of the child, this just added to the suspense of the story. I enjoyed the added touch of the creepy statues and throughout the story the evil was implied but was never fully revealed. With the strange grandma, trying to get the story out of the boy made this an eerie read.

Yellow Teeth: What would you do if you met someone from way back and he ended up moving in with you. This is what happened to the narrator of this story when Ewan an old acquaintance from University, moves in and slowly takes over his flat with his beliefs and his unhygienic ways. Whilst I was reading this story I could imagine the smell of the flat, could hear the ramblings of Ewan who was probably the most disgusting houseguest I have ever read about.

Doll Hands: A story about a change creature that had a large head and tiny dolls hand, working at the Gruut Huis an elite apartment for the rich, where fine dining were the humans. I enjoyed this story because all the characters were unnatural and freakish and the protagonist became the unlikely hero.

What every story you read first you can guarantee a story that will make your skin crawl, a story that will play on your fears and as the title implies when you read this some will not sleep. A brilliant read