The Alphabet Murders by Lars Schutz

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The Alphabet Murders by Lars Schutz

Published by Manilla on 22nd August 2019

The majority of psychological thrillers I read involve the police trying to solve the crime, but The Alphabet Murders is something different. Criminal profile Jan Grall has been tasked to help solve the case, but it soon becomes personal.

Jan Grall took me a few chapters to warm too. He is not like the cast of Criminal Minds. He has his own way of profiling the killer and has an unusual way of destressing. Saying that, he is good at what he does and when it does get personal, he goes into overdrive to try and stop any more killings.     

From the start of the book, you are introduced to the killer and you know that you are going to be in for a dark read. The author had a way of keeping my interest throughout the book, by switching between Grall trying to solve the case, one of the victims and the killer himself. This enabled me to get the complete story and even with all this information I still could not fathom who was behind the killings.

This is a psychological thriller so expect grizzly death scenes and the killer’s weapon of torture was not one I have read in any story. It was a pleasant change for me to read a book set in Germany as most of the books I read are set in the UK or US. The style of the writing was descriptive and as it was set in the winter had me feeling that there was no hope for Grall to solve the case.

I read this story fairly quickly as it was non stop from page one. This was a good debut novel and I will look out for more from this author

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