Moondance by Desiree King

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Moondance by Desiree King

Published by Zombie Cupcake Press on 6th May 2017

187 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Alex is a successful model, younger sister of Joey a member of a famous boyband. Whilst getting a tattoo of an image that she keeps seeing in her dreams, she meets Victor, lead singer and future leader of his pack. Taking her on tour with him and being part of the band’s cover shots and videos, this would be a lot for a normal 17-year-old, but throw in supernatural beings and it has just got complicated.

Although Alex was from a famous family she was very down to earth. She was a sweet girl and was true to her friends. When she met Victor, she was still recovering after a nasty incident and you could tell the longer she spent with him, she was healing. Victor was very sure of himself and maybe that was the rock star image but he knew that he wanted Alex, but did not know why. Both of them were family orientated and both did not want to upset their families with any of their decisions. With both of them keeping secrets, it was a wonder that they even got together.

The author had a way of keeping your interest, with plenty of hints to Alex and Victor’s background, you need to read further into the story to find out if you were right, and whilst you may be part right in your musings, it is not till the end of the book that their true heritage is revealed. The back story of Alex’s past is explained in detail and you can understand why she is like she is and why her brother is so protective over her. The twists in the story makes you want to keep reading making it a quick read. Although one warning, this book ends on one of the biggest cliff-hanger I have read and I hope I do not have to wait to long for book 2. A must for all paranormal lover

Scallywag by Stuart Brogan

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Scallywag by Stuart Brogan

Published by Midgard Books on 15th May 2017

156 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Callum Benson was a small- time crook. Well known to the police for burglaries and muggings, Callum was a bit of a loner and never affiliated with the criminal fraternity. One afternoon whilst he was mugging someone, he gets kidnapped. Waking up to a group of masked men, he had one task, to save his little sister he needed to murder a “policeman”.  Can Callum step up to the mark and rescue her.

At the start of this story Callum only thought of No1 and didn’t care who he hurt in the process to get what he wanted. However, when his sister was kidnapped he knew that he had to rescue her and he did surprise me that he took on the mission without asking questions. There were times he was cocky and liked to run his mouth but I personally thought this was an act because he was scared. By the end of the story I was feeling sorry for him and I actually began to like him.

The target was a strange character and whilst I read, I felt he was very childlike but the more you read his story, he was highly intelligent, knew exactly what he wanted but was evil in how he did it.

Stuart Brogan has done it again, another book that gave me a book hangover as I read into the early hours. To create a story with very few characters takes skill and Stuart proves he has it. The story intensified when Callum came across his target and the story took on a different pace. It got grittier and when you think you knew what was going to happen, the author adds a twist that completely knocks you back. The ending was a complete surprise but fitting.

Another great read that will not let you put it down until you have finished it.

The Unfleshed: Tale of the Autopsic Bride by Lisa Vasquez

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The Unfleshed: Tale of the Autopsic Bride by Lisa Vasquez

Published by Stitched Smile Publications on 20th January 2017

266 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Set in plague hit England, the story follows Dr Angus Wulfe. An egocentric doctor who only had eyes for Morrigan, but due to his badly scarred face and the way he lusts after her she would not give him the time of day. However, when the plague hits her home, he knew that he could get what he wanted, if only he could make the cure. What cost to lives does it take to cure the love of his life.

From the opening scene, you know what type of man Dr Wulfe is. A Dr with no bedside manner, who whilst having a prestigious job, still felt inferior amongst the high class. An arrogant man who had a sadistic, evil streak. When it came to him experimenting and his ideas to save Morrigan he was more like Jack the Ripper and no woman was safe. Like any gentleman, Angus had his man servant Marshall, who was able to adapt to any situation. Due to the amount of gold he received he usually turned a blind eye to Angus’ behaviour. However, when Marshall’s curiosity got too much, Angus had his revenge. By the end of this story I was backing Marshall all the way.

Morrigan and her family were your typical upper class and whilst her behaviour to Angus was not ladylike, I did not blame her one bit. I felt sorry for her when she got ill and the experiments Angus did to her.

This is the first book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it. From page one you are hit with graphic scenes and it really sets you up for a great read. Any book set in history should always be researched and this story will not disappoint, as you could tell that a lot of research had gone into creating the story.  Throughout this story, I was feeling sorry for some of Angus’ victims and I was willing Marshall to find out his secret. Angus’ past is revealed in detail and it does explain why he acted how he did. The characters were well developed as I had an instant dislike to the doctor. This book is dark, well written and enough twists to make it a page turner. The ending came as a surprise and scenes between Morrigan and Robert were heart-breaking. A slant on The bride of Frankenstein makes this a must read for any dark horror reader. I cannot wait for what else the author brings out because if it is as dark as this one then I will definitely read it.

Purple Wish: A Valentine Fairy Tale and Ravenous both by Lorraine Versini

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If you have a spare hour and want to pick up two short stories that are a great read, then these two stories are just what you are looking for.

Purple Wish: A Valentine Fairy Tale by Lorraine Versini
Published on 5th May 2013
32 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Prince Jeffery was a gentle prince, more into poetry and arts than into running the monarchy, but when his older brother went missing he had to step up and learn to be king. One of his father’s final wishes was for Jeffery to find a wife. With mischievous goings on and a mysterious woman, will Jeffery fulfil his father’s wish.
Usually fairy tales are written from the POV of the princess, so this was a pleasant change to read it from the prince’s POV. The fantasy element was hinted at throughout the story and left me intrigued to find out who was causing the accidents. I did feel sorry for Jeffery as he was tied to a life that he did not want to live; however, you could tell he was a man of honour and did not want to upset his father. On his journey into the woods he was a completely different man, and when he met Gwyneth, his true self emerged and you knew he had a hard decision.
With some short stories, they do not feel complete, but the author wrote this story perfectly. The descriptive writing helped you imagine you were following in Jeffery’s shoes. A well written short story that grabbed my attention from page 1.


Ravenous by Lorraine Versini
Published on 8th November 2014
29 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


When Bastian’s mom would not wake up, nobody realised what had cause her death. The only sign of death was puncture wounds on her body. It is not until Bastian’s dog is injured do we find out what is causing the damage.
The author had a way of adding tension to a scene that you would not expect to find, especially when Bastian and Nancy took Max for a walk I expected something big and wild to attack them there and then. However, I did not imagine what happened next. For a book that only had 29 pages it was intense and although it is a quick read I could not put it down as I wanted to know what killed Bastian’s mom. The epilogue at the end tied up the story perfectly and it was a nice touch reading where the author got her ideas from. As it was based in France I had no idea of the landscape where the story was set and it was great to read the author’s personal experiences of living there.
A perfectly formed short story that will get your heart racing

Out today Dream Angel by Jane West

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Dream Angel by Jane West

Release date: April 30th, 2017

Genre: Mystery


Stephanie Ray’s move to Tangi, a podunk town in South Louisiana, is not a welcomed move. But once she meets the mysterious and alluring Aidan Bane, Stephanie’s life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. Thrust into a magical world, she is ill-equipped to confront the dangers lurking at every corner. And wherever there is peril, Aidan Bane is somehow in the throes. Up until now, he has managed to keep his family’s, the Illuminati, identity a secret, until he reveals a family secret to Stephanie that shatters her life and since, nothing is what it seems. As fate weaves it wicked web, Stephanie unveils more dark and treacherous secrets that leaves her fearing for her very own life. And the worse discovery of all — Aidan may be conspiring with the Illuminati to murder her.