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Blog Tour for In Her Bones by Kate Moretti

October 12, 2018 - 4:15 am No Comments

Its my turn on the blog tour, so here is my review for this thriller.

In Her Bones by Kate Moretti
Published by Titan Publishing on 2nd October 2018
321 pages

Edie Beckett had a secret that not many people knew about. She worked for the city, was a recovering alcoholic, oh yeah, her mom was a serial killer. Whilst she did not want people to know about her mom, she had an unhealthy fascination with the families of her mom’s victims. You could say she was a stalker, but it all goes wrong when one of the family members is murdered and she is number 1 suspect. Can you find out the truth before she gets arrested?
Edie was damaged goods, she kept herself to herself and would not let anyone get close to her. The closes she got to friends was Detective Gil Brandt, the police officer in charge of capturing her mom who kept a close eye on her and Tim, her neighbour who wanted more than friendship. Her only family was her brother Dylan, although married with a child, he was barely living, and you could see the mental damaged caused by his mom.
As the story progress you get to find out more about Lilith life and crimes thanks to extracts from The Serrated Edge an unofficial biography of Lilith Wade. However, Edie’s childhood was shown as memories and soon becomes clear why Edie was apprehensive about having a life.
Whilst there was a lot of history in the book, the story never got confusing. This was a steady read, however I though at times it was a bit drawn out and I wanted Edie to get on with solving the crime. There was enough twists and red herrings to keep me guessing right up to the end, and I can honestly say I did not have a clue who did the murder.
The topic of mental health was written with sensitively and one scene jumped out at me when in The Serrated Edge extract the psychiatrist mentioned that whilst she had bipolar this was not the reason she was a murder, it was because she was a psychopath. This shows just how much more of an understanding we have with mental health.
There are a lot of thrillers on the market and as a reader of thrillers, I get bored when the storylines are similar. However, I can say that this had a unique storyline.
This was first book I have read by this author and for a thriller it ticked all the boxes.

My Journey: Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer by Lavinia Urban

October 7, 2018 - 9:24 pm No Comments

My Journey: Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer by Lavinia Urban
Published 28th February 2018
123 pages

I finished this book 2 days ago and I am still thinking about it whilst I am writing this review. Lavinia Urban is a fantasy writer who has attended the last 2 Darker events. When she appeared in 2017 she was still going through treatment and whilst I knew she had Cancer, this is her story from day one and what she has been through.
As I was reading this, I was reminded how strong a woman Lavinia is and what a great family she has surrounding her. Going in to detail you realise just how harsh the treatment was and Lavinia does not hold any punches explaining things. We probably all know someone who has been hit with the big C and this explains such a lot that only someone who has been through it will know.
As you are reading this book you are laughing and crying as you follow her journey. One instance was when she talked about learning to do her eyebrows and she said that she was a sharpie expert. Added to this book are plenty of photos and it was good to see some taken at Darker 2107.
This is a must book for everyone who is going through or about to start treatment. If there is one thing you learn is to remain positive.
I know that this review does not give this book the justice its deserve. I for one am glad that I read it.

The Coven Heir (The Coven Series Book 2) by Lily Luchesi

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The Coven Heir (The Coven Series Book 2) by Lily Luchesi
Published by Vamptasy Publishing on 3rd October 2018
358 pages

The battle was just a memory and the Coven was slowly rebuilding. Harley and her friends had finished school and was moving on with adulthood. With her friends employed by PID and her potion shop expanding, life could not be better. However, when an old nemesis comes back for vengeance and starts messing with necromancy, Harley and co need to work together to save themselves and the coven.
Harley was still taking life seriously, not one to having fun, she always felt as if all the problems of the coven and her friends lay on her shoulders. However, problems intensify when Caelum came into the story and whilst an event happened to Harley which may shock readers, I was glad it happened as I am intrigued what the author will do next. Caelum is my favourite character by far, a shapeshifter, with a bad boy Rockstar style about him.
Whilst Harley was still the MC, we get to learn more about Bane, Nick, Roger and Daria and they played a bigger role in this story. As you are reading this you forget that are still teenagers as they have a lot responsibility and are quick to jump into action. Although, like most teenagers, they do have their non-magical issues which normally revolved round their love lives. I don’t want to give too much away, but you will have a few ahh moments.
This story felt more intense and you could sense the seriousness in the story. The story was full on action and you can imagine the magic flying around London. The involvement of PID, is a crossover of this authors other series and has me wondering where the author will go with both series. This is a YA story that is not fluffy and is perfect for any teenager who misses Harry Potter, but do not get me wrong this series in not in Harry Potter’s shadow, it is tying for top spot and is shows just how much fun reading about magical families are. This series just gets better and better and I cannot wait till March to read the next instalment

Things You Need by Kevin Lucia Blog Tour

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I have been lucky to be invited on to the blog tour for Kevin Lucia’s latest in the Clifton Heights series. Things You Need. Read after my review and get an exclusive story from the narrator of the 1st book Gavin Patchett.

Things You Need by Kevin Lucia
Published by Crystal Lake Publishing 28th September 2018
219 pages
I was first introduced to this author’s work when I read Devourer of Souls, since then I have purchased quite a few of his work books.
Things You Need is the 4th in Clifton Heights series but as they are all stand alone, you do not have to read them in order. As you may know is Clifton Heights on the surface is a regular town but scratch the surface and there is something sinister in the town. The main story tells the tale of a travelling salesman who travels around selling magazine subscriptions. Turning up in Clifton Heights, he starts making sales, but feeling unsettled he ends up at Handy’s Pawn and Thrift shop. A place where they have things you need.
What was unusual with this story was that there were 8 short stories in the main story to help tell the tale. Triggering the stories was the handling of an item sold in the shop.
The Way of Ah-Tzenul– Following the farmer as he went about trying to grow the best crop ever. He had a no nonsence attitude. Following the precise instructions showed how determined he was when he never once questioned his actions
The Office– John was in his refuge, his den, the room where he kept all his treasured belongings. This story had an eerie feel to it, items kept getting moved and John could not explain why. A sad ending when the real reasons were revealed.
Out of field theory– A photographer wanted to capture the perfect picture. Brian comes across a derelict house, with its crumbling walls and peeling wallpaper, Brian knew he had found the perfect subject. Reading this I was expecting something to jump out on him, it had the feeling that there was something there just out of the field of vision. A quick read that kept you guessing.
Scavenging-. To make ends meet an ex teacher takes to salvaging scrap metal and junk. Whilst following him round, we get to learn the story behind his sacking. This was uncomfortable to read at times and I felt that he had not suffered enough.
A place for broken and discarded things– Save-A-Bunch, a discounted furniture store where you can lose yourself. Shane and Amanda came across this store when recently moving to try and help them forget. This was a story about lose, as a mom, my heart went out to this couple and I would not know what they were going through. This story was full of atmosphere, and you could feel the fear when Shane was wandering about the store.
The Black pyramid- Reverend Akley comes across this pyramid that test his faith. This was a dark story, and with the introduction of this ancient religion, you pity any one who went to the food bank.
When we all meet at the Ofrenda. I loved this story when I read it in Gutted, and re-reading it loved it even more. A tale about grief, beautifully written.
Almost Home– This story was full of despair. A young mom fleeing with her son, driving with nowhere to go. With only a few dollars in change, a Gameboy and .38 revolver. Whilst you are reading it from the mom’s POV, it has feels more like you watching it like a old back and white flickering film. You know what she is going to do, although there is a small amount of hope that she has second thoughts.
This was a great collection of stories, and made it feel that you were watching episodes of Tales of the Unexpected. Different stories all interlinked with one thing in common What do you need.

I was luckily to get an exclusive story from one of the narrators Gavin Patchett.
Click on the link to read The White Cat of Samara Hill



Hater by David Moody

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I have quite a few books that I have  bought at book events. So my task not only to read new releases its to start to clear the pile of books.

Today I have started with

Hater by David Moody
Published by Gollancz 19th February 2009
288 pages

As people get angrier and road rage happens daily, this book tells the story of people living in fear. Its live or die, the Haters v the others.
Working for local government, he had a mundane job, working 9-5 to support his wife and 3 kids. Danny hated confrontation and as the trouble started he tried to keep himself and his family safe. Written in 3rd person POV, it was easy to follow Danny’s story. There were times when you realised just how despondent Danny was, a family that didn’t appreciate him, a boring job with a boss who was on a constant power trip and cracks begin to show in his life.
The book starts off with an unexplained attack, violent and unprovoked. As the story continues you get introduced to the Haters. A group of people that just snap, attacking anyone they feel a threat. No explanation why, their attitude “Kill them before they get killed”. As more people turn the violence escalates and some of the deaths are quite ingenious. This was a quick read as I wanted to find out what caused the change. As the army began to move in the story became more urgent and it was a story of survival. The story keeps building to the end and slowly things are started to be explained. Ending on a cliff hanger, I will have to buy book 2 to find out what happened.
As I was reading this I did start to think of what I would do if this happened. Possibly this will be a form of discussion with the children instead of what if there was a zombie outbreak.