Seventeen by Suzanne Lowe

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Imagine a world where everything you grew up with is gone. No adults, no internet, no rules.

The world is facing the deadliest virus ever known.

When the KV17 virus kills everyone above the age of seventeen, life becomes a battle of survival for the children left behind. Seeking to escape the escalating violence in the city, two sisters, Lexi and Hadley flee to the Australian outback. Finding sanctuary in the small town of Jasper’s Bay, they soon realise it is far from safe, as a gang of lawless teenagers terrorise the town.

Caught in a bitter feud leading to betrayal, deceit and murder, the girls must quickly uncover who their enemies are, and who they can trust.

In a world drastically changed from everything they once knew; can the sisters and children of Jasper’s Bay learn to adapt? Can they maintain control of their town, and protect it from those who would destroy it?

Book One in the YA Seventeen Series

Winner of the New Apple YA horror/Sci-Fi award

Seventeen by Suzanne Lowe

Published by Silvergum Publishing (2nd edition) on 1st July 2019

374 pages

Whilst it was a long time ago that I was a teenager, I still remember that I thought that I could fend for myself and I think that teenagers today still think the same, but what if it became a reality. When KV17 killed all the adults, it was left to the children to survive.

Following Lexi and younger Hadley as they try and survive after their parents had died was riveting. Lexi was 16 and whilst she was sensible, she had to learn the hard way to survive and having to look after her younger sister, gave her a purpose to find somewhere safe for them.

The author had a way of setting the scene and as you follow them on their journey to Jasper’s Bay. You have a full understanding of what Lexi and the rest of the children are up against and as a mom I wanted them to survive. Like in any dystopian world, not everyone is nice and in this story, we have Broc, a sadistic bully, who with his little group was terrorizing Jasper’s Bay. Although that is not their only problem and you soon find out why Seventeen is an important age.

The children’s backstories help explain what sort of upbringing they had. Throughout the whole story, you live their emotions and there were times that I forgot they were children. Whilst it was Lexi and Hadley’s story Jasper’s Bay had some great characters and some of my favourites were the children on the farm, even without their parents they were still doing the right thing for the farm.

As I found this book so compelling, I finished it really quick, and even whilst I was reading this, I kept thinking if my own 2 teenagers could survive without me and whilst I would have no worries with my daughter, I think after reading this I will give my son some extra cooking lessons.

This is a perfect book for teenagers and adults alike who wish to start a new dystopian series and I am looking forward to Rage which is out in September   

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Author Bio: Suzanne was born in Perth Western Australia and as a young adult grew up in the small country town of Tom Price situated in the outback of Western Australia. Her current home is in Perth with her husband, two daughters and cat Abby. ​

Suzanne has a Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in Sports Science. Her interests include watching movies, particularly sci- fi, travelling, photography and reading. She also enjoys going to the occasional comic book convention! 

Like the young women in her stories, Suzanne has had the opportunity to experience many exciting adventures in her life so far including being part of the Australian Army Reserves, climbing to Mt Everest base camp, descending into one of the pyramids at Giza in Egypt, flying in a hot air balloon over the Valley of the Kings, parachuting from a plane at 12000 feet in York and sitting on the edge of an active volcano on Tanna island in Vanuatu.

Suzanne is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Australian Society of Authors.

Her published works include;

Seventeen, Book One in the Seventeen Series. A YA dystopian adventure story set in Australia. Winner of the New Apple E-book awards in YA horror and Sci-Fi

Rage, Book Two in the Seventeen Series. A YA dystopian adventure story set in Australia. Available August 2019

The Pirate Princess and the Golden Locket, a pirate adventure story for middle grade children

Suzanne’s author website is

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    Thank you for taking the time to read my novel Seventeen. I really enjoyed reading your comments. I hope you enjoy Rage which will be our soon. ☺️

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