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The 8th by Matt Shaw

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The 8th by Matt Shaw

Published on 11th November 2017

102 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Going to school is hard enough for some teenagers, but if when you are there you are constantly bullied then it is unbearable. This is the case for this young teenager in this story.

Being the new boy is school, he is used to all the stares but when he stands up for David, a quiet lad who was constantly bullied by Piers and his cronies, he became the new target for the bullies.

Written from the main protagonist’s POV, it emphasises what damage the constant bullying has done to him. The story started at the point when he wants to teach the bullies a lesson. Alternating between the present and the past you learn what drove him to breaking point.

As a Mom who has had teenagers through school, my biggest fear was for them to get bullied. Whilst we tell our children to tell us if they are getting bullied you do worry that people will not believe them or the authorities will not act upon it. This story shows the worse in people, students and teachers alike and whilst I cannot condone what he did, I could understand why he did it. These children where regular kids, who had done nothing wrong but to the “IT” crowd they were different and easy targets. The build up to the final scene was intense and my heart was breaking at the end. I would love bullies to read this book and see what damage the name calling and the beatings do to people, but they are bullies so they would not get it.

A great story with some harrowing scenes, a must read for everyone

City of Ghosts (GhostWriters Book 1) by JH Moncrieff

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City of Ghosts (GhostWriters Book 1) by JH Moncrieff

Published by DeathZone Books on 15th April 2017

282 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Wanting to be the next great author, Jackson Stone has come up with an idea to write about haunted places. Travelling round China, Jackson decides to ditch his tour group and spend a night in Hensu. Supposedly haunted, Jackson a non-believer, thinks nothing of it when Yuehai a mysterious young woman joins him and wants him to tell her story. However, the further he delves into her story, the more he finds himself in danger, running for his life, he needs to trust someone and finds himself turning to Kate a member of the group who has a special talent. Can they tell Yuehai’s story before time runs out?

At the start of this story Jackson was a sceptic when it came to ghosts and just thought that it was an easy option to get a best seller. As he starts to look into the Hensu flooding, his curiosity gets the better of him and he starts asking questions which draws attention from the wrong people. Although Jackson was easy to like and was a team player I had the feeling that he was a bit of loner and found it hard to trust.  He was confident in himself and even used his skin colour to escape capture, however he did have a guilty secret, and it took the help of Kate for him to shed his guilt.

Kate had a soft spot for Jackson from the start and always found a way to gravitate towards him. She was always a target from one nasty girl in the group and although she defended herself you could tell it hurt her feelings. Once she told Jackson about her talent their friendship moved to another level and if the circumstances were different I could see them becoming a couple.

Whilst the story revolved around Jackson and Kate, reading this story you get to know about the other people on this trip. The minor characters were described in detail and whilst they were minor they all played a role in Jackson being able to tell Yuehai’s story. Set in China, Jackson had the added barrier of not using the internet to search for information, and you could sense his struggle in finding out what had happened. This shows just how much we rely on the internet to get our answers. The start of the story was a steady pace as you get to know the characters, but as the story of Hensu is revealed and you realise that Jackson’s life is in danger, the pace quickens up. Whilst this is a supernatural read, this book does not rely solely on the hauntings to tell the story. This way of telling the story added suspense as you did not know when it was going to happen. The action is nonstop, which builds up to a dramatic ending.

This is the 1st book I have read by this author and I did enjoy this story. Book 2 in this series is already out


Dark Experiments by Lana Campbell

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Dark Experiments by Lana Campbell

Published by Zombie Cupcake Press on 21st May 2017

482 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Tiffany is human brought up in a Vampire family. A successful businesswoman Tiffany sold her IT business to go and work for Christian in the world renowned V Clinic a fertility clinic for vampires.  Tiffany has known Christian for most of her adult life and they both have feelings for each, but with daddy issues, different species and trouble in the clinic it does not look good for their relationship.

Due to issues in her childhood, Tiffany is a very hot headed independent woman. Wanting to protect her emotions she alienates herself from people, and hides behind her computer. Christian whilst a vampire is not your typical arrogant womaniser. Being a doctor his has compassion and always wants the best for people. Willing to make compromises he will do anything to get Tiffany. Once they realise they both have feelings for each other, Christian slowly breaks down Tiffany’s resistance and together they are stronger.

