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Abaddon’s 10th Anniversary

October 9, 2015 - 11:10 am No Comments

Abaddon Books Event. London Sept 24th 2015 (1)

Above: Guest blogger Chris Amies and yours truly enjoying the party

There exists in central London a curious holdover from an earlier more legislated era, a possible network of small often subterranean places known simply as drinking clubs. One such lies behind an unassuming door in Greek Street, and it was there that on a Thursday night in September 2015 Abaddon Books celebrated ten years of publishing the finest genre fiction.

Founded by Rebellion Publishing, inheritors of the 2000AD magazine, Abaddon was set up to publish shared-world and shared-theme works.

This tenth anniversary celebration was a well-attended affair, crowded with authors and bloggers and illustrators.

Abaddon Books Event. London Sept 24th 2015 (4)

Lots of mingling

Abaddon Books Event. London Sept 24th 2015 (5)

Abaddon’s Commissioning Editor David Moore announced three new projects on the evening:
“Gods and Monsters: Rupert Wong, Cannibal Chef” by Cassandra Khaw; “Tomes of the Dead: The Lazarus Conundrum” by Paul Starkey”; and “Invaders from Beyond” a new series of novellas involving aliens.
Those attending were also given a free paperback including stories by twenty Abaddon authors.

It’s encouraging to know that in this era of basements being hollowed out in Kensington and million-pound apartments going up by the riverside and whole swathes of the capital practically un-liveable, that the alternative press continues to flourish and grow in the cracks of the world machine.

Abaddon Books Event. London Sept 24th 2015 (11)

The inimitable David Thomas Moore

Words by Chris Amies
Photos by Mark Hogg

Abaddon Books Event. London Sept 24th 2015 (13)

I have four of the Abaddon X paperback flash books to give away.

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Review – Double Dead is dead good

November 10, 2011 - 12:47 am No Comments

Double Dead
Author: Chuck Wendig
Publisher: Abaddon Books
Page count: 311pp
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

Coburn, a vampire, wakes up below a NY City Theatre in a rather bad state with little memory as to how he got there. The only thing he knows, is that he needs blood, and lots of it. So, he attacks two men in the theatre who appear to be eating a deer, gagging on the black fluid that passes for their blood. For the world has changed while he slept, and these men are dead – double dead – rotting corpses who have somehow returned back from the dead.

Finding food in the shape of a few remaining humans, Coburn thinks he’s hit the jackpot until one of the survivors, cancer riddled teen Kayla, strikes a deal. If Coburn helps her group survive a journey to LA where Kayla hopes her special blood can help create a vaccine, the group will ensure he is well fed on the blood of the bad people scattered around the streets. So this ragtag group become Coburn’s ‘sheeple’; his herd of people he must protect. He even includes a little white terrier called ‘Creampuff’ in his protection clause, and it isn’t guilt that stops him snacking on the little ball of fluff – honestly.

If you have read any of Wendig’s stuff, particularly his blog, then you know what you’re in for. Wendig is a naturally funny writer and the novel is filled with witty one liners sharp observations and robust characters who complement Wendig’s narrative voice. Gross and hilarious, this is a must for zombie fans and fans of quality pulp!

If you like the look of this check it out at Double Dead (Tomes of the Dead).