Written in two POVs makes the story seem more detailed and helps explains the history of the families and the reasons behind Tiffany’s issues. Whilst this book seems busy with so much going on, it is not confusing as the author explains everything in detail. Whilst I found it a slow start, the author kept my attention as there were twists and turns throughout. The pace picked up when the action started it was none stop. I found myself reading quicker as I wanted to find out who was doing all the damage. The final twist was ingenious and I would be very surprised if anyone guesses. With the story ended, I hope the author writes more about Tiffany and Christian as I would be interested to know more about Noah and Asa, Christian’s partners at the clinic. With romance and action this book will please a lot of paranormal lovers.

Chrysalis by Maria Macdonald

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Chrysalis: The Emergence of Emery by Maria Macdonald

Published by Feather Dreams Press on 3rd June 2017

Pages 346

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Bought up in foster care, Emery always felt that the world was against her, bullied at school, ignored it life, Emery just wanted to be invisible and survive day to day. Little did she know what she was getting into when she fought back after a late-night attack. Whilst zapping her attackers she ends up meeting mystery man and trusting her instincts goes with him for safety. Taking her to a safe house, she knew that she had finally found her family an odd ball of people all after one thing to fight and survive the dark. As she learns her new powers, she realises that she has a huge part to plan in the ongoing battles. Slowly learning to trust, she meets a Kade, a friend of Elijah who rocks her world but is this a blessing or are they both in danger.

Emery was a lonely girl and even after she met Elijah and the others, it took her awhile to adjust to people liking her for who she was. As she learnt her powers and with the help of Kade, she became more confident and learnt to stand up for herself. Elijah was sweet and protective and the more you find out about his relationship with Emery, the more you understand why he is how he is. Kade is very stubborn, even when he was fighting his feeling and others you knew he was strong.

With everything that is going on in Emery’s life, everyone having different levels and powers you would think it would be hard book to follow, but with the detail explanations throughout, it made it an easy story to read. There is action from start to finish and with magic involved made it a page turner. Just like a caterpillar that uses a Chrysalis to turn into a beautiful butterfly, Emery does the same. Reading other reviews, I am surprised that this is the author’s first book in the Paranormal genre. The story flowed fluently and will captivate you from page one.  Ending on a slight cliff hanger, this is a well written book and I hope it is not long till I can read more about Emery, Kade and Elijah.

The Painting of Martel by L Bachman and Put on a Happy Face by Terry M West. 2 short stories that will give you a fright

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The Painting of Martel: A Short Story by L Bachman

Published on 1st May 2017

14 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

People have always had a fascination of serial killers; some go one step further and try and own memorabilia. Damon was one of these people, after coming across a book about clown serial killer James Martel, his interest soon becomes an obsession when he finds out that Martel’s final painting is up for sale and Damon wants to own it regardless of the consequences.

With a lot of people scared of clowns, this story will play on their fears. From start to finish this book will put you on edge. The style of writing has you feel that something is about to happen but you don’t know when. Although this is a short story there is so much going on and you get to know about Martel and his victims whilst Damon is doing his research. At the start, I did feel sorry for Kenneth as Damon’s fascination was looking to be getting out of control, but the twist at the end soon gets rid of those feelings.

A short scary read which will keep thinking about the painting even after you have finished it. A must read for horror lovers


Put on a Happy Face: A Short Horror Story by Terry M West

Published by Pleasant Storm Entertainment on 9th March 2014

82 Pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Living in an old large house Susie Monroe only had her older brother Billy for company. Used to her own company, she only had the abandon toys to play with. One of her favourite items was an old record player which she played her favourite song “Put on a Happy Face”. She only saw her brother whilst he was wearing a mask, he had a different mask for every emotion. Although what secrets was Billy keeping, why didn’t their visitors eat breakfast with them and why were they in hiding.

A sweet and innocent girl Susie never asks questions of her brother. With the help of the masks worn by her brother, Susie always understood his moods and always tried to please him.

From the start of the story, you have the sense something is not right, but as the story progress, you get to know more of their story. There is something creepy about people wearing masks and Terry M West captures this with his writing.  The apprehensiveness I felt whilst reading this made it a quick read as I wanted to know more about this unusual family. If you have a spare ½ hour for a scare than get this book and put on a happy face